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Alvitek is a Russian company engaged in the production of home textiles. It was founded in 1996 and gained extensive experience in the production of bedding. The main products of the company: blankets and pillows, mattresses and mattress covers. Also, in addition to the main products, Alvitek manufactures special fillers for blankets, insulation for jackets and workwear. The company is engaged not only in retail, but also in wholesale trade. It has its own retail network in Russia and ensures that all customers are satisfied with their purchases.


The company's products are made of the following materials: cotton, flax, goose and camel down, buckwheat husks, sheep and camel wool. All products of the organization have been certified and meet the standards. Alvitek company produces such products that will create convenience and comfort in the house during sleep and rest.

The main types of products manufactured by the organization are as follows:

  • pillows Alvitek are made from natural materials and are of high quality. They do not absorb odor, are easily washed and do not serve as a source for the reproduction of bacteria and ticks;
  • mattress toppers Made from wool and synthetic fillers. They are convenient to use, as they have a rubber band, and are also notable for their softness and convenience;
  • blankets Alvitek is made in such a way that each person can choose a product that would fit him in height, body weight and even age.

All blankets are divided into several categories, depending on the extent to which they retain heat. This is influenced by the weight of the filler, which is contained in the products.

The following categories of blankets are distinguished:

  • Classic blanket. It is the warmest of all types of products. It is perfect for cold winter days and protects against diseases such as colds. This veil has the greatest weight of filler and therefore retains heat best of all;
  • All season blanket. This type of product is different in that it can be suitable for any season: both cold and warm. It is standard, so it can easily be used in both cool summer and early winter;
  • Summer blanket. This type of product is the easiest and has the least weight of filler.It is perfect for the warm season, but will not be able to save from extreme cold. This blanket is almost not felt on the body, it is very comfortable and convenient to use.
All season

Blankets Collections

Alvitek blankets are divided into different collections depending on what they were made on. One of the most sought after are the following collections:

  • Holfit - collection made from environmentally friendly fiber. All models of "Holfit" have such features as heat resistance and durability, they do not cause allergies and practical in operation. Products have bright colors and are also divided into different types depending on the season;
  • Gobi - collection made of camel down. It is known for its healing qualities and has a healing effect not only on the human skin, but also on the muscles and joints of the body. This down is extracted by combing the camel by hand. Another feature of this product is the ability to hold air. This allows you to maintain body temperature and, in addition, the blanket absorbs water, which helps the human body to remain dry.In addition, all Gobi models are treated against ticks. Products of this collection have a monophonic, light brown color;
  • "Eucalyptus" - This is a collection whose products contain eucalyptus-based fibers. Because of this, bedspreads have antimicrobial properties. They also affect the person, allowing his body to breathe, which contributes to a peaceful and healthy sleep. These products are made of natural cotton and have a white color. The “Eucalyptus” blanket is presented in three types: classical, all-season and light;
  • "Corn" - This collection is made from real corn kernels. The greatest feature of such products is their hypoallergenic. This is a great option for those who are allergic to downy products. Blankets made from corn fibers have properties such as durability, elasticity, softness and durability against various contaminants. These bedspreads are white in color.

Due to its elasticity, corn fiber products easily return their shape during various deformations.


Alvitek products can be purchased in a regular store or online.Here not only ordinary people are bought, but also wholesale companies for resale. All buyers who want to leave feedback can go to the forum and share their impressions about the company's products. Alvitek has many positive reviews from grateful customers and is committed to ensuring that all customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Some models of children's blankets Alvitek company you can see in the video below.

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