Garden furniture made of metal: features and benefits

Garden furniture to give or your own home is designed to relax in leisure time. The most preferred metal interior items that are practical, functional, able to fit into any landscape and divide the territory into zones. This category is deservedly enjoyed by the love of consumers, and its advantages are well known to designers.

The advantages of metal furniture

Many people choose for their site furniture from metal. First of all, this is due to its long life. With proper corrosion protection, metal objects can serve their owners for several decades and still maintain an attractive appearance. Chairs, tables and other furniture in perfect harmony with the green trees, flower beds,can be made from the same material as the fence. It can be repeatedly painted, and if desired, to make a combination.

Metal is perfectly combined with plastic and wood, the legs can be forged, as well as the back.

The main advantages of metal products:

  • do not require complex care;
  • resistant to any mechanical stress;
  • service life - 100 years and more;
  • not afraid of moisture and direct ultraviolet rays;
  • when using a special protective coating, they are not afraid of the destructive effect of temperature differences.

The main drawback of cast iron and steel wrought-iron furniture is a lot of weight, so this furniture is better placed on the street, and not on the terrace or veranda, where it can push the flooring and create an extra load.

What metals are garden furniture made of?

Cottage furniture can be made of different types of metal. All of them have their own characteristics and specifications, so when choosing it is worth considering. Iron, cast iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and bronze are used for this purpose.

    Consider the most common of them in more detail.

    • Cast iron. From it create cast subjects of an interior which operation in the open air is not terrible. Cast iron is a universal alloy that is virtually non-corrosive. It is strong and durable, it is pre-treated with special dyes. Cast iron is remarkably combined with decorative elements of wood: at the tables it can be a tabletop, the chairs have seats and armrests.

    Forged country furniture is distinguished by subtlety and refinement. In addition, it is more affordable, but you should know that it is susceptible to the effects of water, in contrast to the cast. Therefore, for the street it is wiser to choose the last option.

    • Steel and stainless steel more suitable for the manufacture of large-scale furniture: tables, lounge chairs, as well as elements of gazebos. To obtain elegant openwork products, steel alloys with a low carbon content are used - these are metal grades with a steel content of up to 0.13%. The higher inclusion of this element complicates the forging.

    Steel things also need to be coated with anti-corrosion compounds - first they are primed and then painted.

    • Aluminum has its advantages: it is lightweight, resistant to rust.Such pieces of furniture can be easily moved, used on the street. But this metal has one major drawback: it does not have sufficient strength and is subject to mechanical stress. On the other hand, such products can be adjusted to your liking: reduce the height of the legs, remove or add decorative parts, easy to repair. Aluminum things are inexpensive, durable with careful operation, but can only have one color - silver.

    Metal, of course, in its qualities is higher than products made of stone and wood. In addition, from it you can make furniture with their own hands. The creation methods may differ, and as a result the results of such works will be different.

    Welded and Forged Garden Products

    By type of production, all metal garden furniture is divided into welded and forged. Welded products, as a rule, are made of iron. They do not differ in special grace, but are strong and durable. Another thing - wrought-iron furniture: it is created using the artistic forging of metal rods, which are then welded. Iron alloys with carbon are more commonly used for rods: this increases the elasticity of the material.

    Forged benches, tables and chairs are the most popular, but, in addition, you can decorate your site with other structures that will organically fit into the landscape.

    Today the following items are the most demanded for arranging the territory.

    • Dining tables with wrought iron frame and legs, while the table top is made of glass, plastic or wood. This is a sustainable structure, immune to mechanical stress.
    • Loved by many rocking chairs with a forged body and a wooden seat. These designs are not afraid of precipitation, are durable, unlike willow vines (natural and even artificial).
    • The benches, the body of which is made of metal, and the armrests and seats are mostly made of wood. This piece of furniture can last for several decades, and the wooden elements in the event of their destruction can always be changed.
    • Shod chaise lounges and chairs, which back and seats are made from polymer or wood. They can be made in the same style with a table, chairs and other products and support the general fashionable trend.
    • Durable, not afraid of high temperatures piece of garden furniture is a brazier frommetal. In addition to its high technical properties, this attribute is extremely convenient to use.
    • Swings made entirely of wrought metal, with the exception of a seat for which wood or plastic is suitable.

    Affordable dining sets made of cast aluminum, consisting of a table, a few chairs, and sometimes a barbecue, are especially popular.

    For the gazebo, a veranda it is quite possible to choose wrought iron furniture.which will last a long time if it is not located in the street. Iron products, of course, take place, but this metal is difficult to process, as it has hardness and rigidity, which limits the designer's imagination, but for lack of experience in artistic forging at home, you can make a simple set of reliable welded furniture.

    Modern aluminum furniture provides for the design in several styles: modern, colonial, "modern", "high-tech". Recently, such products are used to decorate winter gardens and greenhouses, because the material is resistant to any weather, high humidity, it is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature.

    How to care

    Competent care - the key to a long service of metal furniture.

    Previously, any metal furniture should be covered with a primer, especially in all corners and joints where moisture can accumulate. Then it is covered with a special protective paint, which should be regularly updated.

    Proper maintenance of metal wrought-iron furniture includes:

    • cleaning without the use of abrasives that can leave scratches on the product;
    • the feet should have special heels to prevent scratches and other deformations during operation;
    • when combining metal with other materials, all parts must be cleaned in accordance with their properties;
    • When varnishing forged items, it is undesirable to keep them outside during frosts, as this may cause cracking of the lacquer surface and then the destruction of the metal.

    Tarnished metal surfaces can restore natural shine with a composition consisting of ammonia, water and limestone (chalk or tooth powder). The resulting solution should be homogeneous. Wetting a soft cloth in it, carefully wipe the metal until glossy, the rye spots are cleaned with a rust converter.

    Careful attitude to metal products will help to increase their service life, and such furniture will always delight with its pleasant appearance.

    To learn how to make a garden swing out of metal, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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