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Dargez is a Russian company that manufactures home textiles. The main products are products for sleep and rest. This is one of the leading firms in the Russian market for home textiles. A large range of goods and its rapid replenishment gives the organization the opportunity to constantly grow and develop.

The company's goal is to meet the needs and individual approach to each client. A wide range of products for every taste allows you to attract a large number of interested buyers.

Company history

The company "Darges" was founded in 1991. It includes several organizations involved in the production of bed products. Thanks to the tremendous work, many years of experience and innovative technologies, today the company has become one of the leading companies in the production of bedding and home textiles throughout Russia.In addition, Dargez exports its products to other European countries, such as Germany, France, Sweden and Italy.

For many years of work, the company has acquired a large number of partners in Russia and abroad and does not cease to amaze with its innovations and technologies.


The company is famous for its wide range of products. Here you can find any product at a variety of prices. The main products of the company are the following types of products: pillows, mattress covers, blankets and blankets. In the manufacture of products, the organization uses various materials, such as down, wool, cotton, as well as synthetic and artificial fillers. The company is known for the high quality of its products. Dargez takes care to ensure the comfort and sleep of its clients.

The company pays great attention to product quality. It seeks to ensure that all manufactured products undergo a thorough study in order. to eliminate even the slightest flaws. All raw materials and materials used in production comply with international standards. The organization uses special laboratories to control incoming materials that serve as the basis for production.

Factory "Dargez" has international certificates confirming the quality and environmental friendliness of products.

Blanket assortment

In the range of products manufactured by the organization, you can find more than 1000 different names. One of the most popular and sought-after types of products of the company "Darges" are blankets.

The organization produces a wide range of blankets of various types and sizes. During its existence, the company has learned to produce such products that will make a person’s sleep not only calm and comfortable, but also contribute to strengthening the health of his body. All blankets of the company can be divided into different types, depending on their size and density.

According to these parameters, the following types of products are distinguished.

All season

All-season blanket is suitable for any time of the year, so it is most in demand among buyers. It can be used during cold summer nights and in warm winters. These products differ from each other in the type of fillers.

For this model covers used such fillers as down and feather, wool, cotton and bamboo, as well as synthetics.Each of these fillers is distinguished by its properties and effects on humans.

For people with irritable skin or allergies, a cotton or bamboo blanket is an excellent option, and a blanket made of wool is well suited for diseased joints.


A light blanket is a great option for summer, as well as for those who are hot even in winter. To ensure normal body temperature, a person should hide with a thin blanket even in the warm season.

These products, as well as all-season blankets, are distinguished by their fillers. A good option for summer is a blanket of linen, cotton or bamboo, and for winter it is best to buy a wool blanket that keeps the human body warm for a long time.

In addition, the products also differ in the material of the cover. The most expensive options are covers made of organic cotton. They do not cause irritation on the skin and are taken by touch.

Euro blanket

Euro blanket is different in that it is larger than the usual double bedspread and thanks to this you can relax with plenty of space and comfort.

Euro blankets are made of various fillers.

  • The most popular products are made of bamboo.They do not absorb odors, are hypoallergenic and practical to use.
  • Products made of wool have a positive effect on colds, and are also suitable for older people with sore joints.
  • Synthetics is a versatile filler. It is distinguished by its lightness and practicality.
  • Cotton and linen are the most wear-resistant fillers. They do not deteriorate during washing and are very easy to clean.


Blankets "Dargez" have a large number of positive properties. One of them is compliance with international quality standards. Also, these products are very durable and will last a long time to their owners. One of the main advantages of the blankets "Dargez" is their large range.

Here you can find blankets for the youngest as well as for other people of any age who will suit them in their quality and composition.


The Russian company "Dargez" is known worldwide and has great popularity in the market of home textiles. Customers ordering products of the organization via the Internet can leave feedback about any product they have purchased.Thanks to this, one can see whether the products really fit their description and quality. The company “Dargez” receives many positive reviews around the world and tries to ensure that the buyer is always satisfied with the products of the organization.

You will learn more about the Dargez blankets in the following video.

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