Wicker furniture to give: beautiful options in interior design

Wicker furniture for the country is gaining increasing popularity. Such furniture adorns not only the garden plots, but also allows you to create many beautiful options in the interior design of a country house. In addition to the attractive appearance, woven structures have excellent performance characteristics.

Special features

Wicker cottage furniture is a light and elegant design of natural and artificial materials. The products look great both in the summer cottage exterior and in the interior of the room. High technical characteristics of furniture make it possible to operate it even in conditions of adverse environmental effects. The cost of woven structures largely depends on the material and manufacturer. In today's market, the range of such furniture is quite large: from simple, inexpensive product kits to luxury designer options.If you have certain skills, you can make wicker structures yourself.

The color palette of woven designs for giving usually repeats shades of natural rods and vines. However, the use of synthetic materials, such as artificial rattan, made it possible to create furniture of various shades. The great advantage of wicker furniture is that such products will perfectly fit into any interior design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Characteristics of one or another type of wicker furniture will largely depend on the method of production and the materials used.

All products of this type have a number of common advantages.

  • Harmlessness For the manufacture of structures used only environmentally friendly materials.
  • Large assortment of various models. In addition, wicker furniture can be made independently according to your own sketches.
  • Low weight. Products can be easily moved around the territory of a country house.
  • Good resistance to moisture allows the use of such furniture both indoors and in the garden.
  • High strength.Despite the external lightness of construction, wicker products are quite durable and can withstand loads up to 500 kilograms.
  • With proper care, wicker furniture can last for many years.

It is worth considering that the braided structures are not without drawbacks.

  • Some natural materials that are used to make wicker furniture are sensitive to weathering. For example, getting wet in the rain, the sticks of the structure can swell and crack after drying.
  • Constructions made from most natural materials are temperature sensitive. Such items should not be kept near heating appliances, and when used outdoors in strong heat or sub-zero temperatures, the furniture should be removed for a while in the room.
  • Despite the strength of the products, in the event of damage to a single bar, the entire structure can be dissolved.


For the production of wicker products for giving use both natural and artificial materials. There are also combined designs from a combination of different types of rods.Most often for the production of furniture used rattan, willow branches and abacus.

In more rare cases, the following materials can be used for the manufacture of exclusive furniture and individual decorative elements:

  • bamboo and bamboo shavings;
  • water hyacinth;
  • seaweed;
  • bird cherry;
  • alder.

Natural and artificial rattan

Rattan is the most popular material for weaving furniture. It is a treated stalk of the tropical plant calamus. Products from this material are not considered inexpensive. Designs from a natural rattan differ in durability and high durability. If you use such products in the country for the garden, in bad weather, they are recommended to be covered with foil, hidden under a shed or brought into the premises. From precipitation or temperature extremes, rods may become cracked.

Polyotang is nothing more than synthetic fiber created by artificial means based on polyethylene and rubber. The material is a plastic rods of various lengths and thicknesses. Furniture made of synthetic rattan is more resistant to negative external factors,rather than products from natural stems. Despite the high quality of products made of synthetic fibers, the price is low.


Vine for weaving furniture is a willow branches. The willow twigs are convenient in operation and have excellent resistance to humidity and temperature extremes. Such furniture will be an excellent option for installation on homestead land and terraces of country houses. The service life of the construction of the rod depends on the manufacturer and method of manufacture and processing of the product. Objects made from willow twigs are slightly inferior in appearance to rattan products and do not look so expensive and elegant. Despite this, wicker wicker furniture is quite popular.

Manila hemp

Manila hemp or abaca is a natural fiber that is harvested from the leaves of hemp banana. Depending on which part of the leaves the fiber was taken from, depends on the quality of the material and the furniture that is made from it. In its structure, the abacus is quite durable and rough. This material has a high resistance to water. Hemp does not deteriorate and does not sink in water, therefore it has been used in the marine business for the manufacture of cables and ropes for a long time.The color range of the abaca is represented by natural shades: from yellow tones to almost black. In the manufacture of furniture, the bars are woven very tightly, so that the finished products are able to withstand heavy loads.


Using the method of weaving you can make almost any furniture.

Most often you can find the following options for giving:

  • swing;
  • chairs and sofas;
  • sets of chairs;
  • coffee and small dining tables;
  • rocking chairs.

Suspended swing is a frequent attribute of the dacha. This design is popular not only among children, but also among adults. Wicker swings are most often made in the shape of a hammock chair. The product is suspended on strong ropes to a massive tree in the garden or other solid construction. Wicker chairs, sofas, chairs and tables can be used not only for arranging a country house, but also for creating an outdoor recreation area.

Wicker products vary in some design features.

There are several types of furniture.

  • Without frame. A solid foundation for such furniture are strong sticks that play the role of stiffeners.
  • With frame. As the basis in such products are rigid rods of metal, plastic or wooden frame, which are woven around with the base material.
  • Frame made of wood. This type of wicker furniture is more stable and reliable due to the durable frame.

There are several techniques of weaving furniture. The appearance of the structure depends on the methods used. The most attractive look products in the manufacture of which used several techniques at once.

The following types of weaving are most commonly used:

  • simple;
  • rope;
  • simple and complex openwork technique.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable wicker furniture to give, first of all you need to focus on the place of installation of the product, as well as its quality. Knowing all the features of the materials used for the production of structures, you can easily choose the best option for both the garden and the house. Garden furniture should cope well with the negative influence of the external environment and have excellent strength. For installation on the street it is better to use objects from a polyratang. Such products tolerate heat, cold and the negative effects of precipitation.

The house will look great furniture from both natural and artificial materials. In this case, it is important to consider the style of interior design. In modern interiors, white wicker furniture or designs that are a combination of different materials will look good. The original look products with a frame made of metal and braided from natural rods.

When buying, you also need to consider the country where the furniture was made. Products from China are of good quality. Basically, rattan furniture is supplied from this country, which has a very reasonable price. In addition, the Chinese masters imitate well the stylish design products from Europe. Wicker furniture from European countries has a high cost. To create original products, masters resort to combined weaving techniques and a combination of different materials.

Successful examples

Wicker swing in the form of a suspended chair have an attractive design, high durability and convenience.

In the garden you can equip a small seating area. To install wicker products do not need a lot of space.A fabric canopy over a sofa will make it possible to hide from the sun on a hot summer day.

A set of white furniture made of artificial rattan will perfectly fit into almost any landscape design. Openwork weaving makes products more exquisite.

Due to their lightness and compactness, wicker constructions are ideal for small rooms.

Inexpensive willow products look no worse in the interior than natural rattan items.

Wicker furniture can amaze with original design and unusual shapes.

On the beautiful design options wicker furniture to give, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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