Honeycomb anti-decubitus mattress with Armed compressor

Sometimes people suffering from some serious illnesses are forced to adhere to strict bed rest. Owing to such a long stay without movement, the bedsores are formed on the patient’s body. In order to prevent their occurrence and thereby alleviate the suffering of a sick person, as a rule, special mattresses with special properties are used.

The most popular today is a cellular anti-decubitus mattress from the company Armed.


With prolonged contact with a soft flat surface and the influence of the patient's own weight, the blood supply and innervation of tissues are disturbed, leading to necrotic changes. These changes affect not only the skin, but also muscle tissue, and in some particularly severe cases, and bone structure.In addition, atrophic phenomena caused by prolonged compression, occur in the internal organs.

These changes, starting with a small blood stasis and turning into necrosis of a dry or wet nature, can lead to the development of sepsis.

In order to avoid such detrimental consequences, the patient is periodically turned over, thereby reducing the time of exposure to a certain part of the body. But such a procedure requires the constant presence of another person and considerable effort, and for the patient such manipulations cause pain.

When using an anti-decubitus mattress, the need for turning over is no longer necessary, contact with the surface of the mattress does not occur over the entire surface, but only at certain points. In addition, these numerous points of contact automatically change their location, which means that there is no constant squeezing of the vessels. Therefore, the use of a specialized mattress compared with the usual turning has a lot of advantages.

Features and benefits

Specialized products intended for bedridden patients and people in old age have been manufactured by Armed for over 15 years.Anti-decubitus cellular mattress with a compressor was created by the company thanks to their many years of experience and modern technology. In order to understand how such a mattress works, it is necessary to study in detail the structure and principle of operation of this product.

The basis of the mattress are isolated cells (chambers), shaped like a honeycomb and consisting of a polymeric material.

With the help of a compressor connected to the chambers with special tubes, air is pumped. He enters first in some rows of cells, and the other part remains without air, and then after some time already in other cells. After some time, the process is repeated in the reverse order, the air enters the deflated chambers, and the filled cells are released from it. The cycle time is usually from 6 to 12 minutes.

Alternating the pumping of one or the other part of the mattress is necessary to prevent problems with blood supply. Thanks to this technology, the patient's body is in contact with the mattress at different points for a short time, as a result of which the bedsores do not have time to form.This mattress is designed to achieve the maximum effect in the sacral, buttock, scapular and occipital parts, in them the pressure of the body has the greatest value.

Its use on bed patients has the most favorable effect, which is expressed in round-the-clock massaging of the patient's body.

An automatic air supply would not be possible without a compressor. It is designed for long-term work around the clock. Cellular mattress is made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions, and is designed for bed patients whose weight does not exceed 120 kg.

Classification and varieties

The company Armed, in addition to the cellular version, developed and produced other types of mattresses that have a slightly different look and equipment.

Anti-decubitus mattresses are divided into two groups: static and dynamic.


The surface of these models does not move, as they lack control units and systems. Anti-decubitus effect in such models is carried out due to uniform distribution of the load over the entire surface of the mattress.

These models are perfectly adapted to the anatomical features of the body.

The main advantage of static models is a reasonable price due to the absence of a compressor. In addition, they can be used in places where there is no or temporarily missing electricity. But it is better not to use them for people who are completely immobilized.

This group is more suitable for patients with partial mobility, that is, who may occasionally get up.

A variation of this group is gel mattress. The cells of this mattress instead of air are filled with gel. Gel models are more suitable for people who have bedsores on stage 1-2 of development.

The form of gel models can change in three directions at once. From the right side, the gel smoothly flows into the left part of the mattress, and from the top part moves to the lower area and can flow from the front part to the back.

Excellent performance has gel model 563. It consists of three sections, having as an additional layer natural latex and a special cover that can be sanitized. This stand-alone model has an excellent anti-decubitus effect and can withstand loads up to 120 kg.

Standalone models also apply. four-piece mattressconsisting of polyurethane foam and having a removable cover of waterproof fabric. A distinctive feature of this material is its inability to heat under the influence of the temperature of the human body. Therefore, a long stay on it does not cause a person a sense of discomfort. This material is breathable, so the microclimate for the skin is very favorable.

In addition, the polyurethane mattress is resistant to the effects of disinfectants, which means that you can safely handle it without fear of damaging the base.


Dynamic mattresses are all equipped with compressors, through which air enters the chambers. In addition to cellular mattresses belonging to this group, the company produces tubular models. This design is based on cylinders perpendicular to the length of the mattress, which are interconnected into a single unit. Unlike a cellular mattress, the tubular structure is capable of supporting a weight of more than 120 kg. Such mattresses are very often equipped with a blower.

This function helps to create the most comfortable microclimate for the patient's skin. In addition, a waterproof sheet is included with the mattress.

The massage effect is achieved thanks to the constant change of pressure in the cylinders, with an interval of 6 minutes. These models are suitable for patients with 3-4 stages of pressure sores. The advantages of these models include ease of handling, with their sufficient effectiveness, as well as the possibility of replacing a failed cylinder. But in comparison with cellular mattresses the balloon variant has a smaller massage effect.

Of cellular models stands out Orthoforma. The surface of such a mattress is made of hypoallergenic porous material that promotes good ventilation of the skin. The design of the mattress Orthoforma is designed for patients with spinal injuries, as well as for patients with varying degrees of burns.

In addition, this mattress is used for people who have suffered strokes, heart attacks and various operations that require a long stay in a stationary state. The mattress Orthoforma is equipped with an intelligent compressor and its protection in case of overcurrent, as well as the adjustment of the rigidity of the chambers.

Instructions for use

In order for the mattress to have the desired effect, you must follow the instructions for use.

  • First you need to install the pump on a stable surface or attach it with hooks located on the body on the bed rail.
  • Then you need to spread it on a bed on top of a regular mattress. Free ends need to tuck under the usual mattress. When placing the product, it is necessary to take into account the location of the entrance intended for connecting tubes, they should be in the foot section of the bed along with the compressor.
  • Next, the pump is connected to the tubes, and they, in turn, to the mattress. After that, you need to make sure that the tubes are not twisted and do not fall under the mattress. Turn on the pump by clicking on the "On" button. , And the air begins to flow, filling the cells.
  • Now you can cover the mattress prepared sheet and put the patient. To regulate the pressure, set the handle to the desired position, depending on the weight of the patient. Now you can check the degree of inflated mattress. To do this, stick two fingers between the body of the patient and the non-inflated part of the mattress. If they enter freely, then the mattress is inflated correctly.
  • In order to change the position of the patient, you need to enable the static function by setting the button to the on position.This function provides simultaneous filling with air of all cells, giving the chance to carry out procedures or to feed the patient. After disabling this button, the system will work as usual.
  • In order for the system to work properly, you need to check the air filter at least once a month. A dirty filter can be cleaned using mild detergents. After that, it must be dried and only then set in place.
  • In addition to the pump, you need to monitor the condition of the mattress. Surface treatment can be done either with soapy water or with disinfectant properties.

Tips for choosing

Before buying an anti-decubitus mattress, you must first decide on the system. For a partially immobilized person, a model belonging to a static group will do. For fully immobilized patients, the best choice would be a cellular mattress with a pump, especially if its body weight does not exceed 120 kg. It is better to choose a model equipped with a static button. With its help, it is possible to significantly facilitate the conduct of various procedures without painful sensations for the patient and inconveniences for the person caring for the sick.

For a patient whose weight exceeds 120 kg, it is better to purchase a tubular mattress, especially if the bedsores have 3-4 stage. When choosing a mattress with a compressor, you need to pay attention to some of the technical characteristics of the model, namely, the noise level emitted by the compressor. Its value should not exceed the mark of 6-8 dB. This information is always present in the product data sheet.

When choosing do not forget also about contraindications.

Cellular mattress with a compressor can not be used in patients with skeletal cervical traction, as their condition may deteriorate significantly due to the constant movement of the cells.

Patients with severely injured spinal bones with partially affected bone marrow are not allowed to use a cellular anti-decubitus mattress. For such patients, strong fixation on a hard surface is shown, and therefore a soft, fluctuating surface is unacceptable for them.


Most people who bought an anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor for their loved ones were satisfied with his work. There is no need to constantly turn over the sick person, and the already formed bedsores begin to heal.Many people note that the cellular mattress is perfectly cleaned using conventional disinfectants. Some people note a little noisy operation of the compressor, but over time they get used to the noise being made.

In the video below, you will see what is included in the package and what the cellular anti-decubital mattress with the Armed compressor is for:

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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