Holofiber blankets

 Holofiber blankets

Among people there is an opinion that natural insulation, as a filler for products, prevails over synthetic substitutes. According to numerous consumer reviews, this is an erroneous opinion. Blankets made of holofiber, as comfortable and functional products, have become very popular.

Special features

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of bed linen, but modern filler - hollofiber appeared just recently. He is gradually gaining great popularity. The holofiber filling material is synthetic polyester fiber.This material has excellent insulating properties due to its hollow structure. It creates a good air layer, which is designed to isolate the human body from the external environment.

The main feature of the material is the method of its manufacture. The elements of the filler do not stick together, so the blanket is soft and light. According to the new technology, all filler fibers undergo soldering at high temperatures. The canvas of modern filler is created from a large number of microscopic springs, which makes the blanket weightless and elastic. Products from holofiber are great for sleeping, they are practical and have many positive characteristics.

Before buying with an innovative filler, it is necessary to determine how much better it is than a sintepon by its properties and technical characteristics.

Technical indicators and types of products

Each model of holofiber has its own thermal level. It is formed according to the density of the insulation.

On each package with a blanket, the density parameter is indicated by dots:

  • Five dots means ultra-warm winter blankets with a filler weighing 900 grams per square meter.
  • Four points - a warm blanket, with a weight of 500 grams per square meter.
  • Three dots indicate the all-season product of 350 grams per square meter.
  • A light blanket weighing 220 grams per square meter has two points on the package.
  • The dot is the thinnest summer blanket. The filler weighs 180 grams per square meter.

New development of manufacturers is a all-season blanket, it is universal. In this version, two types are connected with buttons and buttons - light and summer product. Both models are used in winter, and on hot summer days they are disconnected.

There are several options for the distribution of modern filler in a blanket:

  • Quilted filler is connected to the top cover of the product. It has a big drawback - the service life is minimal. After a short period of time, the filler begins to move away from the cover and get off in the middle of the blanket. The product has a low price.
  • The kosteppe method has a stitch of patterns and patterns. Insulation is securely fixed to the boot.
  • The most reliable is cassette filling blankets. The method is the most expensive.Due to the fact that the hollofiber filler is evenly distributed in the product, its movement under the cover is impossible. The whole product is divided into separate sections.

The blanket cover is made from natural fabrics, such as satin or calico. In cheaper versions use synthetic materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of the filler

Like all products, models filled with holofiber fiber have their pros and cons, the latter properties are much smaller.

Positive characteristics:

  • High temperature regulation. Due to its hollow structure, the insulation adapts to the environment. On cooler days, the blanket will warm and retain heat inside, and on hot days it will not allow a person to overheat, creating a coolness.
  • Good air circulation. Holofiber fibers are capable of passing air. The product has breathable properties and the surrounding air circulates inside.
  • Due to the increased wear resistance, the product does not crush and quickly restores its original shape.
  • The product, whose filler is hollofiber, absorbs all excess moisture.
  • Synthetic fiber has a hollow structure.Products from such material are light and airy.
  • The filler is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with increased allergic reactions or asthma. In this blanket is completely absent smell, and it is not able to absorb foreign flavors. Dust mites in synthetic filler are not capable of livelihoods.
  • For blankets from holofiber, no adhesive components are used, making it environmentally friendly and safe for health.
  • It is possible to wash the product in an automatic washing machine, without adding special detergents. The blanket dries quickly and does not require special storage conditions.
  • The material has good fire resistance. Insulation is not combustible and is not able to spread corruption.
  • A variety of models for any bed. The product can be: baby; 1.5 bedroom or double.
  • Static voltage does not accumulate, so that dust does not settle on the product.
  • Affordable price category.

Two main drawbacks: not everyone will be comfortable using a blanket, it is too warm; after frequent washings, the filler loses its shape. There is also the possibilitythat such a blanket will lose its lightness and elasticity due to frequent use.

Tips for choosing a good product

Each person acquires a blanket, based on their preferences and desires.

If you choose holofiber insulation, pay attention to some features:

  • For the manufacture of a blanket cover, a variety of materials are used. The best option is to purchase a product with a natural top layer and high strength characteristics.
  • Tailoring should be of high quality. The product is not allowed sticking ends of thread, curved stitches, unstitched sections of the cover with a visible filler.
  • The blanket should not have extraneous smells. If there is an unpleasant smell from the product, it means that synthetic fiber glued fibers or other unacceptable additives are added to the filler.
  • Buy a blanket from holofiber only in trusted stores and from reputable manufacturers.
  • A well-made packaging speaks of a good manufacturer. The cheapest products are placed in bad packages. On the package they prescribe all the characteristics of the blanket and the filler.
  • Do not lose sight of the attractive appearance of the models presented.

If the model has a low price, which buyers first of all pay attention to, it means that the product has disadvantages. You should not save on quality, because the additional components can be toxic and cause allergic reactions in the consumer. When you do not know which is better to get a blanket from a holofiber, then customer reviews will help you decide. Based on the recommendations of experts, it is better to choose a product based on breathable materials.

Ways of care and washing

Each material and product must be looked after, and some of them require special care methods in order for the blanket to warm for many years. For models with holofiber also need to be treated especially.

When using, you must follow a few simple rules:

  1. In the process of washing products should not use chlorine-containing detergents.
  2. Wash by hand or in an automatic machine at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.
  3. To dry the blanket is necessary away from direct sunlight.
  4. Ventilate the product twice a year.
  5. Bedding choose from natural cotton fabrics, so as not to accumulate static electricity.

Product Recovery

In the process of prolonged use, the blanket can be deformed and become unusable. It will lose its positive characteristics, it will become less elastic and heavy.

To restore the original look, you need to unzip the cover and remove the entire insulation. Brush it specially designed for wool fibers. It should be borne in mind that the initial state can not be fully returned, but the blanket will return its weightlessness and restore thermal control. Returning the holofiber to the product, give it the same shape.

The holofiber jacket is very warm, weightless and practical. If it is properly exploited and cared for, then it will delight the host for many years and warm in cold seasons. In comparison with synthetic polyester, models with holofiber are more natural, because the manufacture does not use adhesive components. Blankets made of padding polyester are not intended for harboring in winter seasons. Also the synthetic winterizer can emit harmful substances.

How to make blankets from holofiber, you can see in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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