We select the curtains under the lilac wallpaper

Purple wallpapers are not only a trendy trend today, but also an opportunity to bring some spring and freshness into the interior of the room. To pick up curtains for such wallpaper means to choose a color scale and decide on the texture of the fabric.

Color spectrum

Pick up the curtains to the lilac wallpaper is not easy, but possible. Designers recommend using different techniques for choosing colors.

Dominant purple

It can be a combination of tone to tone, rather rare, or a combination of different shades of purple.

The combination of tone to tone - especially a good choice for small rooms. Contrasts will only create a feeling of being cramped, but transparent monophonic shades (pale lilac, lavender) will expand the space. The room will look elegant and fresh.

You can use different shades of purple: from dark to light lilac. Depending on the shade of the wallpaper, the curtains can be chosen to tone lighter or, on the contrary, to tone darker. Successfully entering the purple patterned curtains. This gives the overall interior lightness and elegance. Multi-layer combination is another successful design technique. Rich purple is good for large rooms, living rooms.

Lighter, subdued colors — for small rooms, such as a small bedroom or kitchen.

Purple with white

White color is a favorite of sleeping interiors. White portiere perfectly suited to pale lilac wallpaper. Successfully combination of "white-lilac" and for the kitchen. Neutral shades, in addition to white, can be gray, silver, light blue. They are designed to balance the purple, to make the interior more calm and harmonious.

Contrast combinations

Depending on what shade of purple you choose for wallpaper - warm, neutral or cold, we will select a contrasting color for curtains.

Purple (warm shade of pink) goes well with yellow-green curtains. Additional shades - turquoise and peach. Juicy shades of curtains, warm yellow, orange, coral color will help add heat to the interior of a dark room, if the windows overlook the non-solar side. Raspberry tulle is perfect for warm shades of purple wallpaper.

Lavender (neutral, grayish-purple) is combined with lemon yellow. Additional shades - beige and emerald.

Plum and violet (cold shade) perfectly contrasted with yellow-orange, beige color. Additional colors - coral, light green and blue. Cold shades of purple are great to use in a room with windows facing the south side, where there is a lot of sun. Often use cold purple when choosing a classic design with elements of silver and golden colors (in the decor).

We select texture

There are also several useful techniques, in addition to the color combination, creating comfort in the room.

  • If the room is plastered with frosted wallpaper, then they come up with shiny curtains.
  • If the color of the curtains is saturated, then the texture of the curtains is preferably transparent.
  • Excellent combination of Svagov and metal mold with a strict vertical drapery in the room with plain purple wallpaper.
  • The smaller the room, the easier it should be curtains.It is better to refuse ryusa, lambrequins and edgings in the case when the curtains are designed for a small room. And, accordingly, the smaller the room, the smaller the pattern.

Use in the interior

For different rooms there should be a different approach to the combination of curtains and wallpaper.


Perfect for the bedroom monochrome colors (tone to tone or shades of purple from dark to pale lilac). Light walls are perfect to combine with curtains of dark in tone and bright decor (pillows, bedspreads, etc.).

For purple wallpaper with patterns or floral ornaments fit purple monochromatic curtains. And, on the contrary, if the wallpaper is without a pattern, then to avoid fading, you can choose curtains to match, but with a complex texture. These can be patterns, lambrequins or edges.

Bedroom can also be made in contrasting shades., but it is important not to overdo it with bright colors, because the main purpose of a bedroom is rest and comfort. Pale lilac walls can be combined with lemon yellow curtains, purple - with green yellow, peach curtains.

Textured wallpaper with patterns, combined with lighter and monotonous curtains.For purple wallpaper with floral motifs fit thick curtains. The bedroom looks great floral and geometric patterns with traced details.

If you prefer classics in the interior, then the geometric pattern is a great choice. In small and narrow rooms it is better to give preference to smaller patterns.

Living room

Depending on what purpose you are pursuing, the following types of curtains can be used in the living room.

Monochrome fabrics using combined curtains and edge curtains will emphasize sophistication and create a luxurious interior. Soft drapery with folds, assembling backstage, folds, festoons will defuse the design, make the interior more interesting.

Curtains in the Viennese and Italian style, combined with light pale-lilac wallpaper will create a feeling of lightness and sophistication. Using a combination of blue and crimson tulle, you can visually increase the size of the room. Simple blackout curtains combined with white tulle are also suitable for the living room.

Contrasting combinations in the living room, polychrome range will make the interior of the living room more dynamic and modern.Lilac here can be combined not only with white, beige, yellow, but also with emerald, blue, peach.

The matching intensity of shades also looks advantageous - saturated dark wallpapers “allow” bright curtains. The spacious rooms are perfectly combined pale lilac wallpaper with dark purple curtains.

The minimalistic design of the living room and the classic is a combination of lilac and white. For Provence style, lavender wallpapers are often combined with cold blue, blue or lemon curtains of transparent fabrics, with or without patterns.


For kitchen interiors suitable as silk curtains, and cotton drapes or transparent tulle combined with purple wallpaper colors. It all depends on the style in which the kitchen is sustained and the size of the room. If the kitchen is small, then light curtains are the best choice because they visually expand the space.

For a modern high-tech kitchen, a combination of violet color schemes with white, gray or silver color will suit. Neutral shades balance the expressive purple.


As a rule, purple wallpaper in the children's room is combined with light white curtains.

Contrast curtains are a different combination. A warm range of shades of curtains will add warmth to the nursery and make the interior more sunny.

Lavender wallpapers - a frequent choice for a children's room in the style of Provence. Curtains can be transparent or from simple dense fabric of white, beige, olive, blue color. Warm violet purple shades go well with pink curtains, so often this combination is used for the interior of a nursery for a girl.

On how to pick up the curtains under the lilac wallpaper, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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