Cersanit tiles: benefits and collections

Cersanit is a well-known brand in the ceramic industry, whose name is a derivative of the two words Polish "ceramika" and "sanitarna". As the name suggests, the company is located in Poland. It was created relatively recently - at the end of the twentieth century. She came to Russia in 2010, buying out the production capacity of a ceramic factory in Syzran.

Today the company is among the world leaders in the production of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and various plumbing.

Special features

Today, Cersanit has twelve modernly equipped production lines. The Russian factory "Cersanit RU LLC" is a subsidiary of the Polish company Cersanit, which, in turn, is part of the industrial group "Rovese".A feature of the Cersanit brand, which favorably distinguishes it from its competitors, is that the company, along with facing materials, also produces sanitary equipment, thus making its customers a comprehensive offer and eliminating the need to choose sanitary fittings that match the bathroom's style and color.

Most of the Cersanit products, including ceramic tiles, are the result of applying the latest technologies and design and technical solutions of the company's employees. So, high operational characteristics are provided, and inquiries of the most exacting consumers are satisfied. Ceramic tile Cersanit is made of stone powder and clay of red varieties.

In the process of its production, two technologies of processing the source material are used:

  • With a single firing (monocottura). With this method, the raw material is first pressed, then dried, the application of the glazed layer and, finally, calcined;
  • With double roasting (bikottura). This method involves first firing the compacted starting material, then applying the glazed layer, and then another firing.

Now the company produces over twenty collections of ceramics for the floor and over a hundred tile options for wall cladding in matte and glossy designs. The high quality of Cersanit ceramics is confirmed by numerous awards: “National Quality Mark”, “Laurel branch of the consumer”, Superbrand, PremiumBrend and others. All products of the company are recognized as safe for human health, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

The advantages of facing ceramic material for Cersanit floor are:

  • resistance to shock, as well as other mechanical loads;
  • resistance to sudden temperature changes in the environment;
  • high degree of wear resistance. Over time, the tile does not abrade, does not lose color, does not collapse;
  • high degree of resistance to moisture;
  • safety, that is, the tile practically does not slip;
  • long service life;
  • ease of care and resistance to various detergents.

Wall ceramic tiles feature:

  • increased strength characteristics;
  • wear resistance. This tile is used for interior decoration inside and outside;
  • ease and simplicity of laying;
  • chemical resistance;
  • a wide range of models and collections;
  • low cost


The Cersanit catalog contains 191 collections of cladding materials, among which you can find tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics, panels, and decorative elements.

  • Wave Dolphins. The facing material from this collection in blue and white colors with texture in the form of waves and a panel with the image of dolphins can fill any bathroom room with the cleanness and freshness of the ocean.
  • Wave Roses. A collection of romantic style. The tile for walls is presented in two versions: a tile imitating the pattern of natural stone in beige and white shades, and cladding with a pattern of waves. The decorative elements of this collection with the image of pink roses are especially elegant. Their use in the interior can fill the bathroom with a special romantic mood.
  • Sunrise. The series is represented by glazed facing material. The main tile has the texture of textiles with embossed small stripes, which looks very good on light terracotta and white backgrounds. Using all the elements of the collection, you can easily create a sunset atmosphere at the seaside in the bathroom.
  • Spring. The motto of the collection can be considered tenderness and refinement. The basic elements of the series are made in light beige shades with a pattern resembling marble. On decorative panels - blooming buds in pink tones. With the help of materials from this collection, you can create a space filled with the freshness of spring, which will contribute to a quick awakening and mood for a good day.
  • Alrami. New collection in classic style. The main elements are white smooth and textured tiles with a relief in the form of small cones. The collection is complemented by decors with an ornament that resembles a chintz fabric, thanks to which an extremely laconic, but at the same time, original design is created in the bathroom.
  • Flora. A sample of luxury tiles that mimic natural materials. The name of the collection fully describes its content. Facing with the use of such material will make the interior elegant and elegant. The main colors of the collection are natural brown, beige-pink, cream. Decorative panels have a relief pattern with pale beige roses on an ocher background.
  • Harmony. The collection is presented in classic style tiles with imitation of beige marble surfaces with greenish veins.Decors and borders, resembling sewing on fabric, allow you to turn a simple interior into a stylish and sophisticated. The Harmony collection can be successfully used for finishing both spacious and small baths.
  • Jungle Bright series, inspired by the nature of the Indian jungle. The main elements are made in white and light green colors with a white relief pattern depicting bamboo leaves, the theme of which is continued in decorative elements. On the panel - the image of a flowering bamboo, on the border - its stems. All this allows you to create a bright, self-contained interior, which, through the use of the color of fresh greenery, can lift your spirits and fill your life with bright sensations.
  • Lati. A joyful multicolor collection that creates such a mood only thanks to the presence of an interesting decor resembling a patchwork of pieces of fabric with exquisitely elaborate floral ornaments. The main tile is rather laconic and simple, which makes it a perfect background for bright decoration with additional elements. Golden patches make Lati tile even more luxurious.
  • Carrara. A series of tiles, made in the style of art deco.Refinement and refinement of the decor fills the room with aristocratic trends of the beginning of the 20th century and a mysterious touch of feminine charm. The color palette is sandy-golden with hints of beige and pearl colors. A more stylish interior can make a panel with a medallion and decors with a small ornament that corresponds to the art deco era.
  • Charm. Black, white and gray collection that can make the interior luxurious and respectable. The tile is made of material shine with a texture, resembling a fabric, in the form of plant patterns on white, black and gray backgrounds.
  • Eifel. An interesting collection inspired by French motifs. The main tile is smooth white or gray-violet. An attractive collection make decorative panels with a graphic image of the views of Paris and its surroundings.
  • Elfin. A series in white-brownish-grassy shades. The main tile is presented in three versions: white marble, brownish marble and tile with a mosaic effect. On the decorative panel - photo printing with branches of blossoming cherry using sepia technique.
  • Motive. The pseudo-mosaic ornament of the tiles from this collection makes the space unreal.The floor and walls seem to be in constant motion, creating the effect of a “living” matrix. Staying in such a room will give new sensations, indelible impressions. The color palette of this series is quite rich. It is represented by gray, blue, lilac, blue, beige and brown tones. Decorative mosaic panel with the image of flowers will add an additional zest to the interior.
  • Mozaika. Lightweight weightless collection in a pleasant gentle shades. On the main tile and decorations there are relief peas of different tones, resembling sea pebbles, which is why the interior, made with the use of such a tile, is even more filled with summer warmth and pleasant freshness of the pebble beach.
  • Pandora. The design solution of this collection is built on the classic contrast of black and white colors. The vegetative patterns of the main tile make a wonderful ensemble both with each other and with decors with the image of lotus flowers. The basic colors of the collection are black, gray, white, purple.


Reviews of Cersanit cladding material can be found a variety of: from fully enthusiastic to completely negative.

Most of all good reviews are related to:

  • wide product range, the wealth of color and design solutions;
  • low tile prices;
  • ease of installation;
  • ease in cutting.

In addition to low prices, buyers are also attracted by the presence of special promotions and discounts on Cersanit products, which makes it possible to carry out repairs at the lowest cost.

The negative points that consumers note are most often associated with the fact that:

  • In the package may be tiles with damage. This is especially true of ceramics, which is located closer to the edge of the package;
  • within the same package can be found products that differ in tone. This is especially true of decorative elements;
  • there may be stains on the cladding material;
  • it is not always possible to dock the ornament on the tiles.

As for the opinion of the masters-tilers, it is also quite contradictory. Some professionals argue that when cutting tiles can crack and crumble, others say something completely different. Perhaps the latter dealt with a party whose quality control was more stringent. Also, some masters indicate the presence of a certain curvature of tiles, which causes difficulties when joining ceramic elements with each other.

Since the Cersanit tile is, after all, a finishing material of an economical price category, accordingly, in some cases, it can cause complaints from consumers.

Nevertheless, even a not very expensive tile can become a decoration of a room, if it falls into the hands of a professional who can easily cope with any of its shortcomings.

Ideas in the interior

Natural natural shades and texture of the stone, graceful floral patterns on the borders and in the decor fill the atmosphere of the bathroom with warmth and contribute to relaxation and serenity. The combination of a fantasy stone pattern of the main tile with the design of the decorative elements of the Novella collection makes the space airy and sophisticated.

The bathroom, made using ceramics from the Rossa collection, looks particularly luxurious. It would seem that nothing complicated - just a combination of beige and brown tiles, imitating wood, but coupled with embossed decors and an original panel with signs of the zodiac, it brings a certain charm to the interior.

Small mosaic tiles of different shades in beige and brown tones, complemented by an original floral panel, make all the surfaces of the bathroom shine in a special way, giving the impression of constantly moving space.

See how to install tile in the bathroom in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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