Glossy tile in interior design

 Glossy tile in interior design

Tile has long been a familiar material for finishing the floor and walls. Meanwhile, its opponents often characterize this coverage as an anachronism, a relic of the past, a depressing reminder of times past, when the bathroom and kitchen decoration was limited to only white tiles. But every year it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice. Even in the most ordinary store offer a lot of models that differ in color, size, ornament.

Take, for example, glossy ceramic tiles. It has a very attractive appearance and is capable of transforming any room, giving it extravagance or glamor chic.


The main advantage of the material is the highest degree of reflection of light due to the almost mirror surface.This is a proven way to visually expand the space, which is always effective for small rooms: bathroom, kitchen, corridor or bathroom.

Gloss - the embodiment of nobility and luxury. It differs in dynamics, vivacity, play of color and light. Glossy tiles with absolutely identical color will look more advantageous than matte. Her presence can make the most low-cost interior unique, diverting attention from inexpensive furnishings. The variety of the proposed solutions and a large selection of decorative elements for tile allow you to create the most exclusive interiors.

A brilliant pale pink tile can become one of the most important accents of the interior, regardless of where it is laid. But the paradox is that such showiness balances on the verge of failure. If at moderate illumination the glossy tile enlivens the interior, then with more intense light it creates a lot of glare and irritates the eyes. First of all it concerns a light tile.

The superiority of smooth tiles in terms of practicality is also undeniable. Its dirt-repellent properties are due to the microscopic pore diameter.As a result, the surface is simply physically unable to trap moisture, grease and dirt. Therefore, there is no need to worry about scrubbing stubborn stains. They are easily removed with a sponge or liquid detergent.

Use in the interior

In the bathroom

The features of this room are its small size and the absence of natural sources of illumination. Therefore, the shine of the tiles will give the bathroom a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication. White tile expands the boundaries and creates volume, perfectly in harmony with the snow-white bathroom, toilet, sink, washing machine. With proper combination with rich colored tiles, you can get the original composition from playing in contrast to a subtle gradient of midtones.

Dark shades of glossy tiles - a bold decision for really risky buyers. They look amazing. Especially if you choose unconventional options: cherry, eggplant, khaki, chocolate. Even a bathroom of resin color can be a highlight of your apartment. Black gloss fills the space with a fascinating depth, so that snow-white furniture, plumbing or decor items look as expressive as possible.

The impressive minus in the operation of the dark tile is that it is very noticeable any scratches, chips, stains, smudges, limescale. Therefore, if you decide on such a tile, then either take the utmost care, or buy with a margin so that, in the extreme case, the damaged segment can be replaced.

Tile with a glossy surface can be used on the walls, floor and ceiling. However, if such a finish is chosen for the floor, you should take care of security measures, because the texture, smooth as glass, can provoke a fall. To avoid this will allow a variety of rugs.

Another significant disadvantage should be taken into account. Of course, the glossy tile is beautiful, but the preservation of this beauty will require some effort, since the water, evaporating, leaves white salt buildup. If you do not promptly clean the surface, then soon it will lose its shine. Therefore, the glossy lining for the bathroom is chosen by those people who pay priority attention to the aesthetic appearance of the material, and not its ease of use.

On the kitchen

Due to the fact that the probability of frequent pollution in the kitchen is relatively high, the choice in favor of glossy tiles is very justified. This is the best option for the kitchen apron, durable and unassuming in the care.He is not afraid of either high temperatures, or excess moisture, or exposure to alkalis or acids, or ultraviolet rays, and at the same time can be quite inexpensive. Glossy tiles perfectly reflect the light, therefore, the working area will always be well lit, and, therefore, comfortable in the cooking process.

If the idea of ​​practicality plays a key role and you want to minimize the manipulation of care, the tile of the brown-beige range will be the most safe choice. The ideal masking machine is a ceramic tile with a marbled pattern or in the form of stains. So, small pollution will be noticeable the least.

Glossy aprons of classic colors (pink, white, sand, a hint of coffee with milk) will create an atmosphere of calm and confidence. You can diversify neutral tiles with colored grout. A typical example in the spirit of the concept of minimalism: the wall is white and the grout is black or gray. Such a combination will bring underlined geometry into a seemingly smoothed monochrome design.

Monochromatic tiles characteristic of the interior in a classic style. Motley gloss is appropriate for high-tech and modern styles.An excellent element of the decor will be a glossy wall tile "under the brick", which can be combined with ordinary tile.

Increasingly, use glossy tile for the floor. Due to the unique brilliance, it helps to improve the quality of lighting space. Light from natural sources or lighting fixtures is reflected from the glazed surface, even if it is black, adding the desired brightness.

Shining gloss charges a positive mood for the whole day, especially if you choose a non-trivial orange, red, coral floor. Black and white tile compositions set the bar for rigor and flawless style. And for pedants and observers of cleanliness, the white glossy tile will be the ideal solution.


A number of misconceptions about glossy floors are often discussed in the repair forums. One of them is that the dark glossy tile is superior to the light in practicality. In fact, dust or white stains will be noticeable on it much better.

And the most popular misconception: when water hits the surface, it becomes extremely slippery.Modern manufacturers seek to preserve the charming shine of the coating, but at the same time reduce this deterrent slippiness. Of course, spilling a large amount of liquid, there is a risk of falling. However, a single spray will not pose a danger.

Reviews this flooring is mostly positive.

About what ceramic tile to choose for the bathroom, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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