Trellis: features of choice and placement

Trellis is a great invention for fashionistas and all those who are used to watching their appearance. The invention of the trellis is attributed to the favorite of Louis XV - Madame Pompadour.

Features and Purpose

Such an attribute is a nightstand with three mirrors, of which one is fixed stationary, and two side can move in a folding mode. Such a simple design allows a person to consider himself from all sides.

Despite the fact that the history of the origin of such an accessory for women goes into the distant past, the design is relevant now. Modern designers have developed many amazing models in which it is difficult to recognize the trellis. But in classic style this furniture is always decorated with three mirrored doors.

Traditionally, trellis expose along the wall. For close spaces, you can buy an angular model - it will take up little space and will be a wonderful decoration of the interior. In addition, the design is equipped with shelves and drawers, is a convenient storage system for cosmetics, sewing accessories and other trifles. Well-designed lighting will help to maximize the benefits of such furniture..

Trellis is not an easy participant in the interior, because mirrors attract attention, so the design should look perfect and support the overall design of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

A modern design that combines a cabinet and a mirror has the following advantages:

  • trellis is the only place in the house where you can see yourself from the outside and understand that it is time to renew your wardrobe;
  • design, equipped with lighting, will contribute to the overall lighting of the room;
  • shelves and drawers of a spacious pedestal are able to systematize cosmetics and many small things;
  • having placed the trellis in the hallway, you can always check your appearance before leaving the house;
  • due to the variety of designs and styles of such furniture is easy to choose to yourthe interior.

The disadvantage is the volume of the structure, which requires more space than a mirror on the wall.

What is different from the mirror?

A trellis, a mirror and a dressing table with a mirror are pieces of furniture created for viewing the appearance and storing things. To understand the difference, you need to know what each of them is.

  • Pierum. Translated from the French language means "pier". If there is a large mirror in the room, then passing by, a person is always lingering near him for a second. "Pier" - a mirror with legs. It can be transferred, it is full-length or small for viewing only the upper body. Sometimes a dressing table is produced with a table.
  • Trellis. This word means "three mirrors that fold." The design has a cabinet with a fixed central mirror, two side flaps are attached to it. With their help, you can concentrate the light for better viewing.
  • Dressing table. Comfortable piece of furniture for applying makeup, equipped with a small mirror. The table has several drawers and lighting. Differs from trellis in simplicity and elegance.

Summing up, we can say that the trellis is a triple mirror on the cabinet, the dressing table is a portable mirror on the legs, and the dressing table is a piece of furniture for applying cosmetics.


In the bedroom or hallway often get a wall mirror. It may well satisfy the undemanding man in the street. But for those who like to look at themselves from all sides, the trill is simply necessary.

Today this piece of furniture is produced with a wide variety of shapes, materials and design solutions. You can always find your favorite model.


A trellis has two main forms: angular and traditional, that is, one of them can compactly occupy an angle, and the second one is located against a wall.

Models are found in different sizes, with one or two side tables, chest of drawers. The structures are equipped with shelves, drawers, doors of different sizes.. Mirrors do not always look classically: some repeat geometric shapes, others have irregular, intricate shapes.

Trellis can be bought in furniture centers and online stores. But some craftsmen make their own hands. Currently, for its manufacture can be purchased all the components.If you try, you get a great gift to your wife or daughter.

Trellis for the girl differs in the small sizes, the rounded-off forms with accurate light mirrors.

Performance materials

Modern furniture industry is focused on customer needs. Not everyone can afford an expensive model of wood. In most cases, trellis is produced from fiberboard, particle board or MDF.. They imitate the texture of real wood, have a wide color palette, so even budget options look good. Such furniture will decorate any hall.

For a bedroom it is better to choose models from a tree, as they are environmentally friendly. Structures made of particle board sometimes have toxic adhesive impregnations that can affect health. They are poorly suited for rooms with frequent stay of people.

If Grandma's trilayer has survived, then you should not throw it away. Antique furniture was made of solid wood, especially since such a set is amenable to restoration - you need to carefully remove the old paint, treat it with an antibacterial solution and apply a new one or coat it with several layers of varnish.

Modern industry produces trellis from a variety of wood: cedar, oak, plum, wenge, linden, apple and pine. They have a different color and structure of the material, and in the interior they look good and majestic. Models made in a contrasting version are particularly attractive, for example, a combination of wenge and alder or bleached oak looks good.

Metal in the trellis products is used for modern interiors in the style of loft, hi-tech, techno. Finishing with copper or bronze details is necessary for the Baroque style. For the Gothic, use narrow forged structures with desktop trellis mirrors.

Combined glass and plastic elements are also necessary for urban styles (loft, techno, hi-tech). Fuji uses models with a maximum number of glass inserts.


Trellis during the USSR did qualitatively, they took up a lot of space and were almost in every home, but did not differ in abundance of species: the height of the pedestal - 60 cm, the average mirror - 40 cm, the side - 20 cm. unlikely to meet two identical models.

Designers annually produce samples of new designs for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway. An abundance of color from white to black can satisfy even the most fastidious taste.

In order not to disturb the harmony of the interior, it is better to purchase a trellis with the headset. But if you have to buy separately, you can always choose a similar color and texture. The style of the model must coincide with the interior of the room.

  • Alteration of an old high-quality trellis with the replacement of mirrors will give this piece of furniture a new life. He can take his place in the interior of retro or provence.
  • Historical baroque style apply in spacious rooms. It is characterized by pretentiousness and flashy splendor. Ideal antique trellis or modern options, inlaid with expensive metals. The color of the model can be cream or ivory, gilding and rhinestones are involved in the decor of the mirror.
  • Aristocratic Empire style combines the simplicity of lines and pomp of the situation. It is similar to baroque with the use of bronze, gilding, crystal and heavy textiles. A trellis in the Empire style may have the same models as the Baroque.
  • Gothic also represents the historical direction. Behind the seeming simplicity is hidden real sophistication. The treaties in the Gothic style are made with elements of forging.
  • Classical - time-tested, ceremonial and respectable style. He uses expensive materials, rich, but without excessive pomp, decor. The design with mirrors should have clear forms, straight lines and expressive shades. As the material used expensive woods.
  • Modern, in contrast to the classics, does not like clear geometry. Commodes are characterized by rounded corners, and mirrors - smooth lines, which can be round, oval or completely shapeless. For modernity, functionality and beauty are typical, so a bedside table is chosen with a sufficient number of shelves and drawers.
  • From modern trends can be noted high tech. He uses metal, plastic and glass in his design. The furniture is practical, has a small amount of decor. A trellis should look simple, but have a thoughtful and capacious storage system.
  • Loft - The direction of the industrial interior with the participation of pipes and brickwork. Like high-tech, prefers plastic, metal and glass. The trellis should be overall, non-traditional forms, on the mirror decor in the form of graffiti is possible.
  • Provence - soft style of the French village: warm light colors, faded fabrics, plastered walls. For this direction, the trellis is made of aged wood, it can have forging elements. In the decor, use inserts of leather, glass and metal, and rhinestones and gilding are used for mirrors.

Accommodation options

The trellis is more suitable for bedrooms and hallways, less often it is installed in the hall, nursery or bathroom. The angular design fits well between the walls, does not take up much space and pleases the appearance.

An ideal location for a straight model would be a wall between two windows. Good lighting helps to see yourself in every detail. In addition, the mirror, occupying a central place against the wall, comes into harmony with the glass panes. For rooms with a single window, a trellis can be put in any free zone, but it can be equipped with an additional light source.

When installing a large mirror, it is necessary to estimate the size of the free area. By squeezing the cabinet between the furniture, you can make the space of the room heavy and make the beautiful design inconspicuous.

In the hall

Here the trellis is especially necessary, because going outside, you should examine yourself from all sides. If the room is small, then choose a model with a small mirror. Who adheres to the rules of Fenshui, sets the design so that the entrance door is not reflected in the mirror. If the hallway layout allows, then the corner model will be a good solution.

Need to take care of additional lighting for trellis, as the corridors are rarely windows. It is better to arrange the design side lights, because the overhead light distorts the reflection. Full-length mirror will allow you to monitor your appearance more carefully.

In the bedroom

For the bedroom, the trellis is not just an exquisite piece of furniture, but also a place for the transformation of a woman from Cinderella into a princess. Here she puts on makeup, styling her hair, picks up clothes for the next active day. All this should occur in a well-lit space.

According to the Feng Shui mirror, there is no place opposite the door, at the foot of the bed or where it is reflected. Simply put, the trellis must stand so that a sleepy person will not be frightened of himself in the twilight.

Choosing a trellis in the bedroom is better from wood - natural material disposes to a peaceful atmosphere. You can dwell on the model in the retro style of light shades and soft smooth lines, then the room will gain an influx of romance and light antiquity.This advice does not suit modern urban styles that prefer rigor, clarity of contours and simplicity of form.

In a spacious room it is worthwhile to install a functional model with a spacious storage system.where to put cosmetics, jewelry and all the necessary little things. It is more comfortable to sit by the mirror if the structure consists of two thumbs, between which you can put your legs.

In the living room

For a large multipurpose room, the trellis can be a real decoration. The stylistic coincidence with the surrounding furniture will make the interior harmonious.

If you choose a massive structure (1.5-3 meters) with a meter mirror, it will replace the functional cabinet., because solid solid cabinet holds a dozen drawers and shelves. This option is suitable for standing review. In a sitting position to the mirror does not come close, and the legs have nowhere to put.

It is better to refuse to choose small models from small living rooms.. The corner structure will round the room and make it cozier. All shades of white are suitable for the interior in any color, the main thing is the coincidence of texture and style. With the other color options you need to work separately, taking into account the situation.

You will need an ottoman or a suitable chair for the mirror - it is better to choose them from the same collection as the trellis.

Successful examples in the interior

  • Such a trellis will replace a full wardrobe. Practical in all respects: it can accommodate a large number of things and, thanks to movable mirror doors, will allow you to fully inspect your appearance.
  • Elegant model, suitable for Art Nouveau or Fuji. Ottoman and floor lamps complement each other.
  • Modern Toledo trellis, made in the style of minimalism.
  • The thought-over functional model for the real woman of fashion. Despite the volumetric shape and the abundance of drawers, white color makes the design visually light and light.
  • A very spectacular air model combining a trellis mirror with a dressing table resembles an opened sea shell pearl.
  • Such a handsome man will suit historical trends: modern, Empire, classicism. Impressive, but strict, somewhat reminiscent of a desk.
  • Corner option for small rooms.
  • Overall pompous trilage in the Baroque style.
  • Aristocratic model in the Gothic style, represents a noble restraint. Forged items are involved in the decoration.

It may seem to men that the trellis is a relic of the past, but women know how important this piece of furniture is and will prefer it to a banal nightstand and a separate hanging mirror.

See the following video for an overview of the trellis.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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