Mattress Waterproof Cover

 Mattress Waterproof Cover

Nowadays, it can be noted with confidence that it is unlikely that it will be possible to imagine your own bed without a mattress. The use of qualitative composition, improvement of the spring unit turned modern models of mattresses into the necessary items for a comfortable sleep and a cozy rest. This explains the fact that prices have rapidly jumped several times.

Thus, it is very important that the mattresses and additional accessories to them serve a long period, retain their original appearance and continue to surprise their owners. The waterproof cover on the mattress is an invisible full protection that significantly helps to preserve the perfect purity and aroma of freshness.

Special features

The waterproof version of the mattress cover is presented with a mattress cover with a water-holding surface, which prevents absolutely any liquid from getting onto the mattress itself. This problem is to a certain extent perfectly overcome by all types of mattress covers made of dense fabrics, but only the waterproof look, which includes two layers, solves this problem ideally by 100%.

The waterproof model of the cover is perfectly attached to the base of the mattress with a zipper or elastic (if it is a budget version) and retains the original position. Variants of covers with fastening zippers ideally cover both the entire bottom and the entire upper sections of the mattress. This is an added bonus in the absence of the bed itself, which can often be noticed among newlyweds who have not yet had time to buy it.

The second version of the mattress cover with gum is firmly hooked on the edge of the mattress. This type has gained wide popularity, since if the mattress is placed on a bed, there is no need to cover its lower section. In addition, the high quality of such a sample confirms the presence of antibacterial impregnation, which excludes the probability of the concentration of microorganisms and very unpleasant odors.


It is worth remembering that the covers with a waterproof effect are of several types:

  • Cover with a natural composition, which is represented by a two-layer cover made of cotton fabrics or terry. A quality supplement is a waterproof membrane impregnation that does not let in moisture, however, it allows the human body to breathe comfortably. Natural varieties of mattress covers are distinguished by high cost, but their characteristics are truly perfect, and the period of operation is surprising in its duration.

In addition, this protective cover is absolutely hypoallergenic and is different for kids.

  • The second variant of covers is combined. Their composition is represented by knitted fabric (80%) and 20% polyester. They have a smooth soft surface and high-quality nap. Thanks to synthetic fibers, the period of use of knitted fabric is extended, which ensures worthy competition to standard covers of natural composition.
  • Note artificial optionwhich is the most budget version. It is made of synthetic fabric (100%) and PVC. This type of cover resembles the usual classic oilcloths, which are complemented by a slip-resistant lock.Artificial cover has a rough surface that does not allow air, but its water-repellent functions are absolutely at the height.


Consider the most popular models of waterproof mattress covers:

  • Saferest cover. 10-year warranty on the possibility of replacement strongly declares that the company is absolutely confident in the proposed product. In addition, the surface of the hypoallergenic layer of cotton is separated from the waterproof, so that during your night of rest no wrinkles appear on the surface. Water resistance is one of the main features of this model. Among the advantages can also be noted: a rich assortment of the proposed size of the grid, the complete absence of odor and light weight, machine washable available;
  • Slumbercloud Dryline Case. At present, this model is distinguished by the highest quality of the composition, which is stronger and more comfortable among other mattress covers. In addition, it also maintains and maintains for you the desired level of coolness during sleep. This advantage helps to prevent sweating and truly gives you a good night’s sleep. Dimensional grid: 90x200, 80x200x10 cm.Numerous positive reviews confirm the ease of use of this option;
  • Lucid Premium Case The manufactured goods of this company for a long period are successfully represented on the bedding market. And the 15-year warranty is unambiguously the most powerful offer for cases with a protective function. The most important advantage of this model is a truly high-quality waterproof. In addition, the fact that the boot is completely hypoallergenic is important, which guarantees you a great rest;
  • Linenspa cover. This version of the cover is very light and soft to the touch, it is similar to a standard classic sheet. This case has 100% waterproof. In addition, it does not leave odors from accidental spills. The thinnest cotton base and the bottom layer of polyurethane perfectly interact with each other to create the perfect fit for your mattress due to the use of an elastic surface. Being thin, the model retains enough heat and ensures the comfort of a nighttime pastime;
  • Smart cover Luna. The product consists of a layer of heating elements and a layer of sensors,among which are sensors measuring the temperature of the body, air, humidity, as well as an alarm clock. You can manage the case system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. This type of cover is hypoallergenic, comes in various dimensions of the dimensional grid (160x200, 140x200, 180x200 cm), and also comes with a 15-year warranty, which is fully supported by the manufacturer.

Absolutely all products of this company have gained wide popularity and enjoy an excellent reputation. When it is necessary to demonstrate a protective function, the hypoallergenic variant ideally performs its task, which proves complete waterproofness and the ability to qualitatively absorb any moisture and permanently remove it from the surface.

Waterproofing is something that you should pay attention to when choosing, as it creates a very hot atmosphere during sleep.

Color solutions

And covers, and mattress covers won their relevance. Having come to our homes relatively recently, they quickly fell in love with the happy owners of this product. Nowadays, most buyers regard them as extremely practical things for home comfort, and design goes to the background.White or milky shades are timeless classics for most models of cases.

Marketers, on the other hand, confidently suggested not to finally stop on the basic color palette offered, but to develop and release a collection of covers in various shades and combinations.

It is important to note that absolutely all dyes that are used for the manufacture of covers, have high rates of stability.

Thus, in addition to white, the companies offer black and red, lemon and marsh, lilac and pink, as well as other shades of this product.

Of course, the place of the leader among the contrasts of the color palette for the cover won a black tint. It is chosen for combination with dark furniture, highlighting its versatility, along with white. The color cover is less practical because it is not suitable for any bed linen, but especially if the side parts are closed to them and it is very visible and noticeable.

It is worth remembering that in order to try on a bright accent on your mattress, you need to think about how well it combines and combines with a variety of bed sets.

Tips for choosing

Having decided to look into the store and make the first purchase of a cover for your mattress, the first thing to do is to decide on the purpose of using it. If the plans - to use the cover in the apartment or house, and not in the fresh air, the functions in each case will be different.

What exactly should you look for, what should you pay special attention to in order to prevent marriage?

We offer a few simple tips and useful recommendations that should be considered before such a desired acquisition:

  • In a standard situation, a cotton mattress cover will be sufficient. This type of cover does not guarantee the protection of the mattress from accidental penetration of liquid onto it, however, it will precisely protect it from dandruff or dirt stains;
  • If you are prone to allergies, then you need to thoroughly approach the choice of cover for the mattress. Choose a model that completely completely closes both your mattress and the one that causes allergic reactions. Mattress covers are made of latex and / or wool. This composition is ideal for settling and maintaining a favorable temperature of your sleep;
  • If you want to get only comfort and enjoyment, then a quilted cover will be a great solution for protecting the mattress. This variant of covers is mainly made from materials that significantly increase the level of comfort - cotton or polyester;
  • Well, if you often sweat or are often in search of protecting your mattress from a variety of games and the sleep period of your children, then in this case you need a cover made of waterproof fabric. This children's version guarantees complete protection of your mattress from moisture. So that your mattress is not wet - feel free to make a choice in favor of this option.

Where and how to use?

Now let's analyze for whom a waterproof mattress cover is suitable, in what situations it should be used:

  • As a rule, the prevailing stereotypes and the constant identification of the waterproof advantages of a mattress cover with an unattractive oilcloth for babies do not contribute to the appearance of thoughts to acquire such an important accessory. In fact, if you think about it, a waterproof cover is absolutely necessary for anyone, in an apartment or house that has a bed.This applies both to a romantic couple who are already accustomed to frequent breakfasts in bed, and to families with children, as well as to elderly people;
  • The appearance of stains from just drinking coffee or tea, accidentally spilled juices, or fruit drinks, alcohol is quickly absorbed into the mattress. Then begins the process of rapid reproduction of the number of bacteria and odors, which over time, sooner or later, will definitely make themselves known. A couple of data of random spots - and a very pedantic hostess resolutely declares the dry cleaning of the mattress;
  • It is worth noting that only one cleaning is similar in cost to the original price of the cover, moreover, no one denies the probability of preserving divorces. Therefore, it is absolutely easier and safer to prevent the appearance of stains than after a long and painful fight with them;
  • An ideally smooth surface with an antibacterial effect is what you first need to take care of if you are perplexed by creating a favorable sleeping place for your elderly parents or relatives.

You can see more clearly the water repellency of the mattress covers in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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