How to choose a tile for a toilet?

An oversized toilet room needs a clean, sometimes even in a sterile environment, so the most ideal option is to decorate its surfaces with beautiful tiles. Ceramic or stone products in the form of honeycombs or mosaics is a durable material that is easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles can be found in a fairly wide range of colors, it can be with a pattern, convex texture, surfaces of glass and mirrors.

Features and benefits

There are many options for facing a modern toilet; the most popular solution is to buy tiles. If you purchase at once you acquire quality material, you will save a lot of time for the implementation of the repair, avoid the need for fitting unusual parameters and in the endGet a stylish interior of your toilet.

Tile that is chosen for finishing the toilet or bathroom, has many advantages.

  • This is a completely harmless material that does not have any harmful components.
  • Ceramic products are stable, help to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom at an excellent level, without losing the original appearance.
  • Offers many options for decoration. Using tile you can transform any room and hide certain flaws.
  • Democratic value.

Ceramic tiles will allow you to finish the bathroom in the most extensive range of colors. The material may have a glass or mirror surface, an image or stylish textured elements. The huge model range allows you to opt for the option that will long please the excellent view of the owners of the apartment.

For the bathroom, the walls of which are not very smooth, with asymmetry or have an arch, the best installation option is mosaic. Oversized rooms are best to make out bright colors with gloss.

Many consumers for some reason believe that for the correct choice of finishing material is quite stylish design and suitableSpectrum colors.

Also, professionals give other significant advice on the selection of tiles, which is worth listening.

  • Floor products for sanitary facilities will be quite weighty and will not be able to be used for mounting on walls, as they will not hold onto vertical walls;
  • it is also better not to apply light tile for walls, as it is also a floor covering, besides it is very slippery;
  • it makes no sense to buy products that are intended more for public toilets, since you will not use your own bathroom so often.


In the building stores you can find products released for the floor, you can buy stylish wall tiles, as well as beautiful fixtures for the ceiling.

Materials for floors are considered the most resistant to shocks, have anti-slip properties. Tiles for walls are much lighter than floor products, while they are much more fragile and rather slippery - using them as a floor option is not entirely safe. Tiles can also be found on the market, which is best applied at low temperatures, as well as special collections for public bathrooms: such products have good resistance to wear, and they are also of high strength.The cost of these materials is much higher, for this reason, picking up tiles for the toilet, these materials simply do not need to pay their attention.

Mosaic products

The mosaic has a number of significant advantages in front of the usual tiles - it is suitable for finishing smooth or concave, arched or convex, as well as asymmetric surfaces.

Ornaments, geometric patterns and even whole panels with original images are laid out of the mosaic.

A small mosaic is made of ceramic, and it can also be made of glass, with planes of mirror and steel, one piece at a time or whole heavy blocks.

Porcelain stoneware

This is a material of high-strength ceramics, it is more often chosen for decorating floors, but most recently it is quite popular as a resistant wall decoration material. Porcelain tile is very convenient for installation. Tiles made of this material are often of large size, unlike ordinary tile, and therefore the wall decoration is much faster.

A huge selection of tones and colors will help to find the best option for the design of a modern interior in any desired style.The increased dimensions of the materials will help to carry out the installation very quickly. It is interesting to look at when the floor and the lower part of the wall are trimmed with one color, and the upper half of the wall with a different color. Original look facing ceramic granite, which simulates a wooden coating.

Textured tile

Convex tiles can have many colors and shapes. Nowadays, it is produced by almost all well-known manufacturers in a rather large assortment. With the help of such products it is possible to provide not only color, but also textured diversity in the design of a bathroom of any size. The price of textured tiles is usually higher than classic smooth ceramic models, but the stunning effect of the finish will be worth it.

Colorful products

Tile with drawings or ornaments has been chosen for wall decoration for a long time, because it is one of the brightest and nontrivial types of finishing materials.

When using colored material, you can give any mood to the bathroom room, emphasize its specific areas, highlight the entire perimeter or even individual objects in the interior, bathroom fittings.

Tile "subway"

Most often used another name for this type of product - "hog." With tiles made of ceramics and stone, marble and granite, glass and mirrors, you can decorate surfaces that imitate brickwork. This is the usual option for facing the walls and floors of bathrooms and toilets, aprons in the kitchen, which will never become unfashionable.

Color solutions

For small rooms, light colors of products are more preferable, they allow you to significantly expand the space and much easier to experience their condition in confined areas.

When making the bathroom is important to choose the right color of the material. The choice of color should directly depend on the size of the toilet room. When choosing a product, you need to follow certain rules: the smaller the room, the colder the color solutions should be. Warmer tones (green) visually make the room smaller.

A more diverse interior will make the right composition of two colors.

A series of decorative elements or rows of bathroom tiles arranged vertically will create the visual effect of a large room. Usually for small rooms, experts advise choosing mostly lightthe colors are white and cream, silver and pale blue, warm lemon and light pink, lilac and pale emerald. So that the interior does not look too monotonous, you can use a combination of two main tones, for example, blue with silver or white with black.

For floors, you can choose darker shades, but not too bright, such as brown and gray. If you want to put a tile with an interesting ornament, let it be a horizontal type. Vertical design can greatly narrow the room, however, significantly raising the level of the ceiling.

Design and shape

Most often, ceramic products are made in the shape of a square or rectangle. Large products are used for facing large public toilets. The choice of sizes and textural features of the material that is used to finish the walls is virtually endless. The tile sometimes has small sizes (in the form of a mosaic) or very large, maybe with a pleasant smooth or significantly corrugated plane, be of a single tone or colored in several colors at once, it is matte or glossy, and often mirror.

There are several of the most popular options for mounting products.

  • Classical. The easiest installation option. With this method, the products are placed as closely as possible to each other and parallel to the walls. Thus, the correct and accurate drawing turns out. For such masonry materials are often chosen in the form of a square or rectangle. To diversify the classic version will help the choice of tile of more than two colors and its laying in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Diagonal masonry. This option is carried out on the basic method, here the tile is placed not horizontally, but diagonally. It turns out one of the most difficult, but also the most spectacular lining options. For masonry diagonal selected tile in the form of a square, most often one tone, but sometimes you can find a combination of tiles of various shapes and colors.

This method will not only visually expand the parameters of the room, as it will help to hide small flaws and wall roughness.

  • "Brick" styling. This method is chosen most often for rectangular tiles, when the tiles do not fit the seam into the seam, but with a minor run-up. The original version, which allows you to move away from the classic options for laying tiles and decorate the room in moreurban style. Very often in this design laid out the tile called "pig".
  • Herringbone. Option of laying in the style of parquet. Rectangular products are used for it. The most interesting of this kind of option looks in a single-color design, painted under a tree. This method is used for both wall and floor products.
  • The combined type of laying. With this method, coatings are put by various methods. Or another option: part of the walls can be laid out in a classic style, and the second part - the option of "haunting".
  • Modular option. This is one of the most beautiful options for decorating an oversized room. Most often this method is used for flooring. The tile must be laid out in modules, for this tile selected in different sizes or colors.
  • And it is also often possible to come across such a design option as a panel - when a separate zone with a pattern is used on the wall.

Manufacturers Overview

You can choose a good and inexpensive material from such a well-known Belarusian manufacturer as Keraminbecause it is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in the European part of the world.

Plaza Factory among the five largest companies in Spain engaged in the production of ceramic products. The company's products - ceramic tiles for walls, floors, and porcelain - enjoy the deserved respect of consumers all over the world.

Mayolica ceramics won the recognition of consumers due to the high quality of the goods and original design solutions.

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles under the brand Cersanit produced in Russia (the former factory "Lira-Ceramics"), in Ukraine and in Poland.

A-ceramica is one of the best suppliers of Chinese ceramic tiles to foreign markets.

Cerabati Company is one of the oldest ceramic tile manufacturing enterprises in France. Since 1955, Cerabati has been part of such a world leader in tile production, like the Marazzi Group.

Currently, Cerabati manufactures single-fired white clay tiles for facing walls and floors, which makes it particularly durable and of high quality.

What to consider when choosing?

Ceramic material for toilet decoration is purchased with a margin; no one canceled the options for entering rejects or spoilage during trimming. Traditional masonry is more economical, it is enough to purchase 10-15% of the material from above on the calculated volume.Diagonal option is better to insure 20% of the stock of the product.

To find a good tile for the bathroom, you need to correctly calculate the features of the room, the need for decoration of plinths, under-door space, finishing communications and a funnel pipe.

To ensure a long service life of the tile and its excellent appearance, you need to pay attention to such points:

  • the plane - the complexity of installation of a tile will directly depend on this indicator;
  • diagonal - this rather important criterion is measured by a tape measure at once among several tiles used;
  • glaze - to inspect such tiles better against the light, so you can see the mesh of small cracks, which can resemble a cobweb.

How to put yourself?

To properly lay the tile on the bathroom floor, first of all you need to know that the flooring starts from the door and towards the opposite side.

Classical masonry large tiles, depending on the parameters of the room can be in two versions. In a small area it is better to lay 1 tile in the center, and then trim along the sides. A spacious room will allow to put 2 tiles in different directions from the line in the center, using trimming on the sides if necessary.

The optimal width of the gaps between the tiles should be at least 2 mm, to comply with the dimensions, you can use plastic crosses, which are installed between the tiles.

After laying the tiles on the floor of the toilet, time is needed for the mortar to harden. The period of complete drying is 2-3 days, it depends on the air temperature in the apartment.

In order to properly tile the walls of the bathroom, you need to adhere to the condition that finishing work should start from the side walls of the door.

The first tile is laid strictly along the marked lines, then the finishing moves to the end wall. Do not forget to regularly monitor the vertical and horizontal levels.

Facing the room above the doorway is made using a rail that is fixed horizontally above the door itself.

After facing the side walls, you can go to the end. Facing produced in two versions. The first - from the seam in the center of the room with a divergence in the sides. The second is the movement from the free angle to the riser. So the material will be spent more economically. Ugly pieces of tile covered with a box where the closure of the pipes.

At the last stage of finishing the bathroom can be done grouting.

Combination with other materials

Very often you can see the combination of tiles with other types of coatings, which will make your toilet even more stylish and harmoniously decorated. The most common options for combining tiles with wallpaper.

Here the main rule is to correctly choose the texture and color of both coatings so that they look as spectacular as possible.

And also often there are options for decorating the walls of the toilet, where tiles and wall panels will meet at the same time. Best of all, this combination looks when each wall is finished with different types of coatings.

Examples in the interior

Many craftsmen claim that the glossy tiles in the toilets of a small size looks more advantageous. However, matte tiles at least not inferior in glossy entertainment.

Apply a tile that is decorated in the style of "patchwork" for facing oversized rooms and expensive, and too colorful. But to decorate some planes of the apartment, especially those areas that are exposed to moisture and frequent pollution - a pottery with a picture will work best.

The colorful drawing will help to get a variety of tint variants of the bathroom, will give the room a positive mood and airiness.

Ceramic tiles and mosaics perfectly complement each other, this is not the most catchy, but stylish union looks great in the interiors of small bathrooms.

The black and white colors, used in a staggered manner, do not look quite original, but the result of the design for many ordinary people is quite nice.

On how to choose ceramic tiles for the bath and toilet, see the following two parts of the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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