Bamboo blankets: fashion or use?

A modern bamboo blanket is not just a tribute to another fashion for unusual bedding of a high degree of environmental friendliness, but in fact an extremely comfortable and practical thing, the use of which will bring you a lot of pleasure.

What is better than eucalyptus, holofiber, sheep wool and swan down?

Considering the fact that today bamboo products are very popular, it is necessary to thoroughly familiarize yourself with their basic quality characteristics before buying. what kind Advantages will give you its acquisition:

  • In such blankets there is a peculiar circulation of air masses and moisturetherefore, no “greenhouse effect”, as is the case with other blankets, you will not get here.The fibers are perfectly breathable, in a constant mode providing the human body with the most comfortable temperature. The fibers of this plant have the properties to instantly draw in the excess moisture and not accumulate them, and the natural "flavor" will prevent the appearance of any unnecessary odor.
  • Availability antibacterial effect. Manufacturers of this type of blankets in one voice declare that in this material there is a natural antibiotic, which easily suppresses the bacteria in the product throughout the whole couple of days.
  • Composition of natural and ecologically proven raw materials. In bamboo, there are no chemical impurities at all. elements, synthetic additives or fluff - this filler is completely safe for adults and children.
  • Plant fiber material contains in its composition various components and essential oils, they have a great effect on breathing and human skin. Experts even recommend the use of bamboo bedding for people with asthma and allergies.
  • Positive effect on health. Such a product is virtually weightless, it creates comfortable temperature conditions, thanks to which its owner significantly improves the quality of sleep.The components that are in this material also have a great influence on the emotional background of a person.
  • Practicality, substantial service life. Bamboo blankets are very easy to clean, they can be washed in a conventional washing machine and they dry quickly.

Bamboo blankets, like any other product, have not only positive characteristics, but also a number of negative qualities, which include:

  • Enough high cost.
  • The pomp of sleep accessories is lost as it lasts.
  • Bamboo blankets are easily forged and therefore it is difficult to distinguish this bamboo product and its fake.
  • Products wear out quickly if there is high humidity in the room at all times.

Now you know all the pros and cons of using a bamboo blanket. However, do not forget about the existence of similar products with other types of various fillers. All of them, quite naturally, are distinguished by their characteristics and price level. To make sure that the bamboo blanket is a much better choice, you need to find out how other blankets differ significantly from it:

  1. Camel wool blanket. It is much harder than bamboo, it can not be washed at home, which means that it is more difficult to care for him. Such a warm blanket is not allergen-free. It has an unusual smell, does not trap air and moisture, but has an enviable lifespan, its composition helps to reduce pain in the joints and bones.
  2. The product of swan down. Its cost is more attractive and affordable. Swan's down is extremely light, but it is very bad at letting in water and air, and is also the cause of the formation of numerous statistical charges, which consumers do not like very much.
  3. Eucalyptus blanket. The material used to make such a blanket is also environmentally friendly and natural, has a high degree of hypoallergenicity, and the eucalyptus blankets are light and useful for the human respiratory system.
  4. Products from sheep wool. This material is also very useful, it has a good effect on the heart, has analgesic properties, if a person has a body ache. The blanket is well ventilated, almost weightless. It can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.
  5. Holofiber blankets. This is a modern and very popular artificial material with different positive qualities, because it is easy to care, does not weigh much, does not lead to the "greenhouse effect", is inexpensive, does not have extraneous odors, but has antibacterial properties, is allergen-free. This is one of the most worthy rivals of natural bamboo by many criteria. But still natural materials are much more useful for human health than any inexpensive material made of synthetics.

Production methods

When creating bamboo fiber, plants that grew for three years are taken. The transformation of hard stems into lightweight filler is carried out at certain stages: first, the plant is ground finely, then it is soaked in a special solution and pressed into a high quality, well cleaned and gently combed out.

Today there is a mechanical and chemical method of processing bamboo stalks:

  • Mechanical method - this is the production of the original fiber. Such fibers are produced by active exposure to fibers without various chemical constituents. This is a very difficult, long and very expensive process.Fabrics from this bamboo are completely eco-friendly.
  • Chemical method - manufacture of sticky bamboo fiber. Raw materials for such a fiber except fur. processing is also subject to chemical influences. At the end of chemical processing, threads and fabrics are harmless to health, which is not surprising, because the reagents are constantly used in the processing of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.


A new bamboo product you choose for sleeping can have 1 of 3 degrees of heat, which usually depend on the season of the year, when they need to be used:

  • Summer bamboo blanket. It is often simply called light or even lightweight. The standard density of the internal material of such a product is 200 g / m2. Light weightless blanket - the most popular model in the line of modern bamboo products. Smooth threads make the accessory perfectly blown, they also guarantee its lightness, this blanket will allow you to enjoy comfort and special softness during sleep.
  • Winter (warm) blanket from vegetable threads about 2 times more and more magnificent than any summer model. The density of the material is up to 300 g / m2, but it can be much more, depending on the taste preferences of the buyer. The higher the density, the warmer the product will be.But it must be remembered that increasing the density of the inner material will immediately increase the weight of the product itself. Winter blankets are distinguished by the fact that under them you can warm up your body much faster and not sweat, as is often the case with the usual cotton wool options. Bamboo threads are lightweight, well-ventilated and cool-creating material. Due to the huge amount of air between its threads, this blanket will maintain the excellent microclimate of the human body during sleep, including retaining its heat even at very low temperatures in the room.

If you quickly warmed up in your bed, bamboo fiber will save you from sweating - it will qualitatively remove an excess of moisture and give you adequate ventilation. A two-layer bamboo product will warm you up in the coldest winter.

  • All season blanket - this is the average variant between summer and warm products. It has as much vegetable inner material as the winter quilted, but is decorated with a quick stitch, which allows the filler to be placed inside the blanket much more densely and then it becomes not so airy. Close-fitting one-to-one fibers in this case contain much less air than in a standard blanket.By the way, therefore, a blanket for all seasons of the year is not as expectedly warm as a product for the winter season of the year.

What is it made of?

The most common model of bamboo original blanket is the treated plant itself inside the product, that is, part of the internal filler. Usually it is not one hundred percent made up of vegetable threads, and also includes certain artificial components. And this is quite an objective necessity, since the plant fiber itself does not have the necessary springiness to impart pomp and volume to the blanket.

But the more magnificent the product is, the warmer it will be, and the better it will be to pass the necessary air for ventilation. The presence of artificial fiber special characteristics significantly improves the properties of bamboo bedding. The cost of the blanket in this case may be significant depending on the amount of synthetics and plant fibers: the more plants - the higher the price level.

Most often, the proportions are uniform or are 30/70 and 70/30 as a percentage of bamboo fibers and synthetics, respectively.

A large number of bamboo makes the product pleasant to the touch,and most importantly, this plant material helps the product convey the antibacterial characteristics necessary for the user's health.

Cover fabric

Bamboo threads are sometimes located not only inside the product, but can also be included in its components of the cover. The plant tissue when touched is like a mixture of cotton and silk. It is thin to the touch, but at the same time strong enough, surprisingly smooth. The main advantages of the bamboo cover are that it will not lead to an allergic reaction, will help the rapid healing of wounds on the surface of the skin.

But besides vegetable fiber in such a blanket often includes other components.

Best of all, if the blanket cover will consist entirely of natural fabrics, for example, cotton, silk.

Usually, good bamboo sleeping accessories are sold in a cotton case, because this material pleasantly adheres to the body, does not irritate the skin, the fabric holds the filler well. The silk cloth of a cover of a bamboo blanket is an excellent antiseptic, silk perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, serves more than 10 years with proper care.A blanket cover made of polyester is also very popular - this material does not lead to allergies, is not afraid of the onslaught of various parasites, does not require expensive and careful care, does not absorb various flavors, serves for a long time and without fail, is inexpensive.

The composition of the filler

Of great importance for the quality of the chosen bamboo blanket has its filler. What are the most popular types of filler for these types of blankets can be identified:

  1. Bamboo Microfiber. The product of such a successful combination of these fibers will allow any man in the street to rest for the glory. After all, its composition is an environmentally friendly bamboo and high-quality microfiber, which has the property of increased moisture absorption, fast drying, softness and fluffiness, low weight and volume.
  2. Charcoal bamboo Bamboo carbon fiber is widely used today as a natural filler in various products. This material almost instantly absorbs moisture, quickly eliminates unpleasant odors, is suitable for those people who suffer from allergies and asthma. This filler produces negative ions that act well on the skin and improve mood,relieves daytime tiredness and body tension, as well as relieves sleep problems.
  3. Eco bamboo. This filler is of high quality, because it does not roll down even with long use, it is almost weightless. The natural fibers contained in it have a positive effect on sleep and well-being.
  4. Linen bamboo. In the production of bamboo flax chemicals are not used at all. Bamboo flax filler is 100% natural and eco-friendly. It is antibacterial, elastic, "breathes" and qualitatively absorbs moisture.


Considering the fact that the bamboo original blanket is necessarily tucked into a duvet cover to increase the service life, for many consumers the color of its cover is not so important. However, many stores offer their customers the choice of the most original and classic colors of bamboo blankets for both adults and children. You can always buy a white blanket or a product of neutral beige or cream color. But still much more often in the product catalog you can find products in green.Thus, manufacturers emphasize the environmental friendliness of their products and their direct relationship to natural quality materials.


Usually, the size of the blanket should be related either to the width of the bed for which it is selected, or to the size of the bed linen that is already available - in order not to get new. An ordinary blanket comes in the following sizes:

Single or 1.5 bed product:

  1. The usual width is 140-160 cm;
  2. 140 and 145 cm - domestic standard;
  3. 155 cm - euro-width blanket;
  4. The most common size is 140x205 cm;
  5. Europarameters - 200x210, 200x220 cm.

Double blanket:

  1. The usual width is 172-220 cm.
  2. The most common size is 172x205 cm.

The usual size of a children's blanket is 110x140 cm, or 100x150 cm.

If you want to buy a blanket for a bed where two people sleep, then it is best to choose a double bamboo bedding instead of a pair of 1.5 sleeping blankets. So, a bedcover-covered bed will seem much neater.

Manufacturers Rating

Currently, the production of quality bedding from vegetable fibers is engaged in A large number of well-known sewing enterprises in Russia:

  • OL-Tex Is a well-known brand that has been producing high quality bedding for over 10 years. Its product range is constantly expanding, its products are safe for life and health, in line with international quality standards.
  • Trade company "Ecotex" is a recognizable Russian textile manufacturer for over 15 years. Bedding brand Ecotex meet the modern lifestyle of consumers.
  • AlViTek - domestic manufacturer with a 20-year history of existence. It produces and sells wholesale blankets of high quality bamboo fiber.
  • Trade company "Elf" It has long been known not only to Russian consumers, but also to foreign buyers due to the high quality of bed products made from natural materials.
  • Textile company Dargez is a leading Russian manufacturer of home textile products. Each month, the updated range of the company has a thousand items of all kinds of products for sleeping and relaxing in different price categories.
  • Trademark IVVA Offers buyers the latest collections of bedding, made on modern equipment of European and Asian manufacturers.
  • "SN-Textile" is one of the most well-known companies in the market of bedding manufacturers and offers customers high-quality blankets, mattresses and pillows with 27 types of materials for every taste.

Also, products that contain raw materials from bamboo plants are produced in China and Turkey, high-quality blankets are produced in Japan and Germany. In order not to buy a fake, you need to carefully consider - how much is your chosen product.

The original production of bamboo is quite expensive, and this factor should be guided by the choice in the first place.

How to choose?

When choosing a new blanket, you need to take into account all the criteria: its size, the density of the inner material, what the cover is made of, the age of the one for whom this blanket is intended. It is best to buy goods from well-known manufacturers of this type of product, which will help avoid the purchase of fakes.

The very first thing you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Features tailoring (how well the filler is distributed in the product). You can also always choose a quilt or a cassette blanket.
  2. Cover material. It is best to opt for natural fabrics, such as satin, jacquard. The fabric should “breathe”, be as durable as possible, and also keep the filler tightly in the case.
  3. The label must contain information about the subtleties of care for a blanket, the composition of the product. If the label contains the word NOMITE, it means that you have chosen a product with the original natural filler.
  4. The smell can only be natural, without unpleasant chemical fragrances.
  5. The quality of sewing products. From a quality bamboo blanket will never stick up the thread or crawl out the filler.
  6. The information on the label sewn into the blanket itself, and the information on the label on the outside of the product, must be identical.


In order for the bamboo blanket to serve you as long as possible, you need to carry out high-quality care after it from the very first days of its operation. Usually information on how to wash a bamboo product is on the label. Memo for washing bamboo products:

  • manual washing and washing with a machine is allowed, but the water temperature should be no more than 400C, and the mode for machine wash should be as “gentle” as possible;
  • It is best to use a special liquid powder;
  • Spin should be no more than 600 turns;
  • drying only in the horizontal plane, completely excluding direct sun rays on the product;
  • Store bamboo accessories for sleeping can only be in the form of a roller, sometimes unwinding and shaking well;
  • dry cleaning and bleaching agents for bamboo are completely contraindicated. Bamboo blankets can not be ironed, because a too hot iron will completely “smooth out” the pores on the threads, and the fabric will irreversibly lose its unique properties;
  • Store items made of bamboo threads only in a dry, often ventilated room.. You can not wrap blankets made of bamboo in polyethylene for a long time.

Review the properties and properties of the bamboo blanket in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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