Cashmere Blankets

Modern manufacturers offer the consumer a huge selection of blankets ranging from products made of synthetic fabrics and ending with natural products from natural materials. Of course, the latter are of the highest quality and healthiest. It can be products from sheep or camel wool, bamboo or cotton, and the warmest and most comfortable of mountain goats down - cashmere.


Cashmere is harvested from the soft undercoat of a mountain goat, representatives of the family of which are mostly found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, China and Iran. In the Russian market, cashmere products from Mongolia and China are more common. Kashmir goat fluff is considered the warmest in the world, so a cashmere filler is recognized as the best raw material for the production of blankets.With one animal per year, you can get only 100-200 grams of high-quality raw materials.

For the manufacture of only one blanket may need wool from twenty adult goats.

Perhaps that is why cashmere blankets have such exceptional properties as:

  • Weight of product - it is associated with the exclusive thinness of each hair, which is approximately three times thinner than a human hair.
  • Blankets literally "breathe" - due to the finest ornate fiber creates an infinite number of the smallest air chambers.
  • Increased softness - natural fibers are so smooth that they can compete with silk in their tenderness.
  • Products are hygroscopic. - it is impossible to sweat under a cashmere blanket due to its unique ability to draw in excess moisture.
  • Unique thermal conductivity of the product - warmer blankets you can hardly find.
  • Cashmere is hypoallergenic - dust mites never start there.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cashmere blankets and bedspreads have become popular all over the world due to a number of advantages that distinguish them from other products with similar functionality.

Among the main advantages of cashmere products are the following parameters:

  • As a natural raw material, cashmere does not cause allergies. Such products are indispensable for children, as well as for people suffering from allergic reactions.
  • Cashmere products ideally save heat, it can be very important for residents of harsh northern latitudes.
  • Cashmere products are almost weightless; this is probably the best option for those who cannot fall asleep under the weight of a bulky quilt.
  • Versatility is another undeniable quality of this product. In the cold season, a blanket of cashmere will warm you, and you will not sleep hot under it in summer. In short, comfort will be guaranteed to you at any time of the year.
  • Products from goat down have an invaluable therapeutic effect. They are able to relieve pain in the joints with the manifestation of rheumatism, which is simply indispensable for older people. Sleeping under such a soft and warm blanket will relieve any stress and calm the nervous system.
  • Another of the very important advantages is the durability of cashmere products, such a blanket filler never slips and does not clump together.A blanket of goat down will serve you for many years, maintaining its original appearance.

Of the minuses, you can name only the high price of the product, which in principle is justified by all the advantages listed above, as well as some hanging requirements for cleaning and care.


To choose the right cashmere blanket that will provide you with warmth and comfort during sleep, you must purchase the product from reputable manufacturers. Buying Indian, Iranian or Afghan blankets, you will not have to doubt the naturalness. Of course, such products are somewhat more expensive than a similar product from China, but their quality will not let you be disappointed in your choice.

Having decided on the manufacturer, you need to choose one of two types, since cashmere blankets can be quilted or woven:

  • Quilt blanket has a organic cotton napernik, in which soft fibers of mountain goat wool are placed. The entire product is neatly stitched, which helps the filler stay in place. When used, it is advisable to put on a blanket on such a blanket, so it will remain clean for a longer time.
  • Woven blanket, in fact, is a perfectly soft and warm bedspread that can be covered without using a duvet cover.

Laundry and care

If you decide to purchase an expensive cashmere blanket, you need to know how to properly care for such a product. And the first thing to do is to carefully examine the information on care recommended by the manufacturer, which is applied to the sewn labels, labels and tags.

Some manufacturers allow washing and drying of cashmere products in drum-type washing machines, while it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature conditions indicated on the product. Still, it would be better to give preference to hand washing with the use of gentle detergents, specially created for delicate fabrics.

It is necessary to wash the product in warm water, approximately 40-50 ° C, after which it is necessary to rinse it very thoroughly two or three times in cool water.

To dry a cashmere blanket must be strictly on a flat horizontal surfaces, away from heating and heating devices, as well as avoiding direct sunlight.

If, after drying, you decide to stroke the blanket, then this should be done very carefully with a slightly warm iron through a damp gauze fabric.

Some manufacturers allow only dry cleaning of their products, in which case you will occasionally have to take them to dry cleaning, such things are also desirable to be regularly ventilated in warm, but not sunny weather. In any case, you should avoid frequent washes of any cashmere products, then they will serve you much longer and will look like new for several years.

When laying clothes from cashmere for long storage, you need to take care that in the place where your things will be stored, the mole does not start.

To do this, place in advance in the right places modern anti-moth products, not forgetting to update them after the expiration date indicated on the package. The best place to store cashmere products is wooden cabinets and dressers. If in the process of long-term use on the product small pellets formed, in no case do not cut them off with a blade, just carefully remove them manually. This way you do not damage the integrity of the expensive item.

Remember that cashmere blankets and bedspreads are elite goods - difficulties with the extraction of raw materials for products justify their high cost.But if you take into account all the benefits that you acquire with the purchase of these products, their price will not seem too high. After all, only wrapped up on a winter night in a weightless and cozy cashmere blanket, you will finally understand what a sweet and truly healing dream is.

You will learn more about cashmere blankets from the following video.

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