Baiket blankets for newborns

A newborn baby needs warmth even in summer, since infants have imperfect mechanisms for regulating body temperature. But some parents, trying to save the child from hypothermia, muffle him in such a way that overheating occurs - a no less dangerous condition.

The baby should be comfortable, not hot, so from the first days it should be worn in things made from natural, soft, breathable fabrics. This also applies to bedding. The baby will not need a pillow soon, but a flannel blanket will be necessary. Among the abundance of modern materials, it stands out with 100% natural composition and amazing softness.

Some facts about the origin of tissue

The fabric has a long history. It was first mentioned in 1668. For tens of centuries in a row, it has been used for sewing children's underwear, blankets and diapers. In blankets from the bike, parents walked the children to the distant 40s of the year.and, after so many years, modern moms and dads do it.

All because the bike is endowed with many advantages, allowing it not to lose popularity against the backdrop of a mass of innovative fabrics for sewing children's blankets. There is no reason to compete with the flannel because of its impressive characteristics.?

Thanks to them, flannelette things will never disappear from the everyday life of families where small children are growing up.

Characteristics of children's models

In the past, there were times when the blankets from the bikes were produced in several colors and did not differ in the variety of patterns. The current flannelette blankets are produced by new technologies, so now it is possible to choose a product according to individual preferences.

Purchase such a blanket is certainly necessary, because it:

  • Lung. Under it will be comfortable even for the smallest and fragile baby.
  • Soft Matter is tactilely pleasant for the delicate skin of a newborn. Small soft fibers do not cause irritation and allergies, do not roll, do not break off. There is no risk of lint getting into the respiratory tract and on the mucous membrane of the mouth and eye of an infant.
  • Warm Suitable for walking on a cool summer evening and replace rugs at home.
  • Durable. The dense cloth differs in high durability and allows to operate a blanket decades. Numerous washes do not affect the quality characteristics of the fabric. After several years of service, the material remains soft and colorful, the product retains its original form.
  • Affordable. Buying a flannelette blanket is affordable for a family with a modest budget, and the acquisition will serve more than one year. Often it is passed on to the next newborn in the family and even peredarivat grandchildren.
  • Unpretentious. Does not need special conditions for washing and drying. The automatic machine will cope with any pollution on the flannelette fabric.
  • Colorful. Looks great in itself, you can save on the purchase of a duvet cover. The range of colors allows you to choose the right theme for a child of any gender and age category.
  • Universal. You can use a blanket in the crib, in the stroller, in the arena, lay on the floor for the games of the grown-up baby. It is convenient to take with you on trips, as it does not take up much space, does not crumple and heats well, without causing sweating.
  • Bike - a fabric that is perfectly breathable, so it will not cause prickly heat on the baby’s body.


Previously, the industry observed in the production of uniform GOSTs, and now manufacturers are free to independently establish what the products will be. In domestic factories there are various lines, most of them imported, which differ in the metric system. Thus, the buyer has a choice of blankets to fit. Children's blankets of the following dimensions are mainly on sale: the minimum width is from 80 cm, the maximum is 120 cm, with the minimum length from 100 cm and the maximum up to 140 cm.

The product is selected taking into account the length of the crib, parameters of height and weight of the baby, its age or under the size of the bed linen.

If you buy a blanket exactly according to the growth of the child, there is a chance that in a dream it will roll and crawl, but under a too large blanket, sleep can become uncomfortable. It is better to make measurements of the crib or stroller before buying and ask the seller in the store to choose the optimal size of the blanket. Baikov products are inexpensive, so it is more convenient to buy different options for walking in a wheelchair and using it while sleeping at home.

Fabric structure

Not passing popularity of flannelette blankets is associated primarily with their composition.The flannelette is 100% natural cotton. Under the bike, the child’s sleep will be the most comfortable and childishly carefree.

Choosing a blanket from a bike, you must carefully study the information on the composition of the product. Today, some manufacturers add viscose to the bike, compose it with wool and other fibers. All additives must be displayed on the label.

In a blanket blanket, up to 5% of extraneous additives are allowed, otherwise it can no longer be considered that the fabric used for the manufacture is a bike.

Of course, adding wool makes the blanket warmer, but with such a fiber in the composition it can no longer be considered hypoallergenic.

Viscose gives greater hygroscopicity and shine of the fabric surface. It is more suitable for layout with a bike in children's blankets, since its fibers are made from natural wood.

The quality of a viscose fiber blanket is in no way inferior to a 100% cotton counterpart. Viscose is perfectly painted and gives the product elasticity, for which manufacturers like it.

On sale you can find jacquard children's flannelette blankets, characterized by a special way of weaving.A simple bike dyed in finished form with the use of safe and resistant dyes. And for weaving jacquard linen using multi-colored fibers. It turns out a clear pattern and textured surface.

Proper care

To preserve the pristine qualities of the flannelette matter and to avoid shrinking and discoloration of the fabric, it must be properly maintained. No difficulties with this. On the contrary, everything is extremely simple:

  • Wash at a temperature not higher than 40C.
  • Spin the product at minimum speed.
  • Ironing a non-hot iron - up to 150 C.
  • The elimination of the use of bleach.
  • It is preferable to wash with a liquid product for color fabrics without fragrances.
  • Strong spots need to be gently pre-washed.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations as indicated on the label of the bike product.
  • Do not tumble dry or in direct sunlight.

Cost of

The price of a blanket blanket set manufacturers and trade organization. Products of well-known brands are sold more expensive, while their products do not have unique differences from cheaper analogues.

The average cost of a colored blanket 110x140 cm is about 500 rubles, for a plain or traditional checkered design they are asked for 50 rubles less.A blanket of a well-known company will cost a couple hundred more, for example, the products of OTK or Yermoshka of identical size cost 650-680 rubles. There are blankets and 850 rubles per unit and more expensive options.


Today, one of the most famous manufacturers of children's flannel blankets can be considered the Kaluga enterprise "Ermolino". Barely inferior to him in the popularity of TM "Shuisky", offering a large number of models of different colors and sizes. The confidence of parents is caused by products from Ivanovo, a well-known manufacturer of flannelette blankets, offering each model in 6 dimensional versions. Domestic manufacturer Veletex also produces high-quality bed linen.

Prices for flannelette blankets for newborns are not particularly different, as well as the quality features of products.

Bike - material for all times and retains its characteristics with any production technology.

Parent reviews

Bike blankets praise our parents and grandmothers, they also note that the modern bike is not inferior to anything from which they sewed things for children a decade ago. Young mothers appreciate the bike for versatility - the ability to use everywhere and year-round.Grandmothers love her as a tribute to tradition.

Older children celebrate the unique softness and tenderness of matter, they like to sleep under a flannelette blanket in summer and winter. Diving cloth will easily replace the towel after bathing. It is convenient to lay on the changing table, to cover the child on trips, to take with him to family outings, to the clinic. A blanket from a fairy tale can serve its purpose not only for your children, but also for their descendants.

Feedback on this product is extremely positive and even enthusiastic. Each caring mother must have a blanket from the bike in her baby care arsenal.

You will learn more about flannelette blankets for newborns from the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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