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To feel healthy, full of vigor and strength throughout the day, a person must enjoy a serene sleep all night, lying in a cozy bed on a comfortable mattress. This is what guides the Russian factory "Virtuoso", making high-quality mattresses and other accessories for sleeping.

Special features

Having started its activities a little more than ten years ago, the company has already taken a decent position in the market of domestic producers, thanks to the attraction of advanced technologies, compliance with all norms and standards, the constant pursuit of high quality and impeccable reputation.

Constant expansion of the product range, the search for new technological and design solutions, the development of nuances and subtleties that can meet the various requirements and wishes of the consumer,allow companies to attract an increasing number of fans and admirers.

Virtuoz mattresses have a number of positive qualities:

  • Non-toxicity, safety.
  • Lack of elements that cause allergies.
  • Long service life.
  • High-quality compound layers.
  • The absence of any extraneous odors.
  • A wide range of choices for price, performance, design.
  • The ability to relieve muscle tension and relieve the spine.

Models and types

The Virtuoz factory presents to the lovers of comfortable sleep a wide variety of models and types of mattresses: tall and thin, traditional rectangular and round, elite and economy class, spring and springless.

Spring mattresses are also divided into two groups: the spring unit can be dependent or independent:

  • System dependent block consists of a design of springs interconnected. It is an inexpensive, simple technology. The advantages here include the ability to withstand a significant load and low cost. Disadvantages: the springs quickly rust, start to creak, are pressed through over time, dust accumulates in the product.
  • In independent spring block A large number of free from each other shrouded springs bends unevenly under the sleeper, ensuring an even body position. Hence the main advantages - exceptional comfort, orthopedic effect, durability and practicality. But all this implies a high cost, which does not apply to the merits.

Springless mattress is a model for those who do not like the springy effect, who adore modern achievements, who love long journeys (because such a mattress can be carried on a roll).

They can be monolithic, that is, consisting of a single filler and multilayer, containing several different materials. The advantages here are comfort, noiselessness, practicality.


For the production of products at the factory "Virtuoz" certified environmentally friendly raw materials are used that meet all safety and quality requirements:

  • For the manufacture of springs used hardened high carbon steel.
  • Natural and artificial materials are used as fillers. Treat natural: elastic, hypoallergenic latex, rigid, durable coconut coir, dense strong felt.
  • Artificial fillers, yielding to natural in quality, are ahead of them in cost: hypoallergenic, durable polyurethane foam, modern, able to “remember” the shape of the body. Memory form, resistant to deformation, ergolatex.
  • Upholstery material is also important. Durability, durability, hypoallergenicity, the property of repelling dust and passing air - this is a list of requirements for mattress covers.


To choose the right mattress on your bed, you need to carefully measure the size of the bed and just as carefully measure the vending sleeping accessory in the store. In the company "Virtuoso" will help you to choose any size: from 120x70 cm - for a cot, 160x70 cm - for a preschooler, to 180x200 or 200x200 cm - for a chic matrimonial bed.

How to choose?

The choice of a mattress is a serious and responsible process, because only a mattress that corresponds to its individual characteristics is suitable for each person:

  • Thin will be more comfortable on a soft mattress from natural latex. Full recommended spring with a reinforced block or springless with a high content of coconut coir.People of average weight category optimally fit the model of medium hardness, for example, a combination of latex with coir.
  • Elderly people will be uncomfortable on a hard mattress, and babies, on the contrary, it is recommended to sleep on this one. Models with spring blocks and good orthopedic properties are ideal for teenagers.

Having studied all the subtleties and features, types and properties, having asked the consultant in detail in the store, you will definitely find the most suitable option for you. Positive customer reviews contribute to the fact that other consumers choose Virtuoz mattresses. And the combination of low prices with high quality allows you to supply these comfortable mattresses with kindergartens, hospitals and boarding schools.

For a more detailed overview of the Virtuoz mattresses, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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