Linen blanket

Linen is a versatile bedding. It will provide a comfortable sleep both in winter and in summer. The blanket from a natural vegetable filler will warm in the cool night and will cool in summer heat. Thanks to its good air conduction qualities, it absorbs the moisture and allows the skin to breathe.

All over the world flax is recognized as a luxury material. Blankets based on it - a novelty in the world of textile products. Every year, it is she who is favored by an increasing number of Russian and foreign consumers.


Manufacturers of bedding produce several varieties of linen blankets. They are classified according to the following criteria:

  1. Sewing method. Products are stitched in one of three options: quilted in parallel rows, "cassette" or embroidered with patterned stitching.The most reliable blanket - stitched "cassettes." Unlike the other two options, it eliminates the risks of knocking down the filler in a “pile”.
  2. Dimensions. Products are divided into two groups: one and a half and double.
  3. Heat index. This parameter is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging marks (from 1 to 5). Blankets with index 1 are the coolest. Mark 5 indicates the highest rates of "warmth".

Thanks to this classification, it is possible to choose a blanket of the required dimensions with an optimal indicator of heat.


A blanket filled with flax is manufactured using a specialized technology that allows you to preserve the fiber structure and all the beneficial qualities of the plant. Due to this bedding:

  • possesses natural thermoregulation;
  • protects people from static electricity;
  • well absorbs excess moisture (up to 12% of the weight of the blanket itself);
  • has antibacterial properties;
  • does not absorb unpleasant odors.

Flax fibers are hypoallergenic, soft and light. Due to such features, the blanket is suitable for use by both adults and children.

Advantages and disadvantages

Blankets from flax have numerous advantages. These products are durable and wear-resistant. They are able to preserve the original appearance even after many washes and dryers.

Other advantages of flax blankets include:

  • high strength;
  • esthetics;
  • small weight;
  • no shrinkage;
  • hygroscopicity

There are linen blankets and disadvantages.

  • The disadvantages include the high price of natural products. The high cost of such products is justified: a good product that will last more than one year, can not be cheap.
  • Another disadvantage is a strong collapse of the fiber during the washing process. This minus is considered to be irrelevant: during operation, the blanket is able to quickly straighten itself out.
  • The disadvantage is also delicate care. If the prescribed rules are not observed, the product may soon lose its “marketable” appearance.

Medicinal properties

Some people call a linen blanket the “doctor” bed because the product has healing properties. Thus, vegetable fiber helps neutralize radiation and harmful electromagnetic waves emanating from household appliances and electronics.

Also it:

  • prevents the development of skin diseases: dermatitis, irritation and allergic rashes;
  • possesses wound healing properties (accelerates the healing process of abrasions, cuts, shallow wounds);
  • inhibits the development of pathogens on the bed;
  • increases the body's natural defenses;
  • heals and rejuvenates the skin of the body and face.

Flax products have a beneficial effect on human health. They contribute to the removal of muscle tone, normalize sleep, reduce joint and vertebral pain.

How to care for flax?

In order for the blanket to maintain its presentable appearance as long as possible and not lose its beneficial qualities and properties, it must be properly maintained.

A flax blanket will last a long time only if you make certain manipulations.

Care rules are as follows:

  • Before bed, it is recommended to shake the bedding. Such action will allow to restore air circulation in the fiber, return the product lightness and softness.
  • After a night's sleep, the blanket needs to be straightened so that it “gets rid of” the accumulated moisture.
  • Once a month, bedding is recommended to be ventilated for several hours in a dry and cool place.
  • Wash the product once a year.When washing in a typewriter, select a gentle mode (water temperature up to 40 degrees). You also need to abandon the spin and forced drying in the drum. When washing it is impossible to use the products containing bleaching components.
  • To dry the washed bedding is best on a horizontal surface, occasionally turning it over. Ironing extremely undesirable.
  • Storage of the product is permissible only in bags or covers made of natural fabric.

Following these simple rules will help to preserve the aesthetics and quality of bedding made from flax for 5 years or more. If you are looking for a product that will last more than one year, make sleep strong and healthy, and also “fit” to the desired “climate” under the blanket, choose natural flax products. For premium goods, you will have to pay more than for synthetic analogues. However, the purchase will pay off.


Flax fiber blankets have won the trust and respect of consumers all over the world. People who chose this natural bedding, note its hypoallergenic and medicinal properties. Judging by the feedback from users, linen blankets are “smart” products.They maintain a constant temperature in both hot summers and in winter.

Also, many note that after regular use of the blanket, they became much smaller and easier to get sick with acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Such a pattern is not accidental. The natural blanket promotes free air exchange, which prevents the risk of dust accumulation and the occurrence of ticks.

Especially satisfied with the products mom. They notice an improvement in the sleep of babies under a linen blanket, since underneath it is impossible for the body to overheat or to freeze the crumbs. An important property is a good absorption of moisture and its natural excretion. Due to this quality, children do not sweat in the heat and do not suffer from skin diaper rash.

If you care about your health and think about the health of loved ones, pay attention to a blanket of flax fiber. It will envelop the scent of freshly mown hay, immerse in the natural atmosphere, relieve stress and depression.

About all the advantages of a linen blanket you will learn from the following video.

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