Glue "Moment Gel": description and application

 Clay Moment Gel: description and application

Moment Gel Crystal Transparent Adhesive belongs to a contact variety of fixation materials. In its manufacture, the manufacturer adds polyurethane ingredients to the composition and packs the mixture into tubes (30 ml), cans (750 ml) and cans (10 l). The density parameter of a substance varies in the range of 0.87–0.89 grams per cubic centimeter.

Positive aspects and features of the composition

The advantages of the produced glue are represented by the crystallization of a hardening joint, which improves the strength of adhesion to the treated surface.With prolonged exposure to non-aggressive alkalis and acids, preservation of the operational properties of the applied composition is observed. Transparent all-purpose adhesive "Moment Gel Crystal" resists the negative effects of negative temperatures and is freely stored for up to two years.

The appearance of this possibility is generated by the temperature of the room, varying from twenty degrees of frost to thirty degrees of heat. If the heated air contains a small percentage of moisture, crystallization reactions are accelerated. The cold slows down the evaporation of solvents, prolonging the period of polymerization of the substance. The hardened material forms a durable transparent film layer. It blocks the path of moisture, trying to penetrate into the structure of the repaired product.

The time of complete curing of the film coating reaches a maximum of three days, and the repaired product is allowed to use one day after fixing the parts. Restoration of the original consistency and performance properties of the frozen mixture takes place at room temperature. The relatively high coefficient of adhesive strength provided by the manufacturer allowssubject the repaired item immediately to further processing operations.

It has basically only positive reviews and a detailed description on the package. Available in containers of 30 ml and 125 ml.

Areas of use

Contact adhesive is used in cases when you need to quickly repair damaged items. Its substance is perfectly combined with various types of plastic materials. They also stick together porcelain, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, rubber surfaces.

The substance, applied with careful implementation of the instructions, firmly holds the plexiglass, cork wood and foam sheets together.

It helps to splice cloths of textiles, cardboard and paper. The considered type of Moment moment adhesive is incompatible with polyethylene and polypropylene. It is also forbidden to glue pieces of broken dishes for cooking and storing food.

Precautionary measures

Because of the presence of toxic components, experts recommend applying the adhesive composition in a very carefully ventilated or ventilated room.Fulfillment of this condition reduces the likelihood of poisoning of the body by evaporation accumulating in space. If the master ignores such precautions, when inhaling the evaporated ingredients, he has bouts of hallucinations, dizziness, vomiting, nausea.

Contact with material on the skin of the hands is prevented by putting on special mittens. Eyes must be covered with special glasses. In the absence of the listed remedies, the hands and organs of vision soiled with glue are thoroughly washed with water.

Due to the low self-ignition temperature, the material must be kept away from open flame sources.

In between use of a tube, a jar or canister with the substance should be tightly sealed. This will prevent crystallization, which becomes the cause of the irreversible disappearance of the properties of the adhesive.

The use of transparent glue "Moment Gel Crystal"

The instruction manual for the adhesive mixture offers to free the parts of the product being repaired from adhering dirt, as well as to completely eliminate the detected fat spots.Then it is necessary to treat the connected elements with contact glue and leave them for five or ten minutes at room temperature. After one hour, the process of forming a perfectly visible film begins. Bonding porous materials causes an increased amount of substance to be applied.

To improve the coefficient of fixation, it is recommended to make a uniform coating on both sides of the object.

When the transparent waterproof glue "Moment Gel Crystal" ceases to stick to the fingers, it is allowed to connect the surfaces with each other. Such an action is accompanied by the utmost care, since after the final hardening of the film, the possibility of safely correcting erroneous operations disappears.

The fixing surfaces of the repaired object are pressed against each other with pressure, the minimum parameter of which exceeds 0.5 newton per square millimeter. The adhesion strength decreases due to the occurrence of air-filled voids. To prevent this trouble, the details of the object must be pressed tightly from the center to the edges.The latter are carefully fixed among themselves in order to improve the reliability of fastening.

The last stages of work

Instruments and surfaces are freed from residues of the used substance by means intended for diluting paints and varnishes. Fresh stains of the transparent composition “Moment Gel Crystal” are eliminated with a fabric that has been pre-impregnated with gasoline. Dry stains are removed from the surface of textile fabrics by dry cleaning.

The remaining compatible materials are treated with an effective paint stripper. All the above information is based on information obtained after testing the adhesive composition.

Due to the existence of a variety of methods and conditions of use, it is recommended to test the purchased glue to achieve a positive result.

Video review glue "Moment Gel", see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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