Technical characteristics of the grout Mapei

 Technical characteristics of the grout Mapei

The building materials market offers a wide range of products from different manufacturers. If we talk about Italian companies, one of the most popular is Mapei, which for many years has been offering its products in Europe.

Today in Russia there are two plants where products of this brand are made, and standard mixtures can be attributed to it, based on cement or gypsum. They are designed to fill the seams, as well as their protection and renewal.

Special features

Mapei grout is offered in a wide range, but whatever type you choose, you can be sure that this is one of the best representatives in your field.

This product has a number of positive characteristics, has many advantages. These include increased durability, dirt-repellent function and durability. For many years, the grout will not fade, it is not affected by temperature changes, high humidity and climatic conditions. It retains its water repellent quality with elasticity, which is one of the main advantages.

The compositions are presented in different versions and are designed for finishing seams. This is a decorative material that has found wide application in its field.


Qualified professionals working in the field of construction and repairs prefer to use Mapei grout for a number of reasons:

  • first of all, it dries quickly, so the time to complete the task is reduced;
  • you can not worry about the formation of fungus, as the moisture resistance rate is increased;
  • such mixtures are suitable for use in a chemically aggressive environment;
  • grout can be applied both outside and during internal work.

Scope of use

During the cladding of the facades of buildings and finishing indoors, different types of materials are used.The consumer chooses them from personal preferences, paying attention to performance. The range has ceramic tiles of different types, as well as natural stone, which is great for decoration. But whatever material is used, it is necessary to choose a grout that performs the function of filler joints.

The mixture increases the strength of the base and can be both translucent and color, depending on the classification.

The palette is wide, so you can choose under the peculiarities of interior design or landscape design. For the repair of frescoes or restoration of monuments, experts often resort to using Mapei grout, which does its job at the highest level.

The mixture contains fillers, pigments, polymers, binders, and various additives that, in combination, provide the best performance.

Distinctive characteristics of the grout

During the filling of the seams, the material becomes thinner, so during the preparation the mixture should be slightly thicker, since it is necessary to count on a change in consistency.

Sometimes experts add dry material to the finished batch.The remaining features of the grout can be attributed to the rapid setting, which in any type of mixture begins in about twenty minutes. And if the master does not have time to bring the seam to the final state, it will be difficult to make a correction.

Durability can be called the main advantage of Italian material, so it is in demand during the finishing of facades and outdoor areas, for example, terraces or balconies.


The varieties of grout Mapei include Ultracolor Plus. It is a fast-setting suture filler that dries quickly and does not form efflorescences. It is distinguished by the effect of water repellency, and it is also well resistant to the occurrence of a fungus, therefore, it is often used when facing pools. Mix is ​​suitable for work with different types of a tile, a mosaic from marble or glass, and also a natural stone. Uniform color is guaranteed, there will be no efflorescence on the surface. The seams will be clean and presentable over the years.

If the finishing material is purple, you need to find the same shade. Therefore, in this case, the best choice would be a grout with the number 162, it is universal, it dries quickly and is offered at an affordable price.One of the most popular can be considered a mixture of 113, it has a gray color, so it fits most varieties of tiles and mosaics. Among the universal can be attributed grout Ultracolor Plus 132 beige shade.

Ultracolor Plus
Ultracolor Plus 113
Ultracolor Plus 132

If you choose white lining and want to buy a placeholder of the same color, then choose the number 103He has the necessary characteristics. The grout is called the “white moon”, it sets quickly, is affordable and dries within three hours. For work with glass and marble mosaic, for lining pools and rooms with high humidity, it is recommended to purchase the mixture under number 111. Products are offered in silver-gray color.

The white contains a mixture of Ultracolor Plus 100. It is a highly effective solution that quickly solidifies.

Suitable for working with stone materials, mosaics and other types of cladding products.

Ultracolor Plus 103
Ultracolor Plus 111
Ultracolor Plus 100

Epoxy grout

One of the representatives of this species is Kerapoxy design. It is a two component blend for tile joints. The filler is offered in a range of twenty-six colors, among which you can find turquoise, green, pink, purple, various shades of blue, beige and so on. And also suitable for working with different types of tiles and facing stone.For registration of dairy productions, wineries, canneries such mix is ​​used.

If you need to provide increased resistance to acids in workshops and enterprises, you can safely buy such a material.

It is possible to refer to a high-quality polymer modified by polymers Keracolor FF. It is created on a cement base, different water-repellent effect. For applications include interior and exterior cladding, flooring, swimming pools, bathrooms and so on. The seams are not contaminated, so they look presentable for many years.

If you mix the grout with a latex additive, the characteristics are further improved, so the mixture will be strong, it will cope with a high load during operation.

What to remove suture material?

If you need to flush the grout, it is important to select the appropriate material that will cope with the task quickly and easily. There is a wide range of products on the market, but leader can be called Cleanerbest suited to complete the task. The cleaner easily copes with the removal of epoxy residues from this manufacturer. But it is important to remember that it removes only small traces. It is a liquid product that, when used, does not emit harmful substances.

To fill the expansion joints, experts recommend the use of a sealant, where the base is silicone, it copes with the load and solves the problem of the appearance of fungus or dirt. Suitable for working with different types of facing materials, it is offered in a transparent version and in many color shades.


After the tile is laid, whether it is outside or indoors, it is necessary to do the grouting. The filler affects the appearance of the surface, ensures durability, protecting it from dirt and moisture. Using the mixture, you can correct irregularities, mask defects, and also emphasize the presentability of the lining.

During the search for material it is important to consider the recommendations of experts. First you need to decide on the scope and characteristics of the room.

Color selection

This is an important point, as it is necessary to achieve harmony in the design, so it is important to determine the shade that will be combined with the finishing material.Since Mapei offers products where the color gamut is extensive, the options are numerous. The palette allows you to select the appropriate type of grouting tile, mosaic or any kind of stone.

The color of the joints plays an important role in decoration, as it affects the aesthetic perception of the surface. To quickly determine the purchase, listen to a few tips. Pay attention to the tone of the tile or stone to get a universal design. If the lining is light or white, choose the same placeholder. To visually increase the space, this option will be one of the best.

When tile is installed with a smooth transition of color, better suited low-key tonealthough some prefer to play on contrasts. Black grout with one-color lining, especially white ceramic, will look beautiful. If you choose mosaic tiles, the mixture should be a dull color, as the composition of the finish and so it looks great.

How to calculate aggregate consumption?

During the purchase of suture grout, you must first determine its quantity. To do this, you need to understand some aspects.For accurate calculations do not need to independently conduct calculations.

The manufacturer on the packaging always indicates the consumption of material, so you can use these numbers. Today it is enough to use an electronic calculator to get the result. It is only necessary to know such indicators of facing material as its length, width, thickness, as well as the width of the seam, after which the system will immediately show the figure, and you can purchase the right amount of the mixture per m².

How to use suture filler?

Instructions for use Mapei grout simple. It must be prepared in the following proportion - one hundred parts of the mixture to twenty-one parts of water. In the bucket with the material already has a second component, which is added to the base before starting work. This mass must be slowly mixed using a building mixer. In some cases, you may need to add a component or pigment if you want to achieve a certain shade.

As for the ratio of substances, this is indicated in the technical manual. After five minutes it is necessary to repeat the mixing.

The substance becomes dense and viscous, it is important to use it for forty-five minutes.

The grout is applied with a rubber spatula, and then rubbed with a regular sponge. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, the seams are filled, and the excess material is removed without problems. After an hour you need to use a wet sponge to iron the seams. Excess can be easily removed with plain water. You can use the grout yourself, the instruction manual is simple.

Summarizing, we can say that products of the Italian brand Mapei are not in vain in great demand. Suture filler is presented in a wide range and has a number of positive characteristics, suitable for all types of facing materials.

After examining consumer reviews, it becomes clear that for grouting joints this is one of the best options.

The technology of applying the Mapei grout is presented in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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