Glue Plitonit C: purpose and properties

 Glue Plitonit C: purpose and properties

Today in the construction market you can find a large number of various products, including glue. Well-known company Plitonit produces a variety of types of glue, which are designed for tiles, marble and more. Today we will talk about Plitinit C products, the advantages of the material and its properties.

Special features

Specialists of the construction business speak very positively about the products of the brand Plitonit C. This product can be considered universal, since it is excellent for laying almost all types of facing materials. It can be ceramic tiles for wall or floor installation, marble, natural and artificial stone and other materials. In addition, this glue is often used during the installation of the so-called underfloor heating and during the finishing of the pools.

Glue from the company Plitonit perfectly manifests itself during installation.The special composition of the material allows it to be frost-resistant and water-resistant.

It is important to note that, due to its plasticity, the glue does not allow the tile to creep during laying. This means that you can safely carry out even vertical laying from top to bottom and the result will be perfect.

Unlike other mixtures, during the lining works, this glue does not allow the ceramic surface to strongly settle, which allows the installation to be carried out as correctly and efficiently as possible.

It is also important to note that this glue can be used even for work with a complex surface, for example, painted or with the remnants of a particular floor covering. The mixture dries quite quickly, so during the installation it is recommended to take into account the fact that you will have only half an hour to make an adjustment.

The diluted solution should be used within the next four hours, after that it will start losing its properties, and the final work will not be of high quality.

And after a day, you can safely begin to grout and even use the surface, that is, you can walk on the tile without fear.

If this type of mixture was used exclusively during the laying of a heated floor, then the system can be started only after three days. If you decide to check the effect of the warm floor earlier, then the work will be spoiled. Durability from the repair done will not have to wait.


It is important to note that the products of the brand Plitonit C can be different. In the hardware store you can find three different types of this glue.

In order to make the right choice, be sure to pay attention to the purpose, technical characteristics and properties of the mixture.

  • Products marked "light" it has low consumption during work and is excellent for facing any complex surfaces. In addition, thanks to this glue, you can work with absolutely any tile. This type of product has excellent adhesion, is economical to use, it is very easy to work with. It is worth noting that, unlike mixtures with a different composition, this product allows you to save up to forty percent. Such an economical expense attracts many builders and finishers.
  • Glue, on the packaging of which there are no symbols, that is, just Plitonit C, ideal for working with the most complex surfaces. This may be a surface that has been painted with alkaline paint, consisting of cement tiles, lined with old tiles, etc. This product is a universal option for any type of tile, underfloor heating, or swimming pool.
  • Glue with a mark "marble" ideal not only for a variety of tiles made of this stone, but also for mosaics. As a rule, this composition has a white color, which makes it easy to use even while working with glass tiles. After completion of the work, this mixture does not form any plaque and does not change the color of the laid tile. Clay is plastic, it is easy and pleasant to work with it. Experts recommend using this product during laying of the floor and for decorating the pools.

All categories of products manufactured under the brand name Plitonit C, have high technical and operational properties, thanks to which the work will be done qualitatively.


    If you are planning to work with this mixture in the near future, then you probably will need some small recommendations and tips on its use.

    • Diluting the mixture must be strictly according to the instructions that are on each package.During work, do not forget to periodically mix the composition for better quality of work and adhesion to the treated surface.
    • It is important to remember that the dry mixture is introduced gradually into clean, previously prepared water, and not vice versa.
    • Before applying this mixture, it is recommended to prime the surface with a special compound from the same manufacturer. This will allow for better finishing work.
    • Do not immediately apply glue to a large area of ​​the prepared surface, since you will have only thirty minutes to lay the tile.
    • If there is a draft or increased humidity in the room, the correction time is reduced by a factor of two.
    • If you have applied too much of the mixture to the surface, and it has already begun to become crusted, it is recommended to remove the mixture and apply a new one.

    Clay Plitonit C receives a lot of positive feedback from customers who have already appreciated its quality. Note the availability of the material, high performance, ease of use and durability.

    You can find out more information about Plitonit C glue in the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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