Gray tiles in the bathroom: sizes, colors and design ideas

Strictly but elegantly - this is how you can characterize gray tile in the bathroom. The palette of gray is huge - from dark to light shades, it is well combined with bright colors. For example, combined with yellow, red, turquoise, pink. Fashionable tandems can be listed endlessly. Due to this property, designers have long used gray color in interiors. In any room, the gray tonality will look appropriate and relevant, including in the bathrooms, regardless of their size.


Many are afraid of gray, thinking that he is boring, cold, alienated. In fact, gray is many-sided, has many shades, it is easy to create an interesting and balanced design project with it.

The most saturated of the palette is graphite, anthracite and wet asphalt. They are suitable for accents. For example, make the floor dark or single wall. This technique will help to properly distribute the shadow and light in the room, making it cozy and organic.

Dark shades are more often used in large rooms, since they will make the visual footage even smaller.

For any areas suitable palette - steel, dusty gray, silver, mouse, lead. Designers advise to pay attention to the gray color, gray-green, blue-gray, purple-gray.

But even with such universality, gray requires forethought and care. This is due, primarily, to the perception of gray color, which is influenced by the level of illumination (artificial light or natural). The second important point is the choice of furniture and accessories for a certain tonality. Therefore, when choosing a color, you need to consider several variants of various combinations, play with the combinations, do not be afraid to use more than two shades in the interior.


Gray is universal and suitable for many styles.

Minimalism - The best option for arranging a small bathroom. It is ideal in conditions of limited space, when you need to fit everything you need in a small area without losing functionality.

Gray color is fully consistent with the philosophy of minimalism. It is better to choose a large tile, and grouting - to match tile.

Loft embodies bohemian and modern art, it is concise and creative. In this style, designers advise to use tiles with imitation of brick, concrete, stone, metal. A minimum of luxury, a maximum of texture and style richness.

Art Deco - a collective direction, the synthesis of modern classics, futurism and modernism. Respectability of the interior is achieved through noble textures - natural stone or glossy metal, as well as a smoky color palette.

The spirit of the village, its charm and originality are emphasized Country or Provence. Gray tiles with imitation wood or plaster will look good in the bathroom.

Actual combinations

Gray is neutral, which is why designers like it so much. Taking it as a basis, you can create a variety of combinations.

The most popular combination is white. In order for the bathroom to shine, there is enough accent white blotches - wall panels, mosaic on the floor, white plumbing or furniture. Well with gray monochrome look beige, peach, green and lavender. They will add tenderness or bring notes of coolness.

If desired, gray tile combined with tiles of bright shades, such as yellow, pink, blue, green, These colors are cheerful and juicy. But black and brown will give the interior austerity and conservatism.

How to choose?

To make the right choice of ceramic tiles, you need to decide on three points:

  • color spectrum;
  • texture and texture;
  • the size.

    Innovative technologies allow you to create ceramics that imitate marble, concrete, stone, wood of various breeds, gloss, matte surface. Thanks to a wide range of bathroom can be made coarse, elegant, comfortable, modern or retro style.

    Designers, creating interior projects, love to "play" with textures. For example, walls paved with natural brick tiles and a glossy "metal" floor look original.

    Another designer trend is mosaic. The work of creating such an artistic element is painstaking, but the result is a true work of art.

    Panel in the style of graffiti or loft - for those who love the underground and modern trends.

    The choice of tile size depends on the size of the room, the design, the option of laying the tile.

    The shops feature tiles from 1 cm to 80 cm, square, rectangular, often manufacturers offer ready-made laying options (horizontally, vertically, herringbone, braided, diagonally, labyrinth) with a definite motif or ornament.

    The choice of various sizes of tile and its texture directly affects the spatial-visual perception of the room.

    So, the same room will look different if you lay a tile of 10x10 cm or 30x60 in it. Mosaic looks very different than the imitation of wooden boards.

    Beautiful examples of interiors

    Designers offer many options for gray tiling in the bathroom. Gray color is unique - it seems to be colorless, background, but at the same time concise and “friendly”. With it, you can create different interiors - monochrome, with bright accents or smooth transitions.

    • Here is a classic example of a combination of gray, rich turquoise, neutral white. They seem to be made for each other - gray calm is diluted with energetic bursts and balanced by white furniture and bathroom fixtures. In general, the bathroom is restrained, there is a pleasant refreshing coldness, geometric right angles, large tile, both on the walls and on the floor.
    • Elegant bathroom for connoisseurs of conservatism, here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, without excesses and heaps. Blue and blue have been added to gray. This is a cold color palette, but using mosaics and tiles with a smooth glossy texture creates a unique feeling of cleanliness and frosty comfort.
    • The option of finishing the gray tiles of a small bathroom. In this case, the shade is warm in combination with white elements of sanitary equipment. This combination visually makes the space wider, and the mirrors add light.
    • Loft style in its classic version. Imitation of brickwork on the one hand and plastered wall on the other - gray has a dirty tinge, emphasizing the urbanism and industrialism of the style.Yellow hanger puts a bright original accent.
    • Country style attracts with its color and rage of textures. The bathroom uses a tile with imitation stone, while it looks natural, with chips and scuffs, the furniture is made of wood, consonant with the color scheme. Despite the dark colors, this room looks cozy and comfortable.

    How to choose a tile in the bathroom, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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