Italian tile: beautiful interior design

 Italian tile: beautiful interior design

Italian tiles are familiar products of excellent quality and the best design parameters to the whole world. In this country, there are more than 300 tile manufacturing companies that have already shown themselves to be competent producers who respect the high demands of modern consumers.

A huge choice of products will enable any person to choose the most appropriate tile model, taking into account the style of the space, its typical features, and the material capabilities of the buyer.

Special features

Many Italian factories produce beautiful series of tiles for bathrooms and bathrooms. This range includes products for walls and floors, all kinds of decoration elements.For any series, developed its own special pattern and tint execution. Basic products help create a zoning with a single ornament or overview images throughout the room.

The floor tile is excellently resistant.. Its surface has a special finish that reduces slip. Factories are selecting such technologies that increase the resistance of the coating to the negative effects of washing agents.

Most often, Italian tile has a perfectly smooth and slippery surface of reduced thickness.

That is why in no case can one use tiles created for walls to decorate floors in bathrooms.

Ceramic products from Italy have a number of positive features:

  • they are universal. Such products can be selected when finishing showers, various public facilities and private hotels, baths, saunas and swimming pools;
  • UV resistantthey are not afraid of high humidity, temperature fluctuations, the action of aggressive components;
  • ecologically safe. For the production of coatings from ceramics are used only natural materials.During the manufacturing process, no volatile solvents are used, so that toxic substances will not be emitted during tile installation or use. The material does not burn, because it does not emit elements that would support combustion, and does not incorporate extraneous odors. The spent coating can be used a second time when releasing a new ceramic product;
  • tiles from Italy are hygienic. It is easy to take care of;
  • saves energy. Stylish tiles from Italy can accumulate heat, which it will then emit in the bathroom. For this reason, this material is best combined initially with the "warm floor" technology.


The main number of Italian manufacturers engaged in the production of exclusive products, in the performance of which, even today, manual labor is widely used, because collections from Italy are considered elite in our country.

In factories in Italy, all the time, new technologies are being introduced, the most modern machines are used. All machines and materials that are used in the production of tiles, also have Italian origin. So, craftsmen from this country came up with the technology of painting the glaze. It is carried out when coating the material. Glazed and ordinary types of faience also belong to Italian ideas.

For the first time, Tuscan craftsmen used white clay for the production of ceramics, which is the basis of all faience products.

Italian marble tiles will look great in any bathroom design, be it a classic or minimalist style, avant-garde or loft. Soft tones of stone will add to the space of light and comfort, and light colors will help to visually expand the walls of the room.

Today, Italian tile demonstrates the amazing wonders of modern design.

The invariable leader in recent years has been products with an invoice under a woven fabric.. Kitchen facilities or bathrooms in which they used "denim" or "tapestry" products, look very stylish and original.

There are series, the texture of which can imitate the skin of various animals or exotic reptiles. Ceramics "under the wood" and "under the metal" are gaining immense popularity.. All this allows a different look at the design of the room, will help make it more unusual and catchy.

The most popular among consumers is still ceramic tiles in the usual traditional design. A number of models created by young talented craftsmen who put picturesque patterns and ornaments. Such options can compete with the masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Decorators such ceramic tile is most often used to create the most luxurious residential interiors.

Often interesting stones or glitter elements imitating a gold finish, silver or chrome are embedded in the glaze. Many products are used to create mosaics on the floors or on the walls. You can find collections that have true works of pictorial art.that can be used instead of the usual decoration in the bathroom space.

Thanks to a rich assortment of tiles, you can always make unique patterns, apply your own ideas on the walls or on the floors. Until now, one-color types of wall tiles, as well as samples that depict a marble coating or natural stone, do not lose their relevance. Compared with other manufacturers, the tile from Appenin greatly benefits in its stylishness, bright enthusiasm of colors, their saturated toning,impeccable performance of the invoice products.

You can also use glass tiles in your home.

This is one of the most interesting materials for decorating walls, and by its properties it is called experts even more reliable than the well-known ceramic tiles. Such glass will serve you for many years.

It differs in environmental friendliness, is not afraid of moisture, just in styling and care, does not have the ability to retain odors, always looks stylish and neat. In the design of the room is important configuration of ceramic tiles. When using it, you can create the desired visual perception, add a number of unusual effects. This tile is square, rectangular, has any possible shape.: may be rhombus or even round.

How to choose?

Famous masters of design recommend to start to choose tiles for the bathroom, and only then begin to choose plumbing. This method will help to create a harmonious design, to avoid many problems with the installation of the acquired tile due to the design features of the sanitary equipment. Alas, high cost today cannot be the main sign of the quality of products of this kind.. Many manufacturers specifically overestimate the price of their products, hoping that inexperienced buyers will rely only on this criterion when choosing.

To be completely confident in the excellent quality of the purchased goods, you need to do the following:

  • Ask the seller for all documents on his products, including certificates.
  • Inspect the box with tiles on all sides. All titles and images should be well viewed. On the box you need to find the manufacturer's coordinates, all contact information.
  • It is best to accurately know the name of the Italian factory. Many "craftsmen" from China in the name of the factory change one or a series of letters that does not catch the eye, and it seems that you have in your hands the products of a famous brand. Thus, they are trying to protect themselves from prosecution of famous manufacturers, at the same time slipping low-quality products at a high price to inexperienced customers without negative consequences for themselves.
  • Open the package itself, carefully examine the tile. Attach two tiles to each other with the front sides and if you notice gaps and reels between them, then you have a 100% counterfeit.

Obviously, some ordinary people have noticed more than once that in the kitchen, where food is cooked, the tile floor often looks worn and untidy at the stove and at the entrance to the room. This phenomenon occurs quite often. It arises from the wrong choice of proper coatings. Even expensive and stylish kitchen tiles from Italy are made without taking into account the operation in our domestic environment. A room such as a kitchen is most often visited by family members in our country. For this reason ceramic tiles should be as resistant to various influences.

There are several degrees of tile wear resistance. The higher this degree is, the longer this coverage will last.

The best choice is the third or fourth grade of resistance, but if your family is rather large and the kitchen is operated continuously, then the floor tile must be of the fifth grade.

In addition, you need to know that the harder the product is, the lower the probability of it being accidentally or purposefully split. Cases where a fairly heavy pan or pan falls onto the kitchen floor are often encountered.Such situations are fraught with the formation of cracks or chips, which can be repaired difficult. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the selected products: the more it will be, the more resistant to chipping will be the surface.

In addition to strength, the preservation of the stylish look of tiles is influenced by various powders or gels that are used in the care of walls and floors. Of course, for a frequently visited kitchen, it is better to choose the product with the greatest resistance to possible damage.

An important criterion - the so-called "coefficient of friction." The kitchen is also considered a place quite dangerous, since, having lost balance on a slippery floor, you can fall down and drop a hot frying pan or a kettle on yourself. therefore need to buy a coating with a coefficient of friction above 0.75 and a rough texture.

If a lot of difficulties may arise when purchasing products for the floor, then there may be no problems with wall samples.

Remembering the fact that a tile from Italy goes through a multiple cycle of quality control, for its long service life, you can not worry at all. The main problem is initially to choose the right design.

Types of tiles for toilets and bathrooms also differ in the type of surfaces. They are both glossy and with a matte effect, are available glossy smooth or noticeably embossed. It is necessary initially to correctly choose such products, based on the possibility of its full application.

On the glossy tile will be well visible stains from the water. It will be much easier to slip on it. Matte products are harder to tidy up, although they mask some of the dirt for their low key.

In fact, the images or patterns on the tile are not as important as its parameters. A small-sized product may be out of place in the overall room, and the time spent on its installation will be spent a lot. Big tile is also not in all cases suitable for kitchens, especially if they have low ceilings. Here a lot can depend on the design flight of thought.

No matter how high-quality the Italian tile is, you still need to carefully choose a criterion such as the absorption of water falling on the product. It is better if it will be from 3% to 10%.

If you are advised to buy floor tiles with rough edges, then the wall may well be glossy. If the shiny tile is dark in color, it will not be easy to care for it, but light products are very easy to maintain. If you want to choose an excellent glass tile, you need to pay attention to its appearance. The glass product should have a stylish and attractive appearance, should not have cracks, chips and streaks on the surface.


Production of the best brands of Italian tiles, no doubt, is carried out on the territory of Italy itself by the following manufacturers:

  • Arcana Ceramica. This company has been producing quality tiles for more than half a century, it has a number of awards for the excellent quality of its products.
  • Ascot Ceramiche. The factory uses its own technology for producing tiles, during the production of which only natural materials are used.
  • Atlas concorde. One of the leaders in the manufacture of ceramic tiles uses the technology of double firing, which significantly increases the performance of samples.
  • Ceramiche ricchetti. Engaged in the production of tiles and cladding materials made of artificial stone.
  • Cerdisa Ceramiche di Sassuolo. The products of this company are exported abroad and are in demand there.
  • Elegance ceramiche. One of the youngest firms. A distinctive feature of the products - the most modern styles.
  • Iris ceramica. One of the largest factories in Italy. Profile Iris Ceramica - is the release of luxury tiles for private interior solutions.
  • Fap Ceramiche. The company itself was the first to create an unusual style of ceramic tiles with sharp edges. Managers are constantly introducing the latest developments into the production process.
  • Ceramica Imola. One of the oldest companies, it was founded in 1884. The assortment is distinguished by traditional execution.
  • Petracers. One of the most famous companies that produce tiles for elite segments. The high price is fully consistent with the highest quality.
  • Sintesi. It has the most modern capacity for the production of ceramic goods with good performance indicators.

In Spain, produce tiles of no less high quality. For example, a Spanish factory Kerlife - This is a young promising enterprise, surprising consumers with novelty, excellent workmanship and unusual design ideas for the bathroom. Factory Ecoceramic produces ceramic and floor tiles. The basis of the company's collections are products that imitate marble, natural stone.

Manufacturers from Russia are also not lagging behind, and you should pay attention to the company. KeraMir. Azori tile series are produced jointly by Italian masters and Russian artists. It reflects the brightest trends of the modern "ceramic fashion": the texture of natural materials - wood, stone and textiles, the widespread use of flower themes and geometric motifs, the richness of the color spectrum.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The combination of dark and light tiles in the interior of the bathroom will make it more spacious, bright and cozy.

The stylish combination of white and blue glossy tiles will make the room catchy and original decorated in the most successful and popular shades.

Bright decors placed by the manufacturer on the surface of Italian tiles, will allow you to place the correct accents in any modern interior.

See the following video for an overview of Italian ceramic bathroom tiles.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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