Mediterranean style tiles: beautiful interior design

 Mediterranean style tiles: beautiful interior design

In the modern world, the Mediterranean style is most often used for finishing the bathroom, kitchen, living room. The room in this interior looks subtle, elegant and aristocratic. In order to accurately convey the mood of this style, it is important to choose the right type of tile, its size and shape, to choose a harmonious combination of colors in the interior. All this work is not so simple and requires considerable effort and attention from the owner of the room.

Special features

Mediterranean style is inherent in the southern coast of Europe. The coastal lands of Spain, Italy and Greece are washed in turquoise waters, bathed in hot sun, saturated with sea breeze, filled with many scents and flowers.This energy fills the housing of these lands and creates a carefree and light atmosphere in them. Colors, textures, materials are used the same as in the surrounding nature - terracotta earth, facing rough stone, wood.

In this combination and atmosphere, light, warm and natural Mediterranean style tiles are born. It is suitable for both floor and wall covering.


The rich colors of the region are displayed in the Mediterranean-style tile design. Yellow, orange, deep red - sunset colors. Blue, cornflower blue, purple (eggplant), shades of green - local flowering landscapes.

Usually two basic color schemes are used. White, shades of blue, blue, turquoise are more characteristic of the living room, bedroom. Terracotta, rich red, ocher yellow, cream - this is a characteristic palette for the kitchen, bathroom.

You can choose the palette you like the most.

Wall and floor decoration

In the Greek version of the style, the walls are lined with white tiles, while the texture of the wall remains rough. In Italian, several colors and materials of decoration are used, for example, decorative plaster, mosaic tiles, wall paintings - imitation of frescoes.Fireplace or wall can be decorated with rough tiles, made under natural stone.

With this material the wall is partially lined or laid out completely.

Majolica ceramic tile is one of the characteristic materials for wall decoration. not only in classical English, but also in the Mediterranean style. Majolica-lined kitchen apron, bathroom walls become a real piece of design art.

To cover the floor in this style most often choose ceramic tile, marble mosaic or ceramic granite.

In the Greek version of the design you can see textured tiles that are made under light wood.

How to care?

Ceramic tiles in the Mediterranean style must be carefully looked after, otherwise it will lose its brilliance, beauty and elegance. In the bathroom, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth from dust, and then go for a glass cleaner without alcohol. This will add freshness and shine. In the kitchen, where the tile is exposed to grease and soot, it will be more difficult to get rid of dirt.

The main thing is not to scrape stains from ceramic tiles with an iron brush,it will simply scratch it, subsequently the tile will lose shine and the whole Mediterranean entourage will lose its beauty and uniqueness.

It is strictly forbidden to use detergent of high acidity. and with lye in the composition. It will corrode the glaze coating, and then destroy, crumble the top enamel. It is necessary to use weakly alkaline detergents diluted with water. Next, the fat should be removed with a soft bristled brush or sponge. Grout can be washed with weak alkaline detergents.

But it is best to keep the ceramic tile clean and often wash it with a simple soap solution in order to avoid such troubles in the future.

Interesting options

For the bathroom fit the so-called water shades. Charming turquoise and gentle azure shades are always associated with gentle sea and relaxation. Among the collections of tile for the bathroom, you can find dozens of different proposals in suitable shades.

You can choose any color - from delicate blue to rich dark green.

For the kitchen in this style, the number one choice is, of course, tile, stylized as a patchwork and having a corresponding ornament.This tile can be easily decorated kitchen apron or highlight the accent wall in the room.

Products with a print under the sea pebbles will be suitable for living quarters in your house or apartment. Today it is a popular choice among buyers for finishing the floor, for example, in the bedroom. If the interior has some features of the Mediterranean style, then you can emphasize them with tiles "under the tree."

But in this case, the impression should be that the wooden boards were burned out under the scorching sun.

Ceramic tile with uneven edges is most suitable for the floor. It is very similar to clay tiles, which have already become traditional in many styles. It will help you recreate the atmosphere of a Mediterranean home. Such products can even be called designer. This is quite a popular choice for flooring the kitchen or living room, especially true in country houses.

Such tiles can also be found in the interiors in the Scandinavian and Japanese styles.

The variety of Mediterranean style will help to emphasize elegance, grace and aristocracy. or give peace, harmony and cozy atmosphere.Choosing a tile for finishing the room in this direction, you choose not only the style and beauty, but also practicality and ease of care.

You can find out more about the Mediterranean-style tile from the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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