Swing chairs: what are and how to choose?

The madness of the rhythm of life pushes the modern man to search for new ways of relaxation. The opportunity to relax, to feel peace in their own apartment or house is necessary for everyone. This can help hanging chair swing.

The intersection of a swing and an ordinary hammock gave mankind such an original and beautiful piece of furniture, on which, among other things, it is very pleasant to relax after a hard working day.

Designers did their best to make such furniture aesthetic and stylish.


Modern companies produce a variety of products of this type. Suspended chairs can be produced from wood, transparent plastic material. Manufacturers also use vine, rattan, and of course metal.Both the design, and a form, and the principles of fastening differ. Some models can be made at home by yourself.

Cocoon chair or egg

This product differs from its counterparts by a large percentage of closeness (often up to 70%). Here there is a high back with side surfaces that connect above the human head. A rather strong and rigid frame is trimmed with a material chosen in advance, such furniture can even be sheathed with a fabric. The model has separate subspecies, for example, a chair-drop or chair-basket.

Such a product will be an excellent option for a room where children like to spend time.

Nest chair

The basis of this design are durable hoops. The model is made with a flat bottom. The sides are made low. The frame is usually braided with a special cord. Also, masters can also tie up products with strong threads or use a rope.

Hammock chair

Here a strong mount is made at several points. This allows you to swing the structure in a single plane. Models are both soft and hard.

On the hard frame are two versions of products.

  1. The basis for the first option can be a soft fabric or woven fabric, which is easy to sew. You can also crochet a product or weave it in a special macrame technique. The main thing - the ends of this cloth should be attached to the rod with four slings. Next, this transverse rod is hung from the stand-leg. Sometimes the product is attached to the ceiling itself.
  2. Another option has a fairly rigid frame, which is made of metal, wood, plastic, acrylic material or rattan. The frame is in the form of a hoop and is covered with a soft base.

To give

Such models can be for children or adults, garden or options that can be installed on the balcony. This includes hammocks, hanging chairs and garden swings, which are in many modern homes.

For example, a garden swing with a special protective awning will be hidden from rain and sun. They can even swing a small fun company.

Basic materials

Of wood

These products are considered the most popular. First, they always look luxurious. Secondly, they have excellent depreciation.At the same time, all the necessary functions of an excellent piece of furniture responsible for relaxation are performed. When you plan to pick up a product that will be located in the hall where there is a fireplace, in a classic-style living room or in a stylish respectable office space, then this option can and should be preferred.

For the production of such furniture using different wood species. The choice depends only on the preferences of the buyer and his financial capabilities.


These are beautiful and elegant pieces of furniture that are woven from both artificial and natural materials (rods, rattan). A swing chair of this type is considered to be a universal option, since this furniture does not burn or sink. She is absolutely not afraid of either high humidity or the direct scorching rays of the sun.

Wicker furniture can withstand heavy loads and the effects of various external factors. This is hard to believe, but with fairly intensive use, on average, such pieces of furniture serve for more than 10 years without restoration and repair. Wicker seat is very comfortable, it is considered the golden mean between soft and hard options.

For the manufacture of wicker furniture, including armchairs, mainly reed, rattan or willow are used. Mostly such products are made by hand, which is what affects their value.

Indonesian rattan is especially appreciated. This material is incredibly durable, has high quality.


For a modern interior suitable product made of durable plastic or metal. Design options are many.

Additional details

Armchairs with a special stand where you can throw your legs, or a footrest are considered very comfortable. Models with such a complete set will provide complete rest for the whole body, since not only the back, arms and neck, but also the leg muscles will relax.

Squeak is this normal?

Slight creaking while driving is considered quite natural and normal during the operation of a new chair. In fact, the sound does not come from the design itself, but from the lacquered coating on the details, which are beginning to get used to each other. After some time, the creaking sound completely disappears, the chair begins to sway completely silently.

But the signs of a breakdown or marriage include a completely different phenomenon - a crash or another similar sharp sound.

What to look for when choosing?

Material, color and design of the product must be selected, based not only on personal taste, but also on the style of the room in which it will be located. Be sure to consider the furniture for which you choose (modernist, classic or romantic).

The traditional design and neutrality of the aesthetics of natural materials allows woven products to easily fit into the interior of city apartmentsdecorated in ethnostyle. Also, such furniture will look great on an open veranda in a country house. In chairs made of wicker or rattan, there is an unshakable advantage - a slightly convex weaving on the back at the time of swaying will massage the back muscles, which will provide additional relaxation, providing a 100 percent rest.

As already mentioned, wooden models fit perfectly into the classic interior. Transparent plastic and metal are ideal for minimalism.

Be sure to look at such important parameters as the age and weight of the person who will use the chair.A special role will be played by the safety of the product, for example, the presence of belts when it comes to children's furniture. The stability of the chair is another important detail. It is better that the body is made of steel and the base is wide.

Each version of the swing chair has its own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, it is useful to read reviews of people who have purchased some of the models. They will also help you decide on a purchase. Especially in the network a lot of opinions about kindergarten swings. And kids, and even teenagers are delighted with such an item that adorns the dacha.

Also worth paying attention to other important aspects. For example, a chair should be as comfortable as possible. Too soft or, conversely, too hard product should not be. The structure should remain elastic, possessing a medium degree of rigidity. It is necessary to look at the shape of the back, the height of the armrests, width.

The location of the person inside the chair should be free and comfortable. Foot stand will remove puffiness, promote complete relaxation. Consider in advance if this moment is important to you.

    The product should sway with ease. Also, it should be perfectly balanced. To roll over or somehow deviate it should not (especially at the time of swaying on it). To check the product, you just need to sit on it and swing. You can do it right in the store. This should not be embarrassed, because the furniture is purchased for years, which means that it should completely suit the future owner.

    And, of course, the quality issue is important. Carefully check the integrity of each joint, the reliability of fasteners, the strength of the material.

    Review of the swing chair - in the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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