Garden wooden furniture: the pros and cons

Each cottage assumes the availability of appropriate furniture that will emphasize the comfort and beauty of the garden plot. Garden furniture seems never to go out of style. It is used for both work and leisure. Often, city dwellers leave for the country to live, which means that the requirements for furniture increase significantly. Modern stores present various options for products that can be conveniently placed on the summer cottage. Products consist of a variety of materials, among which the palm is still holding the tree. In this article we will look at exactly such interior items.

Special features

Garden furniture has a number of advantages. These positive qualities distinguish products from a similar material from other options.Consider them in more detail:

  • Environmental friendliness. This indicator plays an important role in the modern world. People prefer safe materials that will not be harmful to human health. It is no secret that wooden models are environmentally friendly. They can not be afraid to use in every home, as well as on the plot. Such a product will not cause allergies, in contrast to products that consist of a variety of chemical compounds.
  • Durability and reliability. Wood is a fairly durable material. You can be sure that the chair or bench of wood does not break under the impressive weight. It is noteworthy that wooden furniture can serve for a long time with proper use.

  • Attractive appearance. By acquiring or creating beautiful and suitable country furniture, you can get aesthetic pleasure every day. There are many types of wood that are effectively used for the manufacture of products. It can be pine, cedar, birch, fir, poplar and many others. Conifers are considered popular. They have healing properties.You will need to choose only a certain breed and shades that will be well suited to your concept of the suburban area. If you wish, you can paint any object in a color suitable for you.
  • Versatility. Wooden furniture is perfect for any summer cottage. It does not matter what your house will be built from, wooden models will always be the way. They will help highlight the beauty and style of the room.
  • Stylish design. Wooden products will fit well into any design of the summer space. You can also experiment and create the most creative furniture yourself. You can make options of different shapes. The tree is a kind of material that will allow you to embody your wildest ideas.
  • Natural warmth. Stone, metal does not have this property, unlike wood. For street models, this indicator is decisive. You will not need to worry now that the child is sitting on the bench for a long time, the tree does not harm the health, unlike the metal base.
  • Easy to transport. Of course, wood is not lighter than plastic, but not lighter than metal.Wooden products can be easily and conveniently transported and transferred to the place you need. Furniture from such material will not spoil the floor, unlike metal furniture.
  • Availability. You can buy such furniture in any store. You can also save your money and create your own necessary interior items. You will need suitable materials, tools, craftsmanship, as well as detailed instructions that should be strictly followed.

With all the many advantages there are wood furniture and some drawbacks.

  • Products from this material do not tolerate temperature changes. For street items, this indicator is quite important. Heat or cold can spoil the material. Does not like this material and high humidity. Do not leave the product outdoors if it is raining. In winter, it is also desirable to bring furniture into the house.
  • Wood products require special processing. So you can extend the life of the items.
  • Not to mention the expensive cost of such goods. Due to the many positive characteristics, high quality, environmental friendliness, wood is a demanded material and at the same time expensive. Therefore, do not skimp if the health of loved ones is dear to you.

Thus, knowing all the pros and cons of wooden products, each person will be able to prioritize for himself and decide whether to buy or create such products.


Popular furniture from solid wood. Unlike metal, it is environmentally friendly and safe. As already noted, country furniture can be made of different wood species. The most popular are conifers. They have healing properties, but are remarkable for the release of epoxy resin, so be sure to remove the wood, so that the furniture does not stain your clothes.

Often buyers prefer to purchase products from pine. It can be attributed to soft breeds. However, it is not durable enough. However, products from it will turn out the most creative and fantastic. Attractive options from eucalyptus. Larch models will require special care when using such products outdoors.

The furniture should be coated with a special protective wax.

Larch trees

The most reliable and durable options include hardwood products. - yew, birch, dogwood.They have special oils that protect against the effects of natural phenomena. They will serve you for many years. Also a great option - teak furniture. This breed is resistant to various climate changes. Similar wood is used in shipbuilding. It is possible to distinguish furniture from this material by attractive natural patterns on wood.

Birch furniture
Wood dogwood
Teak furniture

If you want to make an attractive braided structure, then you should pay attention to the flexible varieties of trees. For example, it may be branches of bird cherry. They are quite pliable, soft and plastic. This will help you to express your imagination and make real masterpieces.

It will look good garden furniture, at the base of which stacked logs. They will not even need to be processed. It is worth cutting off the suitable size and to establish them at the necessary distance. The table can be made quickly and naturally. It is enough to place a thick stump in the middle, build a tabletop - and the furniture is ready. You can use various tree options.

For example, it will look attractive model of oak, natural beech.

You can make garden furniture from the boards. It is this product that already has a predetermined plane and a small thickness. All this allows you to successfully connect the boards with each other with the help of nails. With the help of the usual grinder, you can polish the product. It should be noted that in this case, you should first create a tabletop. This is done by fastening the boards together. Then you can go to the base.


Wooden furniture is notable for a variety of designs. The most popular option is the gardener's workplace. You should also create a table that can perform different functions: to become a place to work or rest. On a summer day, the original gazebo with folding chairs and a table will be relevant. Such options are quite compact and convenient.

The folding country furniture will help each member of your family to feel comfort and a cosiness. Variety and bright accents will make a street bench. This may be a modular design that is suitable for both cottage and home. Finishing can be the most interesting, matching the style of your space. This may be bright stylish models or antique versions.Such a park bench will be a stylish decoration for any villa. Also remember the younger members of the family. Create special chairs and tables of suitable dimensions.

When creating creative models, consider the following nuances:

  • If you are just starting to practice in furniture production, it is worth making a choice in favor of more economical options that are easy to manufacture. You should not choose such constructions where there are a lot of complicated elements. It is better to choose more simple, so that you can do everything qualitatively. Give the choice of wood. This material will be the easiest to process. You can find options at an affordable cost. Working with wood is very pleasant and easy. You will be able to embody your creative impulses.

  • So that the work does not cause you additional difficulties, it is better to choose hard, semi-hard or soft woods, as well as materials that consist of wood. For legs it is better to use cylindrical pine blanks. The backs and seats will be at the time of the board, the size of which is 2 * 12 cm in cross section. Armrests can be created from bars.
  • The most important point - the desired sketch.Do not start work until you have chosen the scheme you need. Be sure to determine the dimensions of the furniture before you start working. Stock up on the right tools. Under the support you may need metal corners, pipes and other available tools.
  • Be sure to treat dacha wood antiseptic and other protective compounds. They will help protect all items from rotting and extend their service life. Those who comprehend the basics of manufacturing products should remember that the product must necessarily have a slight inclination towards the back. This will make using the bench and chair quite comfortable.

Do not be afraid to embody the most interesting ideas. This will help you to express your individuality, as well as decorate your summer house in a stylish way. For example, it is worth decorating the table and chair with attractive twigs. Similar products will organically fit into the interior of the garden. All guests will appreciate your efforts.

Do not be afraid to actively fantasize, you can perfectly use forked tree trunks without any processing.

You can create interesting models from pallets.These trays are often impressive sizes that remain from building materials. If you do not have the necessary means to purchase country furniture, you can make it yourself with the help of such devices. Pallets are sold at affordable prices in hardware stores. Boards in such products do not fall close. The distance between them is about half the width of the board. Have pallets and bumpers. Such products come in all sizes, which is why they can be used at your dacha, forming the most original and creative versions of products.

It is worth remembering that any product for the interior of the garden will need to be pre-processed. Be sure to remove dirt, thoroughly dry and polish the furniture. In order not to accidentally get a splinter, you should paint the pallets with a paint and varnish coating. Often this happens at the final stage of creating furniture.

When creating attractive furniture to give, you need not just to get a pallet. You will also need thin nails, as well as various furniture accessories, which will make the object unique.Be sure to stock up with paint, glue, glass, small devices of light, buy cloth. Of course, the composition of the necessary improvised means will depend on what you ultimately decide to create.

It will be possible to make a coffee table. It will successfully fit into any space. You should connect two pallets. They need to put on each other and fasten with nails. It is easy to create a table-top from sheet DVP or thin wood. It is so easy and simple to make a small table where a friendly company will meet. To conveniently place such furniture on the terrace, wheels should be attached to it. So you can easily move the product. If you decide to create a dining table, then you need a larger number of pallets, they can also be large. For the table top it is worth taking 2 pieces, and for the manufacture of legs you will need 1 pallet. It should be cut into 4 parts, pull vertically, while nailing and at the corners.

Chaise lounge will be an interesting option for relaxation. Embody the idea with the help of three pallets. It is worth taking two rectangular and one square element. Rectangular pallets worth putting together.They are fastened together by nails.

Do not forget that first the products should be polished, and then you can start painting.

Moving on to creating a backrest lounger. This stage will take a little more time and effort. A wide pallet should be disassembled, removing the bottom layer and a little medium. Base - top of the pallet. Two or three boards should be removed from the blank backrest. This is done very carefully. Now you should install a square pallet at an angle to one of the sides of the rectangular pallet. So you will form the back of the lounge chair. Fix the construction using the boards that were removed earlier, and also use screws. The finished design will be successfully complemented by a mattress or thick fabric.


Making garden furniture is difficult, but quite entertaining. If you want to pleasantly surprise your family, as well as friends and acquaintances, then you should stock up with the right tools, desire, and also skills to translate your ideas. It does not have to be a good builder to make an interesting option for the garden. For example, you can use different material at hand. Pay attention to the old barrel.Perhaps it will later be your creative chair.

For a short time, you can create a small bench., taking the supporting stones for stones, boulders or wooden planks. In this case, you will need a small set of tools: a plane to process wood, a drill, and anchor bolts. Boulders should be adjusted to the desired height, after making a hole and creating a sand pillow. In the same board and stones should be made holes for anchor bolts.

After all it is necessary to cover the structure with varnish.

Beautiful examples

Wooden garden furniture will always look favorably in your home. You can create your own interior items or use the services of shops and experienced craftsmen. So you can save your strength, time and in some cases money. It is not necessary that the design was complex and intricate.

You can create more simple, but stylish options. For example, a shop of logs and stumps. Such a device for recreation can be done in a matter of minutes. At the same time the design will be able to fit in any garden successfully To translate the idea you need a couple breve.You can simply place a wide log on the small ones, throw comfortable pillows on top. So you will create an attractive corner for spiritual conversations and get-togethers.

Arrange a place for lunch with hemp. Chairs will serve smaller options, and the table will consist of a massive stump and table tops on top. Such wooden models should be dug into the ground or fastened on a flat surface. It would not be superfluous to take care of the convenience of all family members. To do this, throw a soft pillow on hemp. If desired, you can arrange and backs and armrests for hemp with snags or twigs.

A saw cut can also become a creative worktop or chair seat. Do not forget in this case to process the material with special substances. An excellent option would be the location in the country folding chairs. This option will not only allow you to conveniently move the product, but also to take it with you. Compact and convenient piece of furniture does not take up much space. Perfectly suited this option for the child. In the bars should be installed shkanty, with which the chair and will be folded in half.Make the product necessarily according to the drawing, so that the model is of high quality and reliable. Decorate such furniture can be a suitable design.

Now you know the main advantages and disadvantages of wood furniture. It is worth remembering that this is an environmentally friendly material that is perfectly treatable.

On the types of wooden garden furniture, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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