Kerama Marazzi tile review: the perfect bathroom solution

 Kerama Marazzi tile review: the perfect bathroom solution

Ceramic tile - one of the most ancient finishing materials. Beautiful mosaics of Greece, magnificent ceramic decoration of the palaces of the East, the noble motifs of Italy and France - all this heritage has been embodied in the collections of ceramic decoration of modern designers. Tile has long ceased to be a facing material exclusively for kitchens and bathrooms, it is widely used in the interior design of various premises. This is a versatile and eco-friendly material that allows you to make your dreams come true not only for a beautiful, but also for a functional home.

Product Features

Kerama Marazzi - tiles of domestic origin, despite the Italian name.However, the product has the right to bear such a name - the factories for the production of tiles and porcelain stoneware, located in the Moscow Region and Orel, are part of the large concern Marazzi Group, which has production in many European countries. The very same official brand Marazzi was born in 1935 in Italy, quickly winning the love of customers in all parts of the world. The fact is that from the very beginning of the work of the company, the designers of Marazzi sought to combine the national flavor of different countries with the traditions and high quality of Italian style.

And today, this manufacturer seeks to produce the highest quality products., focusing on the tastes and needs of customers of the country where the veneering material is sold. Thanks to this well-thought-out concept, the demand for Marazzi tiles has remained consistently high for many years. In addition to a large number of collections, the company produces mosaic finishing materials and porcelain stoneware, so there is always something to choose from even the most demanding customer.

Ceramic tile - on the one hand, the material is traditional, used throughout the toilet, in the bathroom and kitchen.On the other hand, this material is very modern, allowing designers to experiment with color and shape, to develop and implement original ideas.

As already mentioned, the creators of most of the collections of the company scooped their ideas in the national traditions, ethnic color. Here and the Scottish cell, and the motifs of Provence, and Mexican ornaments. You can assemble your own unique prefab panels with your own hands - no one else will definitely have them; you can use the ready-made suggestions of designers of the company for combining and placing tiles and mosaics. Even the most demanding buyer, striving for originality in interiors, will be able to choose for himself a beautiful and stylish material.

Tile and porcelain tiles Kerama Marazzi - high quality finishing materials that are absolutely safe for humans. By production the eco-friendly materials which are passing strict control and corresponding not only to GOST, but also the European standards are used.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of Kerama Marazzi are numerous.

Let us dwell on the most significant:

  • High quality products and compliance with European standards.
  • Constantly changing and complementing range.
  • Each collection is unique and consists of several types of tiles, allowing you to create a variety of compositions.
  • A variety of colors and textures of finishing material.
  • Versatility. The tile is suitable for a variety of premises.
  • Beautiful appearance. The development of design work highly qualified specialists.
  • Availability. Kerama Marazzi offers finishing materials of the highest quality with a fairly wide price range - from products available to everyone to unique expensive collections.
  • Durability and wear resistance. Finishing will last a very long time, as the material is able to withstand quite serious loads.

There is only one flaw in the tile - with careless handling or improper installation, this finishing material cracks. This can be avoided by entrusting the finishing to specialists or by carefully following the rules for performing the work.

Production technology

Tile finishing materials are made from a special powder by pressing. The basis of ceramic tiles Kerama Marazzi is a mixture of multi-grade clay, chalk and quartz sand.Other natural components (composition determined by technology) and various dyes safe for human health can also be included.

The characteristics of the tile will depend on the composition of the ceramic mass and the pressure during the pressing process. Remember, before you glue the tiles, you need to find out the characteristics of the material - whether it is suitable for a given room, whether it will withstand the expected loads, whether it can be used for flooring, and so on.

The company Kerama Marazzi strictly monitors the quality of raw materials, which should be stored in special rooms with the observance of temperature and optimum humidity. The components mixed together with water and special additives are sent to the “mill”, where they are ground for several hours. The resulting liquid mass is called "slip", the drops of which, under the influence of hot air, lose excess moisture and, by dry pressing, are transformed into a raw ceramic tile. The tile is further dried and glazed (the number of stages can be different).


The sizes of ceramic tiles are quite diverse. So, wall and floor tiles have different formats.And the floor can decorate and your walls, but the wall for the floor can not be used - it is more fragile. Floor ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware most often have a square format from 30x30 to 60x60 centimeters. Recently, another tile format appeared - 33x33 centimeters. Recently, rectangular tiles of 20x30 cm are becoming more and more popular.

Non-standard sizes are also widely used., for example, the “pig” tile is 36.5x12 cm. By its shape, such a tile is similar to parquet and is highly durable. The hog goes through a triple firing and is perfect for a warm floor. A special tile that imitates the floorboard looks original and stylish in the interior, its width varies between 17-30 cm, and its length is from 60 to 100 cm.

The choice of the shape and size of the finishing material depends on the characteristics of the room. Thus, it is preferable to decorate classic interiors with square or rectangular tiles. Strict forms can be complemented by a spectacular ornament and mosaic inserts. Polygonal and shaped tiles look great in modern urban interiors and is a frequent decoration of the loft style, giving style to simple and minimalist interiors.

Sizes of wall tiles range from 10 to 10 cm (it is easy to lay such a small tile, moreover, it will allow to cope with the finishing of “difficult” surfaces - non-standard projections, curvatures, arches) up to 30x30 cm. In some collections there is a rectangular and “tapered” tile (its width is only 5-7 cm ).

Particular attention should be paid to mosaic tiles. Mosaic is a small elements assembled into a canvas, allowing you to gently lined niches, smooth surfaces with bends and so on. Kerama Marazzi produces mosaic in the form of canvas 30x30 cm.

Color spectrum

The Kerama Marazzi catalogs have a special section in which all the main colors and formats of the series are collected, and the visual combination of a multi-color finish is shown. Such a section allows you to pre-think and present all possible combinations, because tiles are often perfectly combined not only from different collections, but also from different series. Also, such tools help in choosing a well-matched finishing material for walls and floors.

Kerama Marazzi tile color palette is huge. Natural "natural" shades are widely used - colors of wood, sand, imitation of stone.So, in some collections presented tile "travertine". Travertine is a transitional form from limestone to marble. Natural colors are natural, such as white and its shades, cream and beige, shades of gray. Travertine can be natural and artificial, and artificial is no different from natural, except for a wider range of colors. Decorating walls and floors with travertine is particularly stylish, thanks to which even the minimalist design of the room looks aristocratic and luxurious.

For those who prefer bright interiors to calm classics, there is a tile of various saturated colors - red, blue, green and even black.

Each collection has a tile with ornaments and patterns. For example, using a gray, white and black tile for a floor, you can create original ornaments - in circles, waves, and more.


All Kerama Marazzi tiles are presented in series, reflecting the cultural traditions, ornaments and décor of various countries, cities and ethnic groups. It can also imitate various natural materials. Color variations are the most varied - from soft pale tones to bright glossy shades.In order to most fully present the range of tiles Marazzi, you need to use the online catalogs, equipped with spectacular interior examples.

Imagine some of the most popular collections today.

  • The tile, designed in strict English style, there is in "British" collections. Simple but refined ornament, light gray tones, decor with a pattern of "tartan", the style of "Village" with roses from English gardens, hunting scenes - all this will allow you to bring into your house a piece of good old England and its unshakable traditions.
  • "Indian" The collection is constantly updated and remains popular for many years. Here and a brown-beige series "Amber", as if reminiscent of Indian spices, and a bright series "Holi", striking a riot of colors, and the noble series "Treasures of Agra."
  • For those who love the atmosphere of the fertile south of France, a series has been created. Provenceentering into "French" collection. This is a delicate decor of olive branches, flowers and streets of small towns in the French south.
  • No less beautiful is the series. "Mistral", also from "French" Collections - exquisite flowers make up a beautifully finished ornament on a “stone” background.It is worth paying attention to the exquisite series “Palais Royal” in golden brown tones and tile under the tree from the “Platan” series.
  • If you like a sweater with deer, then appreciate and "Scandinavian" tile collection. The “Ethnos” series from this collection is a combination of bright red, lingonberry-pink and gray, and the tile itself shows ethnic patterns of the Vikings. The Stockholm series is also popular - for the fans of Scandinavian architecture, nice houses are depicted on the tiles.
  • With a collection called "Italian" even a simple interior become refined. There are various series with tiles imitating murals and marble.
  • For the non-boring shower room and bathroom ideal "Latin American" a collection, because in the ornaments and plots of the drawings the plant world of the tropics and the bright life of the Brazilian carnival are presented.
  • Numerous positive customer reviews deserved collection "Palette", thematically not tied to any country. But the decor elements of all the series included in this collection can be effectively combined with each other, allowing you to create new, unique interiors.

Beautiful examples

      See how fresh and gently the tile from the “Capri” series used to finish the apron in the kitchen. It goes well with light colored furniture and attracts with a variety of patterns.

      For the happy owners of exquisite and large bathrooms perfect tile tiles from the series "Surrey". Soft gray-brown tones, traditional ornaments, decorating more floors in medieval castles - all this will turn your bathroom into a surprisingly beautiful room.

      The “Palais Royal” series from the “French” collection is perfect for use not only in bathrooms or kitchens, but also in living rooms and halls.

      You will find out how to lay Kerama Marazzi tiles in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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