Choosing wood glue

In everyday life, situations often arise related to the conduct of various works with wooden surfaces and wood products of various species. In order to repair or make something yourself, it is not always appropriate to use nails or screws, so the question arises of choosing an effective tool that can be used for fasteners. Most often, the choice is in favor of glue, but not all adhesive compositions are recommended for working with wood.

Special features

Wood glue is used everywhere, but the specifics of bonding such a material is somewhat different from the connection between the surfaces of rubber or plastic. The technology of performance of these works does not assume drying or pressing of elements to each other. The tree needs a different approach, which depends on the individual characteristics of each individual breed.Today, the range of adhesives is represented on the market with a mass of various products.

But in this variety it is enough just to get confused, without understanding which products will be optimal for a given situation.

To make the right choice of composition, which will provide the most durable connection, you must consider the following factors:

  • material characteristics - the degree of adhesion, tar;
  • features of each material that will be attached - a tree with plastic or a tree with a tree;
  • the load on the glue line;
  • terms of future use of the product.

You should also consider the features of the adhesive composition, among which are:

  • bonding density level;
  • moisture resistance of products;
  • the time required for complete drying;
  • multifunctional glue;
  • bonding strength;
  • toxicity indicators of products.


Products for gluing wood has a different composition and scope. Most of the materials are positioned as universal goods, for which fasteners of wooden elements are only one of the areas of use.Other products are available as narrow-purpose compounds, so they are not intended to come into contact with other types of materials.

There are several different compositions.

  • PVA glue sometimes referred to as dispersed bonding agent.

The main characteristics of such products are:

  1. no toxicity, so that the composition can be used indoors without additional security measures;
  2. quick setting with the surface;
  3. static load of 60 kg / cm2;
  4. unlimited operating life of products;
  5. possibility of use with any surface.

The disadvantage of this glue is the method of its dilution, which is based on the addition of water, which negatively affects the reliability of fixation in rooms with a high level of humidity. To ensure high-quality bonding of elements in such glue it is recommended to add wood dust.

  • Epoxy adhesive is a two-component composition, which requires the use of mixing substances in a given ratio. Products provide a strong fixation, universal in the issue of application.Epoxy compounds are water resistant, resistant to aggressive substances and fuels and lubricants. Full hardening time depends on the thickness of the applied layer. The disadvantages of the material include the need to protect the skin and overspending, since it is impossible to calculate exactly how much a ready solution is required for surface treatment.
  • Bf - type of glue, which includes several options for the tool. For wood materials, a series of 2 and 4 is recommended. This compound has such a feature as a very fast hardening. On average, this requires 50-60 minutes, but provided that the humidity and temperature are within normal limits.

The compositions should be applied in two layers with short intervals in time. The fourth series of glue - frost-resistant products. The disadvantage of BF is the need for mandatory preliminary cleaning of a wooden surface with degreasing.

  • Heat-resistant adhesivesproduced in the form of rods. To work with such products will need a special gun. The scope of application of products mainly concerns the fastening of small parts or sealing defects in a wooden surface.
  • Joiner's adhesives. To work products need to prepare.The basis of wood glue includes organic protein, which is the main adhesive substance. It is necessary for combining various wood materials: hardboard, paper, cardboard, wood products. Natural composition ensures safe use.

The origin of the main component of carpentry is different.

Products are classified on the basis of the variety of raw materials.

  • Mezdrovy. The main component in such products is the substance that is formed during the processing of animal skin. The material can be produced in the form of flakes, tiles or powder.
  • Bone. The raw materials for it are the bones of animals. Products have an average cost. It is better to use a transparent composition, instead of the crude mixtures with impurities.
  • Casein. It is widely used in aeromodelling and shipbuilding. It is neutral to damp and forms a strong compound. To prepare the composition, you must strictly observe the proportions and time interval.
  • Fisheye. Prepared on the basis of the remains of fins and scales. The composition is considered a professional product designed for bonding surfaces with different degrees of rigidity.Glue has a rather high cost, therefore it is positioned as furniture glue and is used for the repair or restoration of expensive furniture.
  • Moisture resistant solution. It can be prepared by yourself, using hydrated lime and cottage cheese, which is not so long ago curtailed.

There is a certain technology for the manufacture of wood glue. For this dry mass is poured with water and left for 6-12 hours, so that the composition completely absorbs moisture. Then the remaining water is drained, and the mixture is heated in a water bath until the substance is completely dissolved. The cooking process requires periodic stirring. It is important to control the process so that the mixture does not boil. Applying glue is carried out strictly in the direction of the arrangement of wood fibers, then the elements are pressed against each other and fixed. The main drawback of the product is the reduction in bonding efficiency in the case of wood moisture in excess of 10%.

  • Sindetikonovy glue. It is prepared from the jointing glue with the addition of lime and powdered sugar. Products have a high level of strength of the connection elements. The adhesive is water resistant, resistant to chemicals.The disadvantage of the product is considered to be a rather long cooking process, since the mass for the solution must be kept in water for 24 hours.
  • Glue paste. It is prepared on the basis of joinery, wood ash and chalk. The material shows itself well when priming and puttying wood.
  • Polyurethane products. It is the most expensive among the above range. The material has a number of positive features. The area where the composition is applied perfectly withstands high dynamic loads.

This material is ideal for the repair of furniture, for example, for the legs of chairs, which are shaken over time. Also, the composition is highly resistant to various temperatures, moisture and solar radiation. Structures made of wood, which are operated in extreme conditions, it is better to glue it with just such a composition.

Scope of application

One- and two-component PVA adhesives are used for bonding indoor surfaces. A two-component means with a hardener can be easily purchased for work with the board, located outside the premises, - stairs, garden furniture, window or door designs.Polyurethane liquid adhesive compositions perfectly glue wood with wood, as well as ceramic tiles, plywood, metal and plastic. Products are considered ideal for oily wood. Glue-alloy creates connections without fixing with a clamp, provides connection of parts with small gaps.

Epoxy glue is recommended for work that involves sticking wood with wood. Products well fills the gaps, creates a waterproof connection.

Contact composition forms an elastic seam, resistant to mechanical stress. Glue provides a reliable fixation of textiles in the manufacture of upholstered furniture and gluing large plastic parts on wood.

Superglue is used most often at home, as it relates to quick-drying compounds. However, besides this, it is widely used for wood. It is indispensable for fastening small wooden elements and intermediate fixation of parts. The composition is recommended for sealing cracks on wooden surfaces, as well as it can be used to repair the cutting kitchen board with your own hands.

Bone glue is an ideal product for works with antique furniture.

How to use?

Each type of wood glue involves the observance of individual rules that affect the scope of application.

Common methods include:

  • the need to clean work surfaces before applying the composition;
  • holding the test assembly without the use of glue.

Since the parts that do not come out to press each other when exerting a small pressure, it will not work to glue. Already connected parts with a composition need to be fixed with clamps until the material is completely dry. On average, the freezing of products occurs in a day. Glue, as a tool for fixing wooden elements between each other, is an old and very effective variant, which has repeatedly strengthened its properties thanks to the latest technological developments. Any products contain detailed instructions on the application on the packaging.


On the market, wood glue is represented by a large variety of well-known brands. The leaders in this segment are Moment, Titebond and Titan.

Titebond manufactured by Franklin International. Products are recommended for furniture made of plywood, outdoor wood surfaces, as well as other types of work with wood. The composition does not include solvents, and the main components are natural and synthetic polymers. This feature provides good adhesion surfaces with each other.

There is a series of compositions Titebond II Premiumwhich is in great demand for work on the production of doors and windows. The composition has a high level of moisture resistance, therefore, perfectly manifests itself during operation on the street. Quite often, a similar means is used to decorate a wooden facade with various elements.

Company Henkel popular for its products "Moment Super PVA D3". It is used for industrial purposes, as well as in everyday life for gluing cardboard, paper or plywood. Waterproof PVA glue acts as an additive in concrete solutions, thereby increasing the plasticity of the finished mass. Formulations D4 indicate a high grade regarding water resistance of products. Such funds are positioned as special-purpose goods, therefore, they are distinguished by a high price.

"Moment Joiner" - the best Russian glue, which is a water dispersion, perfectly gluing any wood species, as well as building materials. Professional carpenters note its fast drying, availability and durability.

"Universal Titan" recommended for bonding plastic, glass and wood. Such a quick-drying glue quickly gains strength, becomes colorless, and therefore is considered an excellent option for working with wood and wood-containing materials.

Joiner's glue "Second" firmly glues cardboard, leatherette, wood, chipboard and fabric. It can be used for fixing various combinations of materials and products. Adhesive substance is popular in the repair of furniture, as well as during the installation of flooring. The composition is odorless, therefore it is allowed to operate in closed rooms.


Buying a glue solution for wood, you must consider the following nuances:

  • If you hold the bonding of elements forever, then you should pay attention to the synthetic compositions. For parts that may further require disassembly, it is better to buy a bone or casein product.
  • Light wood species do not need to be glued together with casein glues, because over time the seams will darken, and the “Joiner” composition, which will acquire the same shade as the work surface, will be ideal for such works.
  • When buying a PVA, you need to check its consistency. If it is too liquid or, conversely, is very thick, it means that the products were subjected to supercooling during transportation or storage. As a result, it is guaranteed to lose its properties.

    To choose high-quality glue, you need to take into account the scope and specificity of the upcoming work. For example, for applying the composition to a large area it is worth choosing powder products, since it costs several times less. It is imperative to study the qualitative characteristics of the composition, choosing products based on the most appropriate physical characteristics of the product.

    It will not be superfluous to first consult with a specialist, since most of the professionals select the composition by experience, and the information on the packaging and customer reviews will help you make the right choice among the products of domestic and foreign manufacturers of wood adhesive compounds.

    For how to choose wood glue, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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