Ceradim tiles: characteristics and design

In the domestic market there is a fairly large selection of ceramic tiles. Among such a range of products in high demand, manufactured under the brand Ceradim. Let's talk about what this tile is, what are its characteristics and features.

About the manufacturer

Ceradim is a Russian company that produces ceramic facing materials for floors and walls. It has been manufacturing its products since 2012 and has already grown fond of Russian buyers. But in Russia only the basic part of the elements is produced, decorative elements, panels, friezes and borders are made in Spain.

Ceradim company manufactures its products mainly for the Russian buyer., based on his preferences and desires, given the financial possibilities.


Ceradim ceramic tiles have several advantages:

  • Products are pretty high quality. It meets all standards applicable to these products in the Russian Federation and Europe.
  • Ceradim tiles have a wide range of colors, everyone can choose the lining to their liking.
  • High quality 3D printing is applied on the tile. It does not wash off and does not lose its appearance, even after decades.
  • You can choose not only the basic lining, but also to buy decorative elements, borders, panels, making your room original, divide it into zones.
  • The cost of production is much lower than imported analogues.

The disadvantages of the Ceradim tile include the fact that it is a cold coating, and if you lay it, for example, on the kitchen floor, it is better to provide a heating system “warm floor”.


Ceramic tile Ceradim is available in two types:

  • Wall mounted.
  • Outdoor.

Judging by the names, it is immediately clear that the wall tile is designed for the decoration of the walls of the dwelling, and the floor tile is laid on the floor.

These species have a number of differences:

  • Floor tiles are thicker than wall tiles. The second version of the cladding material is not designed for increased loads, which give the furniture and weight of a person and simply can not withstand them and crack.
  • The floor tile has a higher sliding class.It is no secret that most of the injuries in the bathroom are due to slippery flooring. Therefore, Ceradim produces this facing material, which does not become slippery when wet, and ensures your safety.
  • The floor tile has a large thickness of the glazed layer, which increases its wear resistance, allows not to lose the appearance, even after years, despite the fact that you constantly walk on it. Also, an enamel enlarged layer helps to prevent various objects from chipping when various objects fall onto the tile.
  • The base wall tile has a size of 25x45 cm, floor - 33x33 cm.


Ceradim tile has a huge range of products, which is divided into more than 40 collections. Among them is the basic series with universal elements. They can be chosen for the decor of any product line. The remaining collections are clearly divided by purpose for the kitchen and bathroom.

In the product lines intended for the bathroom, three themes are clearly visible:


Here you will find a huge number of floral motifs:

  • So, the Amoria series offers to decorate the walls with delicate lilies and chrysanthemums.
  • Line Anemonas help create a panel with a picture of a bouquet of tulips.
  • The Cascade collection will simulate a waterfall in your bathroom, falling in the wild thickets of flowers.
  • Chocolate series will offer a striped tile in brown with buds, highlighted only by a shade.
  • Flora and Forest series offer to decorate the bathroom wall in the form of a river bank at the flower field or the edge of the forest.
  • The Florito collection will create mosaic flowers on your wall.
  • Frescura line offers to decorate the bathroom walls with orchid petals.
  • The Kristi series proposes to put on the walls of your bathroom white-green dahlias - it looks quite original.
  • Floral motifs Lata in beige and brown tones will help to visually warm the bathroom space, add comfort to it.
  • Lola collection offers to decorate the bathroom interior in purple tones. This is a rather difficult decision, but the result will be at its best. A gentle primroses will help make your bathroom a highlight of the entire home.


  • Here, the Nube series proposes to choose the design of the wall in the form of a sea smooth surface in calm or a moving sea, or surf on the sandy shore. You can create a picture of the sea coast from these elements.
  • Corals collection will create a panel with fish, corals, the image of the seabed.
  • A drop of water in the Drop product line is fascinating, for good reason they say that you can always look at how water flows.
  • The Ocean collection contains several types of decorative elements: a sailboat, sailing through the waves, dolphins jumping out of the water, a turtle that swims in the water column, a paradise island. In this case, the panel can be combined, thereby creating a picture on the entire wall.

"Oriental compositions"

  • Here the main collection is the Stones, which includes several decorative elements. Their main pattern is a pyramid of pebbles.
  • The Spa line also has stones designed for stone therapy in its design. They are complemented by floral motifs and drops of pure water.
  • This also can be attributed, and a series of Candles, with the image of candles. This panel will add romance to the decor of the bathroom.
  • On the tile, intended for a kitchen apron, still lifes and fruit compositions are used.
  • The Fresa collection of cups and strawberries, Modern, in which cutlery is used in the design, Mojito, depicting lime, mint, strawberry pieces, made in green shades, are intended for the kitchen.

In addition, the collections of tiles Ceradim tile with a classic ornament. These include the series Clasico, Lucido, Pattern, Princesse. Dante, Fantasy, Infinity collections offer to decorate rooms with the help of a tile with a geometric pattern.

Cost of

The cost of Ceradim tile is quite affordable.

Thus, samples of the universal series will cost you 750 rubles per square meter. m, decorative items will cost about 800 rubles. per piece, curbs - about 350 rubles. per piece


The opinion that buyers have about ceradim ceramic tile is rather ambiguous. Many praise her for a large variety of design options, low cost, the ability to combine tiles from different collections. But in the reviews of professional tilers, there are often negative reviews about the shape of the tile, the difference in the size of the elements, the discrepancy between the tiles and the color in different batches.

How to choose a ceramic tile, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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