Flannelette blankets

Today, warm and high-quality flannelette blankets are presented in a large assortment. They can be found in any store or market. Such cozy things are issued not only for adults, but also for the smallest. Duvet covers contribute to healthy sleep and proper rest, which makes them indispensable components of a comfortable bed.

What is and what is made of?

The flannel is a very warm thing that is lightweight. That is why such products are often sold in children's stores. The composition of flannelette blankets includes only natural and hypoallergenic components. Before buying such a product, you should carefully examine its composition. If synthetic fibers are present in it, then it is better to refuse it, since the main component of such things is organic cotton.

In the process of production, natural raw cotton is thoroughly cleaned from any litter and twisted into yarn. It is from this raw material that the threads are formed, which are then collected in reels. All processes occur with the use of special equipment. If, as a result, it is planned to make a colored product, then all the threads are pre-painted in the desired tone. But today in the stores you can meet products that still contain synthetics, but in very small quantities (no more than 20-30%).

Such options are more durable, dense and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Duvet covers have been very popular for many years:

  • They differ environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic. Today, not every thing boasts such characteristics. Often these products are bought for cots. The flannelette blankets are absolutely safe, so babies are often covered with them.
  • Similar options possess excellent breathability. Below them is not too stuffy and uncomfortable. Despite this, under these blankets you can easily and quickly warm up.High-quality cotton options perfectly absorb moisture and do not get wet.
  • Many buyers choose such instances because of their lightness. Most varieties of warm blankets are quite heavy. Diving models do not fall under this description.
  • Another significant advantage of such blankets is affordable cost especially when compared with other models.
  • It is worth noting attractive appearance of the bike products. They can be used not only as a warm blanket, but also as a cozy rug or bedspread on a bed or sofa.
  • A distinctive feature of such things is their compactness. The flannelette blankets are very easy to fold, but they are not crumpled and deformed. They can easily be placed in a small closet or a linen drawer built into the bed. Such things are ideal for long journeys, as they can be put even in a compact suitcase or travel bag.
  • Natural fabric is very pleasant and soft to the touch. These blankets do not prick at all and do not irritate the skin. Such characteristics are appreciated by both adult users and children of all ages.
  • Really quality products distinguished by durability. Over time, they do not lose their attractive appearance, especially if they provide decent care.

There are no serious shortcomings of organic cotton blankets. Problems with such things can arise only in case of improper washing. A thing can become tough and unpleasant to the touch.


Most often in stores there are children's flannelette blankets. Similar options are softer and more delicate to the touch. They are suitable for children of all ages and have excellent comfort characteristics.

Modern manufacturers produce a variety of models of flannel blankets for children. They can be painted in bright colors or be complemented by a variety of prints of children's themes. Adult varieties of natural blankets are in great demand. These include the classic home models. Most often they are jacquard or one and a half.

As a rule, the appearance of such products is simple and concise. They can also be painted in different colors, but intricate patterns or drawings on them, of course, do not cause. However, you can pick up a thing with simple floral or geometric motifs.These options look beautiful and interesting in the interior. Another type of flannelette are army blankets.

Such products are ideal for military conditions, as they are unpretentious in care, do not crumple and perfectly warm.


Warm flannelette blankets are available in various sizes:

  • Children's products can have different sizes. The smallest options usually have a length and width of 70x100 cm. Such things are suitable not only for cots, but also for wheelchairs. There are also specimens with larger dimensions. Their sizes can be 100x90, 100x140, 100x150, 110x140 cm or 150x150 cm.
  • One and half sleeping blankets most often available with a length and width of 150x200, 140x205 cm. These options are suitable for both teenagers and older people. Often, a one and a half-sleeping blanket is decorated with simple prints: checkered compositions or contrasting patterns. Also very popular are tri-color products.
  • Double warm blanket most often available in sizes 200x200 cm. Such things are ideal for double beds. They are often bought for furniture, the size of which is 160x200 cm.


If you want to get a really high-quality, warm and soft blanket, then you should choose products from popular and well-known manufacturers. Let's get acquainted with some of them:

  • "Ermolino" This company boasts an elegant assortment of various flannelette blankets. They have different colors and prints. However, Yermolino produces only small single versions and very small blankets for the tiniest users.
  • "Shuisky". This company offers the choice of consumers high-quality natural blankets of all sizes. It is possible to pick up a suitable copy both for small, and for a spacious bed.
  • "Ivanovo". This manufacturer is one of the most famous in the Russian market. In branded stores "Ivanovo" you can meet a large number of different models, presented in six sizes at once.
  • Veletex. The range of this brand and its dimensional grid in many ways resembles “Ivanovo”. Veletex products are presented in different price categories.
  • "OTC Russia". This manufacturer produces high-quality baby blankets from naturalcotton In the company's assortment there are beautiful models of delicate colors, decorated with images of animals and flowers.
  • "Bivik". This brand offers the choice of consumers both children's and adult flannelette blankets with checkered prints. Branded products "Bivik" is very popular because it has excellent quality and is inexpensive.
  • Polocron. Under the name of this brand are produced beautiful side blankets of various sizes, from children to double. All products are made from organic cotton.
"OTC Russia"

How to choose a high quality blanket?

Before buying a quality and soft flannelette blanket, you need to decide on its size. All products are divided into three main groups:

  • children;
  • one and a half-sleeping;
  • double

The smallest are, of course, blankets for children. If you buy a model for a child, it is better to give preference to the option of positive colors. An interesting blanket, complete with beautiful images, will also do. Do not choose too bright and colorful model. This applies not only to children, but also adult things.Such options will excite the nervous system, as well as interfere with the rapid sleep and proper rest.

Do not rush to buy a thing until you familiarize yourself with its composition. As a rule, it is applied to the label. In a natural quality product must contain cotton. Do not buy blankets with a high content of synthetic fibers. They should not be more than 30% in the composition.

It is recommended to buy such products in high-quality stores with a good reputation. Most often in such outlets there are products of well-known companies.

Care rules

If you want to extend the life of your favorite flannelette blanket and keep its appearance, then it is worth provide proper care:

  • Before washing, you should once again familiarize yourself with the label on the product. This is to ensure that the blanket consists of organic cotton. Such things are recommended to be washed in the “cotton” mode. If the composition of things there are fibers of wool or viscose, then it is more suitable for such modes as "wool" or "delicate wash."
  • Wash these blankets can be made in a typewriter, and manually.As a rule, cotton items increase in volume during washing, but the side products do not become too large due to modest dimensions and air structure. They will not swell even if they absorb large amounts of water.
  • You can use various means. Ideal powders or gels. Baikovo fabric perfectly tolerates fragrances and conditioners.
  • We must not forget that the water temperature during washing should not exceed 40 degrees. This is due to the fact that such material can sit in high temperature conditions. Often, flannelette blankets that were washed in hot water not only become much smaller, but also lose their shape.
  • For such things, ideal is the mode of washing children's clothes. In such conditions, the blanket will not be injured and will remain after drying as fluffy as before.

How to make flannelette blankets, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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