Glue for PVC tiles: the subtleties of choice

Recently, increased demand PVC tiles. A huge range of plates is presented on the modern building materials market: various design options of all colors and sizes. To secure them, you will need high-quality tile adhesive. It is necessary, first of all, to determine the type of this solution.

How to choose?

If you want to carry out repairs in your own home or apartment yourself, then you will certainly have to face the question of choosing high-quality tiles and proven glue. This is really important. Regarding the choice of tile adhesive, you can give some practical advice. You should definitely pay attention to them. Immediately it should be noted that all materials must be of high quality, reliable, so as not to have problems with further operation.

Buy materials for construction only in trusted stores that you trust.

After you have finally decided on a hardware store, be sure to choose the type of tile adhesive. So, there is a tiled solution in the form of a paste. He is fully ready for use. There is also an option that is a regular dry mix. It must be properly diluted, carefully prepared. This mixture can be applied to plywood.

Among experts in the field of construction there is a common opinion that it is inconvenient to work with ordinary pastes. That is why most professionals advise buying tile adhesive in a dry form. This is one of the most common options. It is easy to dilute the composition with ordinary water in the right proportions, so this process will not take much time. Dry mix guarantees high performance, and its price is quite acceptable.

When buying, you need to take into account even small nuances:

  • From the structure of the base, the thickness of the applied adhesive layer, a spatula, which is used when working, depends on the flow of glue.
  • The glue is sold in packages weighing 5 kg, 12 kg and 25 kg.
  • To remove the remnants of the composition from the hands and tools under running water is easy enough.
  • The guaranteed shelf life of the glue is one year.
  • When installing a vinyl tile flooring, an acrylic composition with a pasty structure is more reliable and practical. Thanks to these qualities, the glue rests on the rough substrate in a uniform layer.

Acrylic Compound

When laying various floor coverings different methods are used, and one of the most common is laying with the help of glue. This method is ideal for installing PVC floor tiles. To choose the right glue, you need to take into account the type of coating, humidity in the room. The epoxy composition of the glue depends on it.

In some cases, more suitable acrylic dispersion adhesive, which has several advantages:

  • Non-toxic. Safe for human health.
  • Due to a certain structure, it does not spread over the surface, it sticks together any materials. It can be used on various surfaces.
  • Without smell. Resistant to high humidity, to fire.
  • Fast freezes, gluing surfaces.
  • In case of improper tile laying, the work can be corrected within half an hour.
  • When working with the composition there is no need for additional precautions.
  • Within a day, the bonded surfaces can be subjected to maximum loads.

To achieve the desired result is possible only under all the conditions of use of acrylic glue:

  • Temperature mode. The minimum temperature in the room should not be below +10 degrees.
  • Adhesive categorically should not be applied on a wet draft substrate.
  • It is necessary to evenly distribute the adhesive over the surface using a special notched trowel.
  • If glue gets on the front side of the tile, you should carefully remove the glue with a soft cloth and an alcohol solution. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult.
  • Before starting work, make sure that the subfloor is clean. The surface must be dry and level.


Among the huge number of manufacturers can be distinguished Thomsit and "Homakol", well-proven. High-quality products of these companies are in great demand.

There are several types of glue that are most suitable for the installation of vinyl tiles:

  • Universal composition ideal for flooring installation.It is resistant to mechanical stress, elastic. According to the specifications, more suitable for indoor use. Ecologically safe. By production only solvents of an organic origin are used. It is allowed to use it at the equipment of the "heat-insulated floor" system.
  • Thomsit K 188 E. This composition helps to improve the sound and thermal insulation quality of the floor covering. The presence in the composition of the polymer components means that the adhesive cannot be applied when laying on absorbent bases. Has established itself as an environmentally friendly material.
  • Deko Bond Ssangkom. This composition can be used on any basis. Before starting work, you must carefully prepare the surface. It should be clean and dry. The peculiarity of this glue is that its use is allowed at high air temperature in the room. Full curing of the glue occurs in a day. Allowed to adjust the position of glued tiles for half an hour. The composition is safe for human health.
  • Homakoll 208. In the composition there are acrylic components. Suitable for bonding any surface except foam.Economical: under certain temperature conditions, about 1 kg of glue will be sufficient for surface treatment ranging from 2 to 4 square meters.

This is only a small part of the options presented in the construction market. In any case, the adhesive composition must be selected on the basis of individual needs: for example, quartzvinyl mixture can be worked on concrete.

How to make a solution?

The number of special tile adhesives is large, but there are very few ready-made compositions, therefore, it is often necessary to make the solution yourself. The best option is a cement mortar, for which cement and sand are taken in proportions of 1: 4. The dry mixture must be diluted with water to a creamy consistency. For a more reliable fixation of the tile, you can add glue to the PVA water in ratios of approximately 1: 18.

It is easier to work with specialized mastics and tile adhesives, but they can only be used on a perfectly flat surface that has been plastered or covered with paint based on any oil.

The way to work with most adhesives is indicated on the package., as well as conditions of use, as well as the necessary temperature conditions in the room.To work with a tile or cement mortar requires a special capacity, the value of which depends on the amount of work to be done. You need to put a small amount of dry funds into it, add water in small portions.

Then it is necessary to thoroughly mix the adhesive with a spatula, until the mass becomes homogeneous and stops flowing. Do not be sorry for this stage of time, because lumps can interfere with proper tile laying on the surface. If you need a lot of solution, you can use the construction mixer.

Rules for laying PVC tiles on glue

Always take tile with a margin. It should be 2-3 square meters more. Various damages may be caused, for example, during transportation or non-professional installation of the material. Works are performed at a temperature of +20 degrees. The tile itself must be stored at + 18-30 degrees. At least two days, he must lie in a warm room. Before laying tiles on glue, skirting boards are removed. The tile is adjusted in all respects to the walls, and only then it is re-closed with a plinth.

No need to save on the quality of materials, because it has long been known that the miser pays twice.It is not at all difficult to glue tiles at home. You only need to choose a quality solution for bonding. Thus, you extend the life of your flooring. Given the above recommendations, it is not difficult to do this.

How to do the laying of PVC tiles, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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