Cabinet furniture: features of choice

Modern lifestyle makes many business people think about their own office. It is necessary for those who take their partners at home, freelancers and just those who love to retire and read to people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Where to begin?

At the very beginning of the choice of furniture for the home office, you must clearly understand: whether it will be a separate room or an integrated workplace in one of the rooms. Furniture can be selected in a separate room by a separate set regardless of the style in which the other rooms of the house or apartment are furnished. If the cabinet acts as a part of a living room, it is necessary to fit it most harmoniously into the already created interior.

Style selection

Furniture for the office should be chosen depending on the style of the interior room.


Classic style is a standard of restraint and functionality. He characterizes his master as a person who is not subject to superfluous emotions, helps to tune in to productive work. The interior of the cabinet in a classic style is the geometry of the correct lines and the standardization of forms. Original interior items of modern styles are unacceptable in the classics.

Features classic style:

  1. Natural materials are used. Especially prized wood expensive species.
  2. Classic colors are pastel and dark colors (gray, black, chocolate, brown).
  3. For classics characteristic solidity, roughness, massiveness.
  4. The number of items in the classic style home office is minimal.

High tech

Considered one of the most popular modern office styles. This style has to business communication. The hi-tech style is characterized by spaciousness, abundant light, thoughtful design and the absence of unnecessary things.

Features of high-tech style:

  1. Glass countertops and shelves.
  2. Sliding doors.
  3. Chrome bearings.
  4. Large table.


This style involves a minimal set of furniture in the office. Usually minimalism is chosen by creative people of predominantly young age.

Minimalism style features:

  1. Dominance of white and gray colors.
  2. Simple design.
  3. The functionality of all elements of furniture.
  4. The use of glass and plastic.


The industrial style is great for the office of a creative person, a connoisseur of everything unusual and non-standard. In the office in the style of loft furniture is often combined with brickwork, beams, large metal pipes.

Features loft style:

  1. Sharp lines.
  2. Lack of intricate forms.
  3. Simple colors.
  4. Great chairs.

Color solutions

There are several colors and shades that are most often found in the cabinet furniture.


In the home office white furniture always looks gorgeous. In addition, now the office in white is a fashion trend. Ideal for a small space, helps to tune in to work. White furniture is harmoniously combined with gray and brown shades. It can be both successful combinations with interior elements, and with other pieces of furniture.


Beige tones for the office are among the most versatile. This color gives peace and stability. In combination with other natural shades, beige has a cozy conversation over a cup of coffee. At the same time, furniture in beige color looks very elegant and emphasizes the refinement of the hostess or the owner of the office.


This color has always been considered the standard of minimalism. It does not distract from work, on the contrary, it helps to focus and adjusts to productivity. That is why gray furniture is very popular in office rooms. It is very practical and requires minimal care, always advantageously complemented by white, green and orange flowers.


By tradition, brown shades are associated with success and prosperity. Cabinet furniture in shades of brown is considered never to be an aging classic. All shades of this spectrum help to focus and make the right decision. In modern design it is very often possible to meet a tandem of dark brown furniture for an office with a light background.


The red color of the furniture in the interior of the cabinet is loved by people of an unusual mentality.They tend to make decisions quickly, some sharpness in work. Holders of the red office are usually very active, do not tolerate slow processes. Red color irritates most people, so it’s not always possible to stay in such an office for a long time. In this case, it is recommended to dilute it with quieter shades, as well as to use gentle tones of the red spectrum.

Review of materials

Cabinet furniture is made of different materials. Let's stop on the most popular.

Solid wood

The array is an eco-friendly and purest material, consisting entirely of natural wood. This is quite an expensive raw material from which luxury furniture is made. Furniture made of solid wood from wooden boards, which are whole and adhered to each other. The quality of wood depends on the presence of knots and uncharacteristic layers, the density of annual marks.

The value, appearance and purpose of the furniture depends largely on the type of wood. For example, an array of beech trees is great for the production of light furniture. The material itself is extremely hard and flexible.

Oak massif is famous for its durability.Oak wood has a rich selection of shades: from yellowish-white to yellow-brown. Very often you can find furniture for the office of bog oak.

Ash wood is a bit harder than oak, but it also has good flexibility and elasticity. Popular carved and bent ash furniture. Also veneer veneer is made from this wood. Ash wood is rich in various golden hues.

The massif of a birch is one of shock-resistant and strong materials. Birch is as hard as oak, but loses in durability. It has a very interesting texture, not inferior in beauty to oak and beech. Particularly valued birch without knots.


MDF is a fine fraction of a tree. In other words, the material is a medium density fiberboard made of finely divided sawdust. MDF plates have excellent moisture and vapor resistance, and also have a fairly high environmental class, since the particles of the material are held together with paraffin and lignin

A specific feature of MDF is a perfectly smooth texture. It is smooth, uniform and very dense.Its disadvantages include light susceptibility to mechanical damage: the accidental fall of a heavy object on a table or cabinet can lead to the formation of a dent.

As a rule, the MDF plate is visually a good imitation of the texture of natural wood. In terms of cost, it is cheaper than wood, while it can compete with it in beauty and naturalness.


Laminated chipboard is a laminated chipboard, that is, coarse chips, which are given a sheet form using hot pressing. An additional ingredient in the plate production process is formaldehyde, which acts as a binder for wood fibers.

The LDSP color palette is rich and diverse, consists of large collections of laminated plates. It is divided into subgroups: smooth monophonic, monophonic with texture, standard wood, imitating rare breeds, gloss, veneer and fantasy themes with drawings and patterns.

Models and components

In order for the cabinet to look holistically and harmoniously, furniture for it is more expedient to select with a single set, that is, from one series of cabinet furniture.Individual items from the furniture series are called modules, and the whole complex is called modular furniture. The number of items and modules will depend on the size of the room and on the preferences of the owner of the cabinet.

The main piece of furniture in the office is a table. There are several desktop configurations. It can be with a simple rectilinear or with an ergonomic worktop. In addition, the table may have a special prefix for negotiations - a briefing. The thickness of the table top will depend on the series of furniture and the material from which it is made.

In a study you can not do without a bedside table: hanging, added or sliding. Suspended cabinets are attached to the table under the tabletop and usually have from 1 to 3 drawers. Attached pedestals have the same height as the table, and are placed on the side flush with the tabletop. Rolling cabinets have wheels and roll under the table. Any of the thumbs can be with drawers, with open niches or with doors, while the drawers and doors can be locked with a key.

A study is difficult to imagine without a closet, and sometimes a few. Cabinets may vary in height and width.Also, a set of furniture for the office can include both floor and wall cabinets. As a rule, cabinets are closed with doors that are deaf along the entire length, or they can close the cabinet only by half - at the bottom. Top doors may be glass or absent altogether.

Fully open cabinets are called racks. They are often used for arranging libraries or storage systems. An open rack allows you to quickly find and get the necessary book, journal or working papers.

The chair is one of the most important elements of furniture in the office. From it primarily depend on the comfortable conditions of your work. In priority of model with ergonomic backs. The base of the chair can be plastic, chrome or natural wood, can be on wheels or on four legs. Upholstery varies: leather, leatherette or fabric.

Placement rules

The correct and rational arrangement of furniture in the office directly curls the convenience of working in it and the effectiveness of your work. The cabinet should be at the same time comfortable, functional and respectable.Arrange the furniture with maximum comfort for you is not difficult, given the certain rules.

First you need to decide on a workplace. Usually - it is a table, nightstand and chair. They should be located so that, sitting at the table, you can see the front door of the room. Note that working, sitting with your back to the door, is very inconvenient, as you have to be distracted from time to time, turn around and look at the door. In addition, it is undesirable to work face or back to the window. In the first case, the light interferes with the work and you have to shade the windows, and in the second - because of the bright rays of the sun, the monitor will gleam.

For fast and convenient work with documentation, it is recommended to install a cabinet or a rack close to the table. They can be behind, on the right or on the left at arm's length. When choosing the left or right side, it is necessary to consider which hand is working, that is, left-handed or right-handed owner of the office.

If the office is planning a recreation area, then it should be as far as possible from the workplace. Regardless of whether it is a sofa or a rocking chair, they should not interrupt the work process.

Original ideas

If the office is equipped in a private house, then often they are trying to allocate the farthest room. The original will be the design of the room in the spirit of aristocracy with a massive wooden table and a leather chair. Subject to the availability of free space, you can put a small leather sofa with a coffee table in order to have a cup of coffee with a guest or play a game of chess.

Having connected a share of imagination, it is possible to build a study even in a bedroom of the usual apartment. To do this, use such design techniques as the podium, interior design in the style of a loft, various roll-out panels, and also make a window sill in the form of a tabletop.

For a home library, they usually allocate an entire wall in a separate office or in the living room. The library, equipped under the stairs or executed in the shape of a beautiful book tree, looks originally. In the absence of free space in the house or apartment, the library can be thought out in a drawer under the large bed.

Spectacular examples

Beautiful cabinet in beige tones. Creates a cozy atmosphere. The area and configuration of the room allows it to be divided into a workplace with a table, an armchair and shelves, as well as a seating area where a sofa and a coffee table are installed.

The classic version of the home office with dark brown furniture. To the best of the massive table and the chair-throne talk about the reliability of its owner and his ability to make the right decisions. Ideal combination of dark furniture, blue walls and snow-white ceiling. Separate emphasis is placed on a chic white chair.

A cabinet made of solid wood looks very thoroughly, it brings a sense of respect and trust to its owner. As soon as you get into such an office, you understand that traditions rule here, and all the furniture in it appeared before the inhabitants of this house. All interior items seem to be expensive antiques: from the desktop to the desk lamp.

Very often in small apartments there is no place for a home office. And then the only way out is the arrangement of the balcony. The desk is matched to the width of the room, and the ergonomic chair is convenient for comfortable work. Beautiful bright design and natural lighting sets a positive tone in the work.

Stylish interior with an African theme, which was created using only natural materials in a batch with the motifs of the African people.Ideal for travel agencies and avid travelers. The atmosphere of the office as if alive and speaking, begins to tell the guests about its host earlier than he does.

For tips on how to organize your workspace, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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