Garden furniture: stylish outdoor kits

You can make a well-kept and aesthetically attractive country plot not only by planting it with plants and flowers. Best exterior is decorated with high-quality garden furniture. It is used not only on the terraces or in the gazebos, but also in the yard. True, garden things are very different from those that are accustomed to seeing in homes. To find the most suitable kits or do it yourself, you need to study all the available information and see inspirational examples of design.

Special features

All garden furniture can be divided into two main groups - it can be heavy and light. Light furniture - those items that are installed in the warm season on the terraces or verandas. As the name implies, such furniture has a small weight.These include chairs, tables and lounge chairs. They are easy to carry from place to place and hide when the weather changes from sunny to cold and rainy.

As for heavy furniture, it is installed once and always remains in a certain place. These include massive tables, benches or connected sets. Under them you need to very carefully choose the place, because they will not be able to move later.

As a rule, this category includes heavy furniture made of brick or even concrete. To protect things from negative weather conditions, various sheds and fences are used. In some cases, tables and chairs are located just under the trees in the garden. It is convenient and practical.

Both of these categories, despite their differences, combine the parameters that make country furniture popular.

  • Practicality. This is the most important point. To give you should not buy any brand or fragile things. It is necessary to take into account the moment that country furniture is used very actively, so it must be durable and can withstand even severe mechanical damage.
  • Attractiveness. Appearance also plays a very important role.In order to want to spend in nature as much free time as possible, you need to decorate the area with pleasing objects. The furniture should fit the style of the courtyard and be combined with other elements on the site.
  • Price. This parameter cannot be ignored either. Garden furniture very often becomes unusable due to weather conditions or the peculiarities of its use. Therefore, many do not want to invest in expensive garden kits. It is necessary either to give preference to affordable things, or to do everything with your own hands.

However, the fact that the furniture for the cottage is homemade does not mean that it can not be beautiful. This can be seen in the examples.


There are both standard types of furniture for the garden, and quite unusual.

Mandatory set

This category includes ordinary tables, chairs, benches and benches. They can be sold either individually or in full sets. This is the necessary minimum for a holiday in the country.


This could include all sorts of folding furnishings. It can be transforming chairs that turn into a chaise longue if necessary, folding tables and chairs that are easy to clean in the house after dinner.This type of furniture is most often used in the event that the plot is set aside for a garden and a garden and does not live here for a long time.


Separately worth mentioning inflatable furniture. This is a real find for owners of small areas. Large inflatable chairs or sofas, if you let the air out of them, turn into “bags” that take up almost no space. Children will also like such things, since summer inflatable pieces of furniture tend to be bright and colorful.

Especially popular soft inflatable chaise lounges. These loungers may resemble simple mattresses. But often they are supplemented by head restraints or soft armrests. Inflatable things are good because in the event that they are easy to clean from dirt, just holding it under the tap.

Material selection

Garden furniture can be either metal or wicker or wood. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered before determining the purchase.


First of all, it is worth talking about the most demanded material, namely about wood. The tree is very popular for several reasons at once.Such material is very malleable and, if necessary, it can be given any shape. Wooden furniture looks as natural as possible and fits into the exterior of the site seated with living plants. And finally, this material is available. If you do not take into account the expensive wood, then we can say that raw materials are not so expensive.

It is pleasantly pleased that the things made of natural wood will fit into the landscape design regardless of the style of the plot. After all, you can do almost anything with wood - sanding it, tinting, aging, varnishing, painting or carving. It all depends on the imagination of the master.

It should be noted that a lot depends on what type of wood was used to create furniture.

Some of the most common wood species.

  • Oak and beech. This is the most expensive and high-quality wood. They are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Oak or beech furniture serves more than one year and can please with its appearance several generations at once. These materials themselves are able to resist rotting, so there is no need for any additional finishing material.
  • Conifers. Pine, spruce, cedar and other conifers are also used for the manufacture of garden furniture.Their main difference is that they are able to emit resin. On the one hand, due to the specific aroma, this can be considered a plus. On the other - a minus, because the resin stains clothes, if the furniture is not properly processed. Coniferous wood is also good because, like oak, it is quite durable and reliable.
  • Larch. Those who are looking for furniture that can survive and increased heat, and heavy rains, will like things from larch. In addition, this furniture is also easily restored if necessary.
  • Teak. The strength is different and teakwood. It is known as a material that has been used in shipbuilding for decades. Already on this it can be understood that the increased humidity is not terrible for him. We should also note the special appearance of the tick. This wood is covered with natural patterns that make the furniture beautiful, even without additional processing.

In addition to the wood, for the manufacture of furniture can be used and various waste or billet. So, for example, deciding to make garden furniture with your own hands, you should pay attention to the finished boards, lintels and slats, which are easily connected with nails and screws and turn into solid tables and chairs.

You can also do your own hands with chairs and tables from logs or stumps. The designs are a bit unusual and slightly rough. But this can not be called a disadvantage.


If wood from eucalyptus, pine or any other wood species seems too coarse and massive, then you should pay attention to the lightest braided structures. They are made from both natural and artificial rattan. Popular and affordable chairs and sofas made of wicker or twigs are also popular. To create them, flexible varieties of wood are used, for example, the bird cherry.

The main advantage of wicker furniture over the other is its appearance. Despite its simplicity, such things look really charming. There are many types of weaving, so you can always get some really original and attractive thing.

Also a plus can be called the fact that such furniture is environmentally safe. It does not harm either nature or human health.

And in order for things made of rattan or wicker to please them with their strength, they need to be additionally covered with a layer of varnish or oil and updated every few years.


For the manufacture of furniture are also used different types of metal. The most attractive from an aesthetic point of view sets with forged inserts. It looks incredibly beautiful. At the same time, despite the seeming fragility, such tables, chairs and benches are very durable and able to withstand even really heavy weight.

Metal furniture is able to serve its owners for a long time. But for this it is important to properly care for her. For example, with metal you need to constantly clean off corrosion. It is important to remember that it is much easier to prevent the appearance of serious problems with furniture than to solve them, taking things to be restored or buying something new.

In addition to these three basic materials, concrete and cast iron are also used to create furniture. Although cast-iron furniture and looks a bit rude, in some cases it can become the perfect complement to the garden area.

Browse popular styles

There are many interesting stylistic directions in which different garden sets are represented. Some of them can be called old, others look more modern.


This style is now popular in clothing and in the design world.Therefore, it is not surprising that the garden plots began to be drawn up, following the trends of minimalism. This is very convenient, since there is enough free space and the yard does not look cluttered and too small.

For this trend is characterized by the use of light bright furniture. It is not decorated with bright prints or forged items. A typical representative of minimalism - a light set of wicker or wooden chairs, which occupies a central place on the site.


However, many still choose not modern trends, but traditions proven over centuries. Therefore, garden stranded in the style of the French province and remains loved by many. Light wicker wicker chairs, comfortable rocking chairs, antique-made kits are all things in the style of Provence. Aged furniture can be brushed, decorated using decoupage technique or coated with a special lacquer, which eventually cracks.

Such things would be appropriate in green gardens, where you want to create a romantic atmosphere.

Scandinavian style

This Mediterranean destination combines everything you need for complete relaxation.From the furniture in the Scandinavian-style gardens, you can use large lounge chairs, folding chairs and comfortable sets of light-colored furniture. If the plot is decorated in this style, as a decorative elements, you can use a huge number of soft pillows, light capes and green plants in pots. There will not be superfluous and original swings, complemented by a comfortable cape.

Italian classics

On the plot next to a luxury cottage and furniture should be appropriate. Here you should pay attention not to the country and Provence, but to the modern loft or Italian classics. Luxury kits create mostly of natural wood expensive wood and metal. Beautiful wrought iron inserts that really ennoble even the simplest chairs are welcome.

Color solutions

In terms of colors, garden furniture is no less diverse than normal. But here it is worth noting that many conservatives prefer to buy dark things for their lot, because they are less branded. These can be kits of dark brown, coffee, or gray. Natural shades of wood are popular,because many craftsmen do not paint their things, but only apply varnish on top.

Rarely in the suburban areas found white furniture. This is not surprising, because it easily gets dirty, so you need constant care for it.

But bright colors are welcome. Therefore, against the background of green gardens are often found bright blue, yellow and red benches, tables and chairs. Often the furniture is painted by the homeowners themselves, trying to give it individuality.

Manufacturers Rating

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in the production of garden and cottage furniture. The Scandinavian brand has an excellent reputation. Ikea. They create not only great things for the house, but also quality items for the garden. This company is pleased with the democratic prices and high quality.

Receives good reviews and domestic brand Gardenello. This company has been producing expensive luxury furniture for a long time, which is really capable of decorating a garden plot. You can find anything in their assortment - from garden swings to original sets with chairs and tables.

It is also impossible to ignore things from Italy.It is Italian furniture that most buyers associate with high quality and attractive appearance. The two most popular brands from Italy today - Mobilificio LM and Concepto.

How to choose?

When choosing garden furniture for your site, attention should be paid not only to the brand. It is necessary to take into account several points at once, which will facilitate the process of choosing good things for your site.

  • Dimensions. First of all, it is important to take into account the parameters of the furniture. It should not be too big and takes up too much space. If the yard is quite small, then it is best to limit yourself to a narrow table and several benches, for example. But on a large territory, you can “roam”, choosing everything you like.
  • Quality. Also, do not forget about the quality of things. If possible, the furniture is better to test and check whether it can withstand a lot of weight. On the surface of the furniture should not be any scratches, dents and other visible damage. If there is fabric upholstery or some kind of decor, then all this should also be well fixed and not damaged.
  • Equipment. We should also take into account that the furniture is sold both in sets and separately.Most buyers prefer to take a whole set at once, because in this case you can be sure that all things are combined with each other and will serve as a decoration for the site.
  • Cost An important role is played by the price. It makes no sense to buy too expensive furniture on the street, especially if the budget is already small. But at the same time, you should not sacrifice quality, preferring to buy cheap but fragile things. Over time, they will either deteriorate or will need to be repaired, for which the money will still go.

Given all these points, you can find furniture that is best suited to the country, without giving up anything.

What can you do with your own hands?

But not everyone on the suburban area buy ready-made furniture. Hand-made things are not only an opportunity to save money, but also proof that the owner of the yard is a handyman. There are many ways to make simple and beautiful furniture with your own hands from improvised means.

The most popular homemade things, made of wood, because wood is an available material, like all its derivatives.However, it should be borne in mind that not all types of wood can be personally made furniture. For example, the wizard does not advise beginners to work with pine. But oak, hornbeam or ash, on the contrary, can be processed easily. They can make a simple chair or table. And in the presence of artistic skills also decorate the base with carved patterns.

Another common option is garden furniture made from pallets. They are also made of wood, but working with them is much easier. To create a wooden bench or table of pallets, they need to knock down and paint with varnish or paint.

Some craftsmen make even original sofas from pallets. For this base, knocked out of two or three pallets, sheathed with soft pillows. They can also sew their own hands. Original looks and a coffee table of pallets. To create it, you need only the pallets themselves and impact-resistant glass, which serves as the table top. This design is also advantageous because some small things can be put in between the boards. Especially beautiful is the table in which this space is filled with drawers.

As an alternative to expensive metal furniture, you can use things made by hand from a shaped tube. They are not so durable, but with imagination they can be made equally beautiful.

Practically any means at hand can be used - from the bar to the cracked barrel or old boxes. Using your imagination, nails and decorative accessories, you can create beautiful furniture for your site.

Beautiful examples for inspiration.

  • In the process of creating furniture or decorating the site help and ready-made ideas. Others design ideas can be used, the main thing is not to copy everything completely. Here are some interesting ideas that can be implemented in different areas.
  • The first option is high-quality modern furniture for the terrace. The basis of the table and chairs are made of dark metal, and the tabletop is made of wood. This combination looks simple and concise, but no less attractive.
  • Such a modern set of furniture for the street looks great against the background of the courtyard, decorated with stone and concrete and complemented by a huge stylish fireplace.
  • The second example can also be attributed to the style of minimalism.But in this case, the outdoor sofa is made by hand, which only increases its value. The basis of the furniture is made of pallets painted white. From above, they are lined with bright purple fabric, from one glance at which the mood immediately rises. The bright purple base and light lavender pillows look very good because the work is done carefully.
  • Bright purple spot looks great on a green area among the trees. The sofa can not even complement the table or other things.
  • For decorating the veranda, terrace or gazebo, an original hand-made table will suit. It also performs the function of a plant stand, which is also very practical. For this, two pallets are shot down so that the bottom protrudes slightly, creating a small “ladder”. It is on her and there are pots of flowers. They are also located in special notches at the very base of the table.
  • The table itself is stylized antique. It looks slightly worn, but it only gives it sophistication. Such a thing is suitable not only for the street, but also for the house, and certainly fill it with comfort and spring charm.
  • The last example is outdoor furniture, complemented by soft seats. She will make any backyard cozy. To relax in the company of friends or relatives, it is enough to set a low table and supplement it with a sofa and two armchairs. This type of furniture is very light, so if necessary it can always be carried into the house, hiding from the rain, or moved to the veranda with the onset of winter. The decoration of this corner for the rest will be a vase in which fresh flowers are constantly changing.
  • Garden furniture is a real decoration of the site. It doesn't matter if it is bought or made by hand. The main thing is that things fit in style and size, as well as delight the site owners and their guests with their practicality.

An overview of the stylish outdoor garden furniture sets in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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