Polish tiles Paradyz: the pros and cons

The Polish company Paradyz produces glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, clinker and large-format porcelain tiles. The company has existed since 1989, and during this time it has managed to firmly gain a foothold in the market and win the hearts of customers not only in Poland, but throughout the world. In quality and a wide range of tiles Paradyz is not inferior to the famous European designs. For its production using the most modern technology. The products of the Polish company are distinguished from European analogues by an affordable price.


Paradyz products can be divided into several categories: tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, floor tiles, mosaics for showers and pools, clinker for cladding the facade and steps of stairs. You can use the presented material in cottages, apartments, hotels and even museums. For cladding the building is best suited special clinker tiles. She is has good strength and wear resistance. Due to the special roasting, clinker withstands cold and heat well, and the pattern on it does not lose its brightness.

Tile Paradyz for interior work is available in several series. Each of the series includes tiles for walls, floors, borders and inlays in the form of a mosaic. Below are the most popular collections of wall tiles.

  • Tile from the series Bambus with the image of bamboo will add freshness to the interior, and a mosaic from the same collection will decorate the borders and the floor.
  • Series Concert suitable for those who love bright colors. It comes in three colors that can be combined with each other. Decorative elements in the form of flowers will help to revive the situation.
  • In collection Delicate there are two colors - beige and brown. These colors go well together. Patterns of colors on the panels and borders perfectly complement the interior.
  • Series Cad decor has the same color range as Delicate and is suitable for creating a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Collection Facia made in green. Thanks to the decorative layer, the surface appears wavy, resembling the smooth surface of the sea.
  • In the series Carioca presented in two colors - milk and pale green. This combination gives the interior lightness and tenderness, and inserts in the form of floral ornament and stripes complement the interior.


Paradyz tiles have a rather large range of possible sizes. Undoubtedly, this is a big plus, as in some rooms a large tile will look good, while in others a smaller tile or mosaic will look good. Wall plates for bathrooms are presented in sizes 30x60 cm, 25x40 cm, 25x33.3 cm, 25x75 cm, 20x60 cm, 28.8x9.8 cm, 25x40 cm. Such plates, due to their elongated shape, are ideal for large and spacious rooms. The floor plate has only two sizes - 30x30 cm and 40x40 cm. The square-shaped material is easier to stack, and it looks more harmonious. There are small plates - 10x10 cm, which look good in small rooms, for example, in the kitchen.

Customer opinion: pros and cons

Most buyers are satisfied with Paradyz products. They celebrate such advantages of ceramic tiles as high quality, beautiful drawings, practicality, affordable price. Those who bought the tiles Paradyz, do not regret their choice.On the contrary, they note that with the new tile, the room into which the renovation was being made was transformed. A wide range of tiles, a good combination of colors, beautiful patterns and other decorative elements - all this helps to create a real work of art.

Buyers note that it is easy to work with tiles, it is well cut and has good dimensions that correspond to reality. Some write that the floor tile has a rough surface, due to which it does not slip. Many are attracted by the affordable price of products. compared to other European counterparts. At the same time, everyone notes the excellent quality of products.

Buyers love that they deliver tiles in boxes, inside which they are neatly and tightly folded. Its edges are treated with paraffin. All this minimizes the risk of chipping and cracking. If we talk about the shortcomings, then some buyers point out the only minor defect: on the tile are sometimes visible stains and splashes of water.

When installing, there is a need to cut Paradyz tiles, about how to do this correctly, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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