Bathroom tile: original ideas in the interior

When repairing a bathroom there are many problems and dilemmas. In order for the future design of the room to be attractive and aesthetic, it is necessary to immediately select a style, finishing materials, as well as plumbing and accessories. The tile is the most demanded finishing material for registration of a bathroom thanks to durability, reliability and moisture resistance.

Special features

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of ceramic tiles for bathrooms. All variants of ceramic cladding have the following properties:

  • resistance to high humidity;
  • strength and durability. Products made of ceramics and glass will serve for quite a long time, if properly carried out the installation, do not use aggressive chemical agents and avoid mechanical effects.Stone tile can serve many generations, but it must be remembered that it needs polishing;
  • ease of care;
  • resistance to fading. Tile for a long time retains an attractive original appearance, over time, colors and patterns will not fade and will not be erased;
  • a large number of shapes, sizes, textures and color palettes to choose from;
  • the ability to fit into a variety of interiors and design, it will decorate any design;
  • Reasonable prices for the product allow everyone to choose the original and unusual version. There is a wide range of different offers on the modern market;
  • during production, the material is subjected to heat treatment, which allows to exclude the formation of toxic elements and a variety of allergens. This is a guarantee of security. A similar question is very relevant in the case when the tile is used by a family with small children;
  • tile manufacturers use only natural materials, so the products are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the environment;
  • in the production process, the tiles are exposed to high temperatures, which guarantees disposal of various microflora.This prevents fungi and bacteria from multiplying;
  • a special coating on the surfaces of the product does not allow dust to settle on them, protects them from the aggressive effects of cleaning agents, allows to remove dirt and deposits without any problems;
  • tile is non-flammable and non-flammable, it can prevent the spread of fire in a fire, which is an important property of this material.
  • modern room designs made with the help of tiled tiles can be a work of art and be a certain highlight in the image of the house.

The use of ceramic tiles for facing the bathroom has some drawbacks.

  • A person who is not familiar with the principle of work of tilers, most likely, will have to contact a specialist in order to install the tile correctly, correctly and aesthetically attractively.
  • When laying tiles are connecting joints (joints). They should be treated with moisture resistant grout. Sometimes its color can change over time, it becomes darker. There may be mold. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to take care of them in a timely manner using antiseptic for the bathroom.


Ceramic tiles are quite popular, therefore, represented by different types. It has many variations in shape, size and color. The production process uses clay, sand and various minerals. The surface of the material is covered with glaze. There are three categories of ceramic tiles: sputtering, matte and glossy surface. A huge range of shops that sell ceramic tiles, is able to satisfy the wishes of the buyer with any preferences and budget.

Porcelain tile is similar to natural stone, but its composition is more like porcelain. The most significant advantages of this material are strength, resistance to temperature changes, and also it practically does not absorb moisture. Porcelain tile is an excellent option for creating a floor covering or for facing exterior walls. The stone product is made from environmentally friendly natural material.

Designers embody incredible interiors with the help of natural texture created by nature. But this material has disadvantages: it is poorly resistant to damage created by mechanical means (a blow can create a multitude of microcracks or split a stone).

Glass tile is a stylish and fashionable option that can help create a unique and unusual interior.. It is suitable for both walls and floor. Glass is durable and environmentally friendly material. The product can be transparent, translucent, matte, textured or colored. With it, you can make decorative partitions or hide the source of illumination.

The plastic tile has one drawback - it is poor resistance to mechanical stress. That is why it is not very popular as a floor covering and is short-lived.

Seamless tile is ceramics, the edges of which are processed.

This product guarantees the absence of dirt, fungus and mold in the joints, and also looks much more aesthetic. The use of such material is an original and interesting way of facing, which will allow the design to be more holistic and attractive.

Self-adhesive tiles do not require glue and brushes, you only need to get rid of the protective film, lay it on the surface and press it hard. It is easy to install and is resistant to any kind of damage.

Forms and sizes

There are a variety of textures and palettes of grouting materials, but the seams between the products remain visible. The visual perception of the surface covered with tiles will depend on the number and direction of the visible joints. They are able to distract from the selected pattern, as well as visually change the height and width of the model visually.

Modern manufacturers offer several tile formats.

  • The size of a standard tile is 20x30 cm. Most often it is used in more spacious or medium-sized rooms. When laying the number of seams is uncritical, and if you direct the laying on the long side, it optically “pulls” the surface. If produced horizontally, it “expands” the walls, and vertically, “raises” the ceiling.
  • Large tile has a format of 25x40 cm. Usually it takes the floor. If you tile this bathroom wall tile, in order to achieve a decorative effect, you must use a composition that includes tiles of various sizes.
  • Mosaic and small tiles are undemanding to the surface materials. They can even align wavy walls.

Bathroom tiles can be not only square or rectangular, but also have more original shapes. Quite often you can find types of tiles that are fragments of puzzles, honeycombs and a variety of polygons (for example, a diamond). And it can also be waves. If you abandon stereotypes and use custom tiles, you can make the design of the room a real piece of art.

The use of tiles and decoration elements from various series allows you to get rid of the pattern. A person using decor and tile, which has cuts and grooves with inserts, can create a unique composition, which is an effective and unique pattern.

Relief tiles perfectly imitate the structure and color of natural formations. It is an alternative to natural materials.

Some manufacturers of this type of lining apply technologies that allow imitating rough natural materials: metal, wood and brick. Most often you can see tiles created under natural stones (malachites, granites, marbles, sandstones, shale, onyx, and others).

The most original designs look with relief tiles, the texture of which resembles leather and various types of fabric.

Scope of application

Tile is a unique material that is used for both walls and the ceiling or floor of a bathroom.


Most often, a type of mosaic tile is chosen as a wall covering. It is a product of small size and is made of both ceramics and glass. Similar tile looks quite original and makes the design of the bathroom individual and interesting.

The wall tile has a soft structure, so it is easy to cut. This allows you to customize it to a variety of bends.

When purchasing a product, you need to pay attention to the fact that the percentage of water absorption should be 20%. If you try to lay it on the floor, then the picture will be erased, and it will also look not aesthetically pleasing.


Floor tiles more dense, has a minimum percentage of water absorption. It is as durable as possible, therefore it does not wear out and is resistant to aggressive substances having a chemical composition. And also it is durable. Non-slip floor tiles should be chosen, as there may be injuries.


For the ceiling it is necessary to purchase wall tiles, as it is slightly thinner than floor tiles. Laying tiles on the ceiling is extremely difficult, it does not allow to mount spot lighting. But such problems are solvable. There are many original options that will make a real work of art out of the ceiling.

Color spectrum

The choice of material allows many to deviate from the standards of design, as dull and gray spaces are not fashionable. Design can be more interesting thanks to bold solutions and unique combinations. You must choose a style based on your preferences and desires.


Light shades of tile are always popular for bathrooms. White color is a symbol of purity, freshness. It visually expands the boundaries and makes the room more spacious. This palette is perfectly combined with various colors, materials and textures. There are no restrictions on the choice of furniture, finishes and accessories.. As well as light shades do not require much care, since they are almost invisible lime deposits and stains.

Quite often, white color is not considered due to the fact that it is too formal and sterile.

This picture can be avoided with the help of furnishings and decoration. The decoration in light shades can be not only pure white, but also beige, vanilla, creamy, ayvor. Popular product variants that mimic natural materials (stones and wood). Whiteness can be diluted with bright shades in small quantities. You can alternate between different sizes, reliefs, textures, matte and glossy surfaces.

To get rid of the rigor of the interior, you can use large accessories.

The black

Many people believe that black is not a good solution for a small room, but dark colors can emphasize respectability and make the room look more expensive, graceful and elite. If you correctly dilute the black color with white, red or gray shades, it will make the design stylish and interesting. If the interior is only dark in color, the situation can become gloomy, independent of the size of the bathroom.

Black ceramics will look more attractive with graphics. You can place the installation on any wall.Large pattern on the tile is a good solution.

You can use mirror surfaces. It is necessary to think in advance about how the electrician will be placed, since this color is capable of hiding the light. The bathroom should not be allowed a lack of lighting, so you should use a black finish and natural light.

Black bathroom does not like cluttering, so you should choose minimalism. It is necessary to abandon unnecessary details, such as black paintings or other decor.


Red color reminds of a storm of passions. It is suitable for active and dynamic people. If a person is calm and peaceful, this shade will annoy him. A bathroom decorated in red can wake up and stir, making the morning more positive and setting the owner in the right mood. There are many variations of shades: cherry, terracotta, burgundy.

It will be better if this color is complemented with white, black or gray.

Blue and Blue

They are water shades, which are often used in the design of bathrooms. If the choice fell on this color, the owner will have to focus on the marine theme, choosing as the decor a variety of images of sailing vessels, fish, shells and starfishes.This design allows you to relax and enjoy the calm, peaceful atmosphere.


This shade charges people with positive and energy. In small rooms it is best not to use tiles of a similar color, as it will irritate the psyche. You can make a frame around the mirror or arrange a few bands. In spacious rooms you can dilute the warm shade with light accessories.


It is necessary to carefully select the tiles with pictures or ornaments, as the colorful print can make the room visually smaller. And also in the bathroom will be psychologically uncomfortable. In order for the interior to be attractive and stylish, you should use bright and variegated drawings as accents, locally and in doses. The accent wall in the form of a panel with an image in the oriental style will make the design more diverse and add personalization and uniqueness.

If you decide to make the interior of the bathroom in the Mediterranean style, then you should focus on the edging of the tile with blue ornaments, panels on any wall or pattern on the floor, laid out with tiles with an unusual ornament.

The phototile is a product on which the image is applied by a method of photo printing. This is the most original and unusual solution for the design of the room design. Large-scale panels look very impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

Patchwork tiles are a fashionable and modern solution. A large number of buyers are inclined to the option of a combination of tiles of two or three shades.

It is better to combine white and black or white and blue. This approach decorates the interior and makes it unique.

And also it is possible to get a tile which will imitate natural material. She looks beautiful and dignified, makes a note of seriousness and aristocracy in any interior.

Prints of classic style will always be relevant. Drawing with flowers or a quiet ornament creates a cozy atmosphere. Classic is the best option for those who do not like the new-fashioned options.


Often people do not know which tile to choose for the bathroom. There are many companies that manufacture such materials, so it is rather difficult to stop at something specific.In order to be satisfied with your choice, you should carefully examine the rating of popular manufacturers.

    Kerama Marazzi (Russia)

    This Russian manufacturer has a unique and original catalog, similar to traveling through countries, cities and continents. In it you can find collections from India, Italy, Scandinavia, England and France. In each of the collections are characteristic of a particular country. The company produces ceramic granite, which is the best imitation of natural material. The manufacturer has a huge range and affordable prices. Its products are famous for their unique design solutions and good material durability.

    Fap Ceramiche (Italy)

    The Italian company produces luxury tiles for wealthy people. The catalog has thirty collections. Products are high quality and environmentally friendly. Another plus is unique design solutions. One of the most important areas of Fap Ceramiche is imitation of natural material. Most often the tile does not fade for a long time and does not abrade.


    The Polish manufacturer offers 40 collections, which are produced at ten factories of the company in many countries (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland).Here you can find cheap and expensive tiles, because there are various price categories. Tile collections represent a large number of color options.


    Shakhtynskaya tile is a sought-after brand of the Unitile holding, which manufactures inexpensive domestic tiles. Material design is developed by Italian and Spanish design studios. The company provides thirty collections with many colors: both calm and bright. In the reviews there are facts of deviations in size. With proper installation, you get a decent result that does not yield to even more expensive counterparts.

    This option is a budget and is the best tile of the cheapest.


    In order to buy quality materials for lining, you must carefully inspect the tile. The following parameters should be considered:

    • integrity of enamel. It should not have any defects, foreign inclusions, as well as red and yellow stripes, because in this way they mark the marriage;
    • with a floor tile it is necessary to conduct a test: put the product on a rough surface with the front side and rub it.If there are no marks, it means that the material is of high quality;
    • the tile must comply with the parameters indicated on the package and have the correct geometric shape;
    • the surface should not slide. You need to wet it and check it with your finger. If the finger slides easily, the product is not a suitable option for the bathroom.

    You should think about what kind of pattern is needed, what tone will be ideal: calm or contrasting. This is quite an important aspect in the selection, as the interior of the bathroom should be fun and bring only positive emotions. It is important to calculate the required amount of material. To do this, calculate how many square meters you need to cover tiles. It is better to take the material with a margin, so as not to have any problems.

    It should be remembered that light shades can increase the space, and dark ones - to reduce it.

    If the room is small, it is necessary to choose pastel tiles. You can buy a product of the color that will affect the owner positively, for example, bright red colors are able to charge with energy and help fight the complexes, green - soothe and relax. Matte tile will give design rigor.It is better to place motley tiles on the floor, as it will eliminate the need to constantly wipe it.

    How to lay?

    In order to choose the optimal layout, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the area of ​​the room, the height of the ceiling and the presence of defects that are subject to adjustment. There are several ways of facing.

    • Wall panel. This option is traditional and is able to visually expand the room and lower the ceiling. It is necessary to lay the floor tiles of dark shades, and then continue to lining a lighter color. Place the junction of colors should be decorated with a ceramic border.
    • Horizontal lines. Light background and stripes of various colors. They are both narrow and wider. This option will make the room more voluminous and add coherence.
    • Vertical lines. This installation option will visually narrow the room and make the ceiling higher.
    • Accent elements. This option is the most popular way. It is necessary to make a light background and add bright elements in any specific areas, for example, multi-colored tiles, tiles with a decorative pattern, ornament or panel.
    • Different colors in equal quantity. Each color must be in a specific zone. The floor can be decorated with several colors by mixing them (chessboard).
    • Kaleidoscope. A great option for creative people who like everything unusual. Multi-colored tiles alternate in any order.
    • Spray. Monochromatic tile of light shades forms the general background, the multi-colored tile is located chaotically. This method is good only for spacious rooms.
    • Geometric shapes and patterns. This method can not be used for small rooms.
    • A combination of options. If the room is spacious, you can use a combination of several methods, for example, a wall panel and accent elements.

    Beautiful examples

    Beautiful design of the bathroom with light blue tile with patterns.

    Bright room, in the design of which used such layout methods as horizontal and vertical lines. And also you can see the accent element.

    Tiles with pictures of paintings - this is a great option for art lovers and elegant things.

    Light green decor creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.Green color has a positive effect on the nerves and makes the room more stylish.

    The original design of the bathroom gives it elegance and originality.

    Creative design of a small room allows you to show imagination.

    About what tile is better to choose for the bathroom, see in the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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