How to choose glue titan?

 How to choose glue titan?

Titan glue is an effective composition that is very popular and is actively used in the construction industry. There are several varieties of this adhesive substance, which are used in almost all construction works.


The formula of glue has universal properties.

  • The peculiarity of this composition is that it perfectly “works” with the main materials used in construction, namely with plaster, plaster and concrete.
  • This composition is actively used when installing PVC plates on ceilings and walls.
  • Glue perfectly transfers large loads, it has a good coefficient of elasticity, it does not become brittle after hardening.
  • It can be used at high humidity and high temperature.
  • It dries in a short time, and consumption is economical.

Titan adhesive works well with materials such as:

  • leather;
  • paper;
  • clay;
  • wood elements;
  • linoleum;
  • plastic.

The price for Titan glue of various modifications is as follows:

  • Wild 0,25l / 97 costs about 34 rubles;
  • Euroline No. 601 to 426 g - from 75 to 85 rubles;
Euroline №601
  • universal 0.25l - 37 rubles;
  • Titan 1 liter - 132 rubles;
  • Titan S 0,25 ml - 50 rubles.
Titan s

The important point is that glue is not “fonite”, it is safe from the point of view of ecology, it does not generate chemical compounds harmful to human health. The adhesive is applied in a thin layer through a special device, it dries within 60 minutes and the joint is almost imperceptible. For tilers, for example, who assemble ceiling blocks, Titan glue is a great help in their work.

You can often find this adhesive composition when performing the following types of work:

  • installation of drywall;
  • decor PVC plates;
  • installation of skirting boards on the ceiling and floor;
  • sealing joints;
  • roof insulation

There are a number of varieties of Titan glue.

  • Titan wild It is a particularly popular moisture-resistant option that perfectly tolerates temperature changes, dries quickly, and provides strong connections.Often it is also mixed with denatured alcohol, using as a primer.
  • Titan sm it is effective at installation of PVC of plates, especially it belongs to extruded expanded polystyrene. It is available in 0.5 liter packs. Often, Titan SM is used for installation of mosaic, parquet, linoleum, ceramics and wood.
  • Classic fix - it is a universal glue that can work in large temperature ranges (from -35 to +65 degrees). He dries for two days. The finished substance is a transparent seam. It is forbidden to use the composition for PVC plates and foam rubber.
Titan wild
Classic fix
Titan sm
  • Styro 753 - It is a substance that is intended for PVC plates. It is characterized by low consumption, one package is enough for 8.2 square meters. It is ideal for the installation of facade heat plates, interacts well with basic building materials, such as metal, concrete, brick, and has antiseptic qualities.
  • Heat resistant mastic Titan Professional 901 liquid nails have versatile properties. It is suitable for work with all materials, it is especially widely used in outdoor floor work. It does not absorb moisture. Its cost ranges from 170 rubles per pack of 375 g.Glue Titan Professional 901 - this is one of the most popular compositions, which is suitable for items such as profiles, plastic and metal panels, baseboards, chipboard, trim, moldings. It has good resistance to moisture and temperature variations.
Styro 753
Titan Professional 901
  • Titan Professional (Metal) - These are liquid nails that are suitable for gluing mirrors. When packing 315 g, the cost of production is 185 rubles.
  • Titan Professional (Express) suitable for work with ceramics, wood and stone elements. You can handle this composition plinths, baguettes and trim. It is characterized by fast setting. The cost ranges from 140 to 180 rubles for packing 315 g.
Titan Professional (Metal)
Titan Professional (Express)
  • Titan Professional (Hydro Fix) It is based on acrylic, it has excellent water dispersion characteristics. It is colorless, resistant to high and low temperatures. A tube of 315 g costs 155 rubles.
  • Titan Professional (Multi Fix) has universal properties, good glues glass and mirrors. It is colorless. Its packaging is 295 g at a price of 300 rubles. Glue is also produced in 250 ml vessels.
Titan Professional (Hydro Fix)
Titan Professional (Multi Fix)


Titan Polymer All-Purpose Adhesive has excellent adhesion.It actively interacts with basic building materials, is resistant to high temperatures and sunlight, has good elasticity, dries quickly.

The substance does not contain toxins, so using Titan glue is easy and safe.

The main characteristics of Titan glue are as follows:

  • environmental Safety;
  • good thickening;
  • high adhesion coefficient;
  • short setting time;
  • good resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high transparency;
  • versatility.

Instructions for use

Work with glue occurs in sealed rooms without the presence of active air exchange. Such requirements are necessary, because they provide a guarantee that bonding will be complete. The instructions attached to the product, says about the optimal use of Russian glue Titan. Various modifications of Titan glue make it possible to choose the composition that is necessary for a particular job.

Glue is consumed economically, so one package can successfully replace many other formulations.

Before using it is recommended to carefully read the instructions, in which there are recommendations such as:

  • it is applied only on the degreased plane;
  • the layer should be even and thin;
  • after application, it is recommended to wait five minutes until the glue dries, only then to join the surface;
  • At least two layers of glue should be applied to the porous surface;
  • dilute the adhesive composition to the desired thickness using a solvent;
  • For ceiling installation, Titan is used in a dotted or dashed manner, which makes it more economical to use.

Before starting work, the ceiling plane is carefully prepared, without this stage it will be impossible to get quality results. The ceiling must be flat, without obvious drops or defects, otherwise the material cannot be well attached. If there is a drop of 1 cm per 1 square. meter, it is recommended to think about other types of finishes, such as suspended ceiling or drywall.

It is often impossible to remove old paint or plaster from the ceiling. In this case, the seams between the plates are sealed with cement mortar. The plane is treated with a good primer, for example, Aquastop or Betakontakt. If the substance is too thick, add white spirit to it to better dissolve it.Primer layer will provide better adhesion of the adhesive to the surface.

If Titan has thickened, then it is best to dilute it with white spirit or alcohol. Well-diluted composition penetrates the surface micropores better. The seams usually dry longer, which should be considered. It takes at least a day for the seam to harden well. The area is treated with an adhesive with a spatula.

It is important that the layer is not thick and is distributed evenly over the surface.

Within a few seconds after application, the tile is pressed against the ceiling, after which there is some time to trim it, if necessary. At removal of the remains of glue use the old rag usually moistened in water. While the glue is “fresh”, it is easy to clean it, there is also a chance to clean clothes without any consequences. It is worth noting that the shelf life of the adhesive is one and a half years.

While working with this compound, you should use glasses, gloves and closed working clothes.


Reviews of similar adhesive compositions Titan is no worse, the differences are only in price.

It is worth listing some items that have similar performance characteristics.



"Monolith" universal waterproof extra strong 40 ml

Inter Globus Sp. z o. o

Universal Moment, 130 ml


Express "Assembly" liquid nails Moment, 130 g


Express "Assembly" liquid nails Moment, 25 0g


Second Super Moment, 5g


Rubber grade A, 55ml


Universal "Crystal" Moment clear, 35 ml


Moment gel universal, 35 ml


PVA-M for paper, cardboard, 90 g

PC chemical plant "Beam"

Glue set: super (5 pieces x 1,5 g), universal (1 pieces x 30 ml)

Best Price LLC

Glue "Titan" can be made by hand, this requires the following components:

  • water one liter (preferably distilled);
  • gelatin 5 g;
  • glycerin 5 g;
  • fine flour (wheat) 10 g;
  • alcohol 96% 20 g

Before mixing, gelatin is soaked for 24 hours. Then the container is placed in a water bath, flour and gelatin are gradually added to it. The substance is boiled, then alcohol and glycerin are gradually added. The resulting substance takes time to take place and cool.

If everything is done correctly, the adhesive composition will not be inferior to the factory.

You can learn how to glue the ceiling tile with your own hands by watching the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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