Cosmofen adhesive specifications

Sliding wardrobes, plastic windows and other interior items have long become familiar in modern apartments. Cosmofen glue is very often used in the production of furniture and metal-plastic windows. Our article is devoted to the features and advantages of this composition.


Cosmofen glue is a one-component substance, it can be used to glue a variety of materials in a few seconds.

It has the following advantages:

  • clutches very quickly;
  • resistant to humidity and cold;
  • offered at a reasonable price;
  • has a convenient dispensing cap;
  • after completion of work it is securely closed, so the glue does not harden;
  • immediately ready for use;
  • possesses the minimum expense.

It should be said about its shortcomings:

  • not suitable for elastic seams;
  • not used for surfaces that are constantly exposed to moisture;
  • Metal products should be processed before gluing.

This glue is specially designed for working with plastic windows, so it will glue this material very quickly, without problems. It is used to connect plastic pipes, when assembling PVC windows, to seal joints.

With the help of a liquid sealant, you can glue together such materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plexiglass and polyethylene;
  • rubber products;
  • tissue.

Such glue is used in the production of radio components, optics, jewelry. This polymer is successfully used in the shoe industry, in the manufacture of orthopedic shoes, leather products, medical and dental equipment. It is worth mentioning such major industries as engineering, aircraft and shipbuilding, Cosmofen applies here.

Due to its price, it can be used not only in the manufacturing sector, it is often used in everyday life.

Using this composition, you can glue any plastic surfaces, furniture, kitchen utensils. This material is suitable for the repair of shoes, it perfectly glues rubber and fabric materials, leather.

The material is non-toxic. Although it is not harmful, it is not recommended to use it for kitchenware, plates and cups, that is, those items that come into contact directly with the products. For gluing dishes it is better to take specially designed materials.

You can use glue for rubber coatings, it is suitable for quick repair of tires of a bicycle, rubber boat and wetsuit, especially if there is a small defect.

Because of its properties, this material is considered the best among analogues. It is often used in construction, it is used for suspended ceilings.

Cosmofen received good reviews in the framing workshops and in the production of furniture, as it can deal not only with plastic, but also with metal, wood, rubber and glass.

CA 12 glue is the most popular of the Cosmofen line., it is produced in small bottles (from 20 to 50 grams), which is very convenient, since you can always take it with you and apply it whenever there is a situation. CA 12 glue has an average degree of viscosity and dries in no more than 20 seconds.


Consider the technical characteristics of this material. Cosmofen is a substance with a low viscosity.Thanks to ethyl cyanoacrylate, which is part of the glue, a transparent seam can be obtained that is completely invisible to the eye, after it has completely crystallized. This seam is not afraid of temperature changes, it is resistant to precipitation. Liquid cyanoacrylate glue can be used at temperatures from +5 degrees.

As soon as the glue is applied to the surface, it hardens within a few seconds. To glue the pieces, press them together and wait 5 seconds.

The surface will be glued with maximum reliability in 14-16 hours. If you compare the time for bonding with another similar composition, it is about 24 hours.

If the air temperature is between +20 degrees, Cosmofen hardens after 16 hours. Drying time will increase if the humidity is high. The optimal moisture content for fast drying glue is 60%.

They work with the composition at different temperatures: from +5 to +80 degrees. High-temperature material has a high adhesion to the surface, it is great for bonding metal. However, when working with metal surfaces, they must first be degreased.

Instructions for use

Before you begin to use Cosmofen glue, you should read the instructions for its use, which is indicated on the bottle itself.

  1. At the initial stage of work, the surface is cleaned and degreased. To do this, suitable drugs such as Cosmofen 10 and Cosmofen 60, acetone.
  2. Glue should be dropped on a dry surface from the bottle; it can be applied to one of the parts to be joined. After applying the parts tightly pressed and held for several seconds.
  3. Details should be firmly pressed to each other to fill all cracks with glue. Cosmofen has a low viscosity, so it is difficult for them to fill gaps from 0.1 mm.
  4. If excess glue has spilled during operation, they are removed with Cosmoplast 597, if the solution is not completely dry. Scrub the dried glue can only be mechanically.

The drug Cosmofen 10 is very often used for plastic. Sometimes using it to remove stains from surfaces. The tool can perfectly clean tile and kitchen apron made of polyvinyl chloride. Before using Cosmofen 10, you should find out the plastic's resistance to this composition.

Liquid Cosmofen is very popular, it is often used when gluing plumbing parts and pipes.Due to the fact that the liquid plastic is durable, it is used for home repairs. They sell it in tubes of 200 and 500 grams in hardware stores, it can also be called Cosmofen 345.

Many factors influence the speed and effectiveness of bonding:

  • air temperature in the room;
  • humidity;
  • thickness of the applied layer;
  • surface view.

If the room is very dry air, you can put a bucket of hot water, thereby increasing the humidity in the room. After work is finished, carefully close the cap, while ensuring that its glue does not get dirty.

Storage time

It is recommended to store the glue for six months in dry rooms at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is impossible to allow direct rays of the sun falling on it, otherwise it will dry.

If you store it in a refrigerator at a temperature of about + 5-6 degrees, then its shelf life will increase to 12 months. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Safety when using

Do not forget about safety when working with this substance, as you can instantly stick your fingers or even eyelashes and eyelids in contact with glue.The work should be done in rubber gloves and glasses, so that this tool does not stick fingers to each other and fall into the eyes.

In the event that the cyanoacrylate composition is still on the skin, you should immediately wash it with a soap solution. If the glue gets into your eyes, they can not be closed!

Within a few minutes, open eyes should be kept under running water. After washing, you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist for help.

After working with glue, the room should be ventilated, as due to an allergic reaction of the body, dizziness, nausea, rash can appear on the body. If vapors are inhaled, open windows and arrange through-ventilation. The ingress of fresh air will eliminate the possibility of poisoning by harmful substances.

Cosmofen glue is an explosive substance, so gas, matches or smoking should not be set on fire in a room. It is necessary to adhere to security measures, otherwise you can harm your health.


To ensure high-quality bonding, you can use the recommendations of experts:

  • at a temperature not lower than 20 degrees of heat and humidity of 60% glue will harden much faster;
  • before gluing the aluminum surface is treated with special means, otherwise the connection will not be strong;
  • do not use the composition for products with a porous surface;
  • Cosmofen is ideal for bonding small parts;
  • Children and animals should not be in the room while working.

Cosmofen adhesive is suitable for bonding many types of materials. If we compare it with analogues, judging by consumer reviews, Krox glue is an excellent substitute, it is also used in installation work. Good reviews are left and about the composition of Done Deal, this tool is very convenient to use. It has a needle in the lid that does not allow the substance to dry out, so the tube is used many times. In addition to these brands, users emit "Contact" glue, as well as the "Super Strength" tool, it is sold along with the cleaner.

Testing glue Cosmofen you can see in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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