Quick-drying tile adhesive: subtleties of choice

Ceramic tile is one of the most difficult to install facing materials. To fix it to the wall or floor, use special varieties of glue. This product has the composition and properties that increase the level of adhesion and allow you to keep the tile on the plane with high quality, not allowing it to move away from the main surface. Quick-drying glue is needed when work needs to be done on a tight schedule. Such a glue will be needed by those who like to save their time.

What is better to put?

For decades, there was no such question - everyone used a mixture of cement and sand. The composition is durable, but extremely uncomfortable. The time of its solidification is large, so often the tiles can slip, forming irregularities. When using a DSP, long surface preparation for future work is necessary.

The use of glue facilitates the task: You can immediately glue the tile to the surface.The adhesive is similar in composition to the cement-sand mixture, but it contains a certain number of modifiers and special additives. Its main advantage is the correct observance of proportions when creating an adhesive solution.

Advantages of glue over the old DSP are:

  • low hydrophobicity;
  • frost resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • plasticity;
  • durability;
  • high adhesion;
  • speed of hardening.

Glue selection

There are certain factors and parameters that will help you choose the glue you need.

These include:

  • the speed and professionalism of the worker;
  • working and operating conditions;
  • appointment by type of surface;
  • adjustment speed;
  • the possibility of dismantling or correction in case of improper installation;
  • type of mixture;
  • mixture consumption;
  • necessary layer of glue;
  • application method;
  • adhesive characteristics;
  • kind of tile.

All the necessary data you can read on the package. There is also a manual and description of all the features of this type of glue. Failure to follow the rules of mixing and shelf life may lead to a poor final result of the lining.

Characteristics of quick-drying glue

The quick-drying varieties include those types of glue that allow you to do all the work of laying tile and grouting in one light day.

Also to the pluses include:

  • high degree of adhesion with different surfaces;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ability to withstand temperature amplitudes.

Acceleration of the hardening process is achieved through special polymers that are added to the composition. This type allows you to work with tiles and natural stone.

The peculiarities of working with quick-hardening composition include:

  • preparation of the surface, its purification from dirt and dust;
  • preparation of batches in small volumes;
  • the need to work with special glasses and gloves;
  • work only at positive temperatures.

When comparing the rate of hardening of conventional glue and quick-drying glue, it can be concluded that the work time is reduced by two to three times or more when using a quick-drying glue. The time of primary freezing differs by 12-15 times, which is noticeable when working.

Also affect the speed of setting:

  • the nature of the foundation of the floor;
  • size of each item;
  • adhesive thickness

Popular brands

Modern construction market offers a lot of varieties of tile adhesives. The best of them are several:

Ceresit CM 14

The main representative of fast-setting glue in the domestic market.

Main properties:

  • fast setting;
  • grouting can be done within 180-200 minutes;
  • water resistant;
  • suitable for a wide range of works and operating conditions;
  • high-tech;
  • environmentally friendly.

Ceresit CM 14 is used for accelerated laying of ceramic tiles on non-deformable substrates. It can be used only at positive temperatures and relative humidity not higher than 55%. In addition to Ceresit CM 14, you can use a plasticizer created by the same company, which allows it to be used on any surfaces (even cellular and porous). Shelf life is 12 months.


The main representative of the quick-hardening glue. This product consists of cement, mineral sand and polymers. Used for laying ceramic tiles and stones on flat surfaces. Resistant to temperature, water.

Packed in 25 kg bags. Stored for 12 months with the integrity of the package.Use at low working temperatures (from 0 to +10 degrees) is possible. When using KNAUF-Shnelkleber it is not necessary to moisten a tile. The seams can be rubbed after 3 - 4 hours.


Quick-setting glue for ceramic tiles, which are produced in Germany. It has moisture, water and frost resistance. Due to the absence of a large number of polymers, the hardening time is slightly longer than that of other fast-drying analogs, and much faster than conventional tile glue.

About what consistency should be glue for laying tiles, look in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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