Plastic furniture for the garden: the nuances of choice and placement

To make the stay in the country as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the choice of furniture. With the development of technology and the use of new materials, plastic furniture for the dacha occupies a special place among the rich assortment. It has a number of undeniable advantages, thanks to which it is in demand among buyers. Consider its features and nuances of the arrangement.

Features and types

By plastic is meant a large group of dissimilar materials. These are polymers having a basis in the form of natural or artificial compounds. Their most famous representatives are polypropylene, foam plastic, polyurethane, and organic glass. Comfortable chairs, chaise lounges, awnings, racks, tables are made of plastic.benches and chairs.

According to the production technology, plastic country furniture can be divided into two types:

  • cast;
  • rotational.

    The first is made by heating under pressure, then poured into special forms and cooled. The second type is made of heated material according to the technology of rotation in two planes. Of the two types of products, molded varieties are more durable.

    At the same time, such furniture has a longer service life. However, it is also more expensive than rotary models. You can recognize it by the characteristic glossy surface texture.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    We note the main advantages of plastic furniture.

    • It differs in small weight. This makes it mobile and allows you to transfer, if necessary, to any place in the garden plot.
    • Furniture made of plastic is characterized by a variety of shapes and colors. If you wish, you can always choose any option based on taste preferences.
    • It is resistant to temperature changes and is frost resistant. Due to this, it can be stored even on the street.
    • Plastic products are not subject to the negative effects of environmental factors.She is not afraid of rain and snow, the characteristics of products from this do not change.
    • Plastic furniture is easy to clean. In case of contamination, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth or just rinse it with water from a hose.
    • This furniture involves the use of textile covers. This allows you to vary the design, to extend the attractiveness of the appearance and safety of the material.
    • Such items of furniture can be bought separately or as a ready-made set. If the product breaks during operation, you can buy the missing item.
    • Plastic furniture for giving is acceptable for the price. Buying a set or an individual item will fit into any budget. However, in most cases, this furniture is very compact.
    • With the help of plastic furniture you can equip a cozy corner in different places of the garden plot.
    • These pieces of furniture harmoniously fit into the landscape design, combined with the facade of the house.

      A remarkable fact is the possibility of decorating furniture made of plastic. For her provide pillows under the back and seat. This increases the aesthetic appeal of products, as well as the comfort of the location.

      With a lot of advantages in plastic furniture there are drawbacks.

      • During operation there are scratches on it, from which it is impossible to get rid of. This reduces the aesthetics of plastic furniture.
      • Such furniture is better to use in the shade of the trees or in the gazebos, on the veranda, terrace. It is unstable to sunlight and eventually loses color saturation.
      • It can not be called durable. In most cases, this furniture is no more than a few years.
      • Plastic furniture is not designed for significant mechanical damage. From this, it breaks down and is beyond repair.
      • To extend the service life, you need to bring it into the house every time, protecting it from rain. Dirt should be removed immediately.

      Color solutions

      The color palette of plastic furniture for the garden is multifaceted. Attention buyers a wide range of products in classic and unusual colors.

      The most popular shades of sets today are the following:

      • green tones (color of fresh greens, swamp, olive, khaki, emerald green, gray-green);
      • gray scale (light gray, stone, gray-blue, gray-brown);
      • blue shades (indigo, black-blue, blue-gray, mix of blue and green, blue-blue);
      • natural paints (beige, brown, brown-gray, chocolate, wood shades).

        In addition, the list of popular tones includes white, sand yellow, wine, purple and burgundy. If you want to decorate the recreation area with unusual solutions, you can buy furniture in two shades.

        The combinations look good:

        • white and olive;
        • beige and marsh;
        • light gray and white;
        • white with blue;
        • fuchsia with light gray;
        • white and sandy;
        • pink gray and green;
        • orange and chocolate.

        An unusual design technique is the combination of two contrasts and a pattern. For example, it may be a combination of white and red shades with a dominance of light tone. On a white background can be a drawing of, say, a fruit.

        Such furniture will bring comfort to any area of ​​the site. It will appeal to all households, not to mention the guests. Moreover, it is the drawing that creates in this case a welcoming atmosphere.


        The range of plastic furniture for giving is various. If desired, you can pick up classic or creative designs. Everyone chooses what they like best.Models differ in size, while the set may consist of 3-7 items (for example, a table + 6 chairs, 2 chairs and a table).

        The form of models can be absolutely any. However, it is characterized by the absence of sharp corners and sharp bends. This is important, because such furniture often has to be moved from place to place. Both an ordinary chair and a model in the shape of a person’s head will be equally comfortable to move.

        The shape of the table can be round, oval, square and rectangular. In this case, the structure may have a fringing along the edge of the tabletop, with one or four legs. The shape of the legs can be classic or curved (concave and convex arrangement). The color of the tabletop may differ from the main body.

        Plastic chairs today are close to the classical form. Sometimes they are immediately difficult to distinguish from wooden counterparts, which are placed in offices. The back can be low, high, latticed, mesh or cast without a pattern.

        Sometimes decorative elements are lace motifs made of plastic. Sometimes the back is connected with armrests smooth line. The simplest designs do not have them at all.

        More interesting solutions are plastic garden chairs.Due to the form they are convenient for the location of a person, do not harm the spine. When adding soft bedding under the back and seat, it resembles soft furniture. Their back is often wide and deaf.

        Armrests perform mainly fused with the main body. They can be deaf or separate. The seat is sometimes different in color.

        In the catalogs of manufacturers can be found ergonomic furniture. For example, a set may consist of a table and two simple-shaped benches. A remarkable nuance of such products is the possibility of transformation, which is carried out by metal parts. Metal is used in the classic versions, it gives the furniture durability and reliability. This may be the legs of chairs, tables, benches.

        In addition to the table, chairs and chairs, it is worth noting benches, which are often works of modern art. They can resemble products from the array, differ in a lacy decor. Interesting designs are models with a lattice back, armrests and a spacious box located under the seat. For ease of opening in such products provides a loop.

        The top of the seat can be supplemented with a soft insert. These benches look especially beautiful if they are made in beige and brown colors. So it is possible successfully to enter plastic into design of a garden site.

        Natural shades blend harmoniously with the color of the fresh greenery of the garden.

        How to choose and arrange?

        For the product to serve for a long time, it is necessary to approach the choice with all responsibility. When choosing plastic furniture to give, try to take into account the peculiarities of the house.

        • Garden furniture is placed mainly in the shade of trees so that the light does not interfere with eating and relaxing in the open air. To create maximum comfort, a place under the furniture is allocated near the house.
        • If the plot has a terrace with a marquise or a veranda, you can put products there. At the same time it is important to leave space for freedom of passage. The furniture is not placed in front of the entrance doors, so as not to hinder entry into the house for dishes, tea, cookies, and sweets. Chairs set in such a way that the light of the sun does not beat the household in the eye. It should be convenient to get up without disturbing others.
        • The choice of products is based on the budget.To accommodate yourself, you may have the usual set of 4 chairs (chairs) and a table. A more hospitable set consists of 6 chairs and an oval-shaped table. It makes sense to buy products with thick legs and greater thickness: they are more reliable.
        • In choosing a trademark, preference should be given to well-known companies, proven by time and marked by positive customer reviews. For example, companies in Italy make good garden furniture. Italian furniture is notable for its lightness, classic forms and functionality. It will stand out from the street, decorating the local area.
        • Select the color so that it is in harmony with the design of the landscape. If you want to install a set in an open area, get a special umbrella that will cover the household from the hot sun. One of the sides of the tabletop should be parallel to the wall of the facade with the entrance door.

        How to make plastic furniture, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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