Designer garden furniture: author's ideas for your garden

Garden furniture is an indispensable attribute of any cottage, because a country plot allows you to get rid of thoughts that are constantly disturbing. Also, such a site may allow changing the rhythm of life, albeit for a short period. That is why the furniture in the fresh air must be.

Criterias of choice

Many people use the phrase “furniture for the dacha” to understand what has already outlived itself in the city - old sofas, tattered beds with poor mattresses, loosened chairs and tables with a poor-looking countertop. Using old furniture is unlikely to create an atmosphere of comfort and help to relax. Some gardeners understand by these words simply new benches with a table for sitting in the open air. It looks good and nice - so you can accommodate a large number of guests.But this is not enough for the complete decoration of the dacha.

The range of country furniture has recently become much morethan years earlier, because you can choose not only a bench or table, but also hammocks, sun beds, chairs, swings, awnings, deck chairs, beach chairs.

At the same time, it is necessary to choose exactly one element, because the cottage is a place of rest for a family or a group of friends.

To make the furniture look great on the site, it is necessary to take into account several criteria.

  • Practicality. Weather conditions in summer can change at a breakneck pace. Heat, scorching sun, night frosts, morning fogs, heavy rains and hail - such tests will fall to the share of outdoor furniture. Particular attention is paid to the moisture resistance of the material - many manufacturers cover the furniture with special compositions from the effects of water and moisture.
  • Mobility. The holiday season lasts from May to September, and leaving all the furniture on the street all year round is a short-sighted move. Therefore, light or collapsible designs are often chosen — they can be easily removed in the fall. And in the summer during a long bad weather or departure such furniture is easy to move to another place.It is also worth noting that in a country house folding structures will occupy a minimum of space.
  • Decorative. Furniture should be not only practical and comfortable, but also be suitable for the site, landscape design and not really stand out. For example, plastic is absolutely not suitable if the house with a fence is made entirely of wood. Often, the author or designer furniture is chosen - it is created specially for the order. If there is no opportunity to attract a professional designer, then you can choose the appropriate furniture for the site yourself.


Currently there are a large number of materials from which outdoor furniture is made. Below are the most popular ones.

  • Plastic. Many gardeners choose plastic because of its cheapness, some use it because of the small weight of products. But most often the main advantage of plastic furniture is that it can be absolutely any color.
  • A rock. The popularity of this material is due to the fact that natural stone blends easily with any landscape. It is often used in author's ideas. The material and its processing are an expensive pleasure, so you can meet stone furniture not at every summer cottage.
  • Metal. A set of this material will look organic in any interior. Many designers create their works from metal. Material without additional processing is not the best option - from moisture and oxygen, it quickly becomes rusty, which will look extremely unpleasant.
  • Tree. It is one of the most common options. It is ideally combined with any landscape: both natural and man-made.
  • Rattan. Wicker furniture is always suitable for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday in the country. Previously, this option was considered by designers as a country house, although many now use rattan chairs in offices and apartments. Mostly rattan made chairs or sofas, less tables. Rattan furniture is quite light, but at the same time durable. It looks pretty impressive, and sitting in these chairs is a pleasure.

Considering various garden furniture, we can conclude that it is extremely popular. Her choice depends only on the personal preferences of the site owner. Design skills will help create a unique atmosphere at the dacha.After buying and installing furniture in the country you can get a great place to relax.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

      Multi-colored chairs can be used both in the corner for children and as additional seating. Such furniture suits children more - they like bright colors very much. Yes, and the weight of the furniture allows them to drag it to any convenient place.


      Tables made of stone are very durable - they withstand not only the influence of the weather, but also a lot of mechanical force. Stalls are durable, but they are often uncomfortable to sit on - they heat up in the summer and cool down quickly in the cold, so it’s best to take a pillow or blanket with you. However, the appearance of this design is wonderful.

      Metal furniture looks very heavy against the background of flowering plants, which does not add joy to the atmosphere. Therefore, such furniture is treated with paint or wood trim.

      The designs of wood look majestic, besides, it is convenient to sit on the benches, the material is pleasant to the touch. However, the tree must be treated with varnish or paint from the effects of natural phenomena. As a result, wooden structures serve for several years, being an excellent decorative solution with high functionality.

      You can find out how unusual it is to build your garden plot in the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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