Forged garden furniture: a variety of choices

When choosing furniture for a dacha, the owner often faces the problem of its durability, because under the influence of precipitation, many materials eventually deteriorate, rot or fade in the sun. For example, wooden objects are susceptible to moisture absorption, plastic can not withstand frost, and rattan furniture must be brought into the house every time it rains. Garden furniture made of metal is the most resistant to weather and, accordingly, durable.

Special features

Metal in an unprocessed form does not look too aesthetically pleasing in landscape design, but it turns into a work of art, if artistic forging is used to create garden furniture.

Fine items that look like fine lace, able to decorate the garden landscape, give it a note of aristocracy and sophistication. With proper processing of such furniture will please the eye for many years. Anti-corrosion compounds will prevent rust, the metal will not destroy insects or animals, it will not break the small children. The furniture is quite heavy and stable, it is not afraid of strong gusts of wind.

Advantages and disadvantages

If the issue with the choice of furniture material has not yet been resolved, it will be correctly learn about the pros and cons of forged products:

  • Versatility is one of the main advantages of metal garden furniture. Products are able to give charm to any direction of landscape design. Forging fits perfectly into the classic aristocratic style. Metal is in harmony with the rustic motifs of country, and openwork carvings, covered with white paint or gold, will suit the style of Provence or vintage.
  • Compatibility with other materials. Forged products are in perfect harmony with inserts made of wood, thick plastic, impact-resistant glass, and textiles. It all depends on the imagination and purpose of the piece of furniture.
  • The strength of the material with its proper processing will allow the use of furniture for more than one generation of owners. When forging, a scale layer forms on the metal, which protects the material from the adverse effects of moisture and prevents corrosion.
  • Sustainability. Due to the gravity of the metal, the furniture is not subject to deformation, it can withstand heavy loads. The severity of objects can also prevent theft attempts if the furniture is left at the dacha unattended. Forging can be both subtle and elegant, and create the impression of a majestic respectable decor.
  • Ease of care. The metal is most susceptible to oxygen and moisture, but the surface of the forged products is already protected in the manufacturing process, so care for the furniture will consist only in removing dust from it. Garden objects can be poured with water from a hose so that they will shine again in the summer sun.

The disadvantages of metal furniture include relative discomfort when sitting on it. In addition to the rigidity of the seats, the metal is strongly heated under the direct rays of the sun, and cools quickly in cold weather.But these shortcomings are easily corrected by using removable decorative cushions for chairs or benches, and the tabletops can be covered with thin PVC film.

How to choose?

Forged products are presented in a huge variety in furniture stores and specialized workshops. But in order to make the most successful choice, you should pay attention to the planning of landscape design or proceed from the already existing stylistic direction. Forged garden furniture looks especially elegant in harmony with each other, and for this you need to think about the components of the ensemble.

Tables and chairs

For maximum comfort, the basic items of wrought-iron garden furniture can combine different materials. For example, for chairs, you can pick up decorative textiles or wood seats, and for the table - a comfortable non-metallic tabletop. For the veranda or gazebo, a table with a glass tabletop will do. The combination of forged patterns and visual airiness of glass will emphasize the delicate taste of the owner of the site. A table set will look especially beautiful if it is made in the same style with wrought iron gazebos or verandas.


If there is no veranda or a monumental gazebo on the plot, then you can purchase a light, forged version of this attribute. A metal wicker arbor can be portable if the frame bars are fairly light. Arbor from more thorough weaving with a patterned canvas on the frame can be permanently installed in the most cozy corner of the garden or in front of the barbecue area. A thin lace of wrought iron gazebos will add sophistication to the entire landscape, and so that the sun or rain does not interfere with rest, you can cover the gazebo with transparent polycarbonate on one side

For the decoration of these arbors often use climbing perennials. For example, climbing roses, perennial loach, clematis, or wild grapes. Forged pergola can become an alternative decoration of the garden. It consists of several sections of arches connected by transverse rods and decorated with wicker plants.

Garden benches

Forged benches on bent legs or with a floral pattern evoke a romantic-poetic mood and therefore will become a real decoration of the garden of a small manor.The benches can be with elements of wooden inserts or completely metal. More solid designs have a roof on thin curved rods, which will save from rain or sun, and will become an additional decoration of the garden.

Swing and rocking chairs

An interesting option for garden benches are wide swings, the frame of which is made of forged rods. In this case, the seat can also be made of any material, and the attachments will be thin chains of metal links.

A rocking chair is another item on the garden. High-quality steel and art forging will allow to combine elegance and strength in this piece of furniture.

Braziers and barbecue

Devices for frying meat or fish in the open air can be either an independent element of the decor of the garden, or in harmony with other objects. These massive functional objects are often decorated with intricate designs for the overall style of garden furniture.

Decorative items

If the owner seriously thought about the art of forging, then it would be right to come up with some additions to the landscape design.Decorative forged lanterns, high stands for hanging flowers, a bridge over a stream or a pond, a thin arch at an alpine slide - all this can be done with the help of forged metal. Perhaps the owner will decide to complete the design of wrought iron fence bars and wickets. All these elements can make a garden truly fabulous.

Forged furniture with their own hands

Oddly enough, you can make forged furniture yourself. You do not need to look for a workshop or acquire a hammer and an anvil - it is enough to have welding skills. Ready-made elements of hot or cold forging can be purchased at specialized workshops or stores of building materials, and ideas and variations of ornaments are abundant on the Internet.

All work is reduced to the assembly of parts of furniture and includes several stages.

  • Project creation, drawings of the future product and the calculation of the material. However, when buying, you should not be afraid to purchase extra parts. As practice shows, they will definitely come in handy, if not for decorating this item, then for subsequent ones for sure. The process of creating forged products is creativity that can easily grow into a hobby.
  • Welding. For a person who knows the basics of welding, the process itself will not be difficult. It is necessary to have a special tool: a welding machine and a grinder with a wiper disk. For beginners lovers to deal with the welding business, if desired, is also not difficult. The main thing to remember that the key to success is consistency of geometric proportions and the vision of the final picture. At the end of welding, it is necessary to clean the irregularities and achieve a single whole with the help of a grinder.
  • Painting. Before you give the product a complete look, the metal must be primed. The easiest way to apply a primer with a spray, as the brush can leave smudges. After the primer dries, the product is evenly painted. As a rule, for forged products, a primer and paint of black color is used. To make the furniture refined after drying the paint, you can emphasize the important elements of decoration: apply patina, gilding, bronze or silver paint.

On the variety of forged garden furniture, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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