Down comforters

Among all the bedding, one of the most important functions is a blanket. This thing has a warming effect and simply complements the design of the bed. Comfortable duvets are among the most popular. Many owners of such models mark their amazing thermal properties.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you picked up a really high-quality duvet, then it will certainly delight you with its performance characteristics. Such things are not only very warm and soft, but also presented in a variety of design options. Today in the shops you can find different variations of duvets. It can be both monophonic models of different shades, and more original options decorated with beautiful prints and multi-colored images.

With the help of such details, you can slightly revive the interior of the bedroom. For example, in an atmosphere made in neutral and soothing colors, such blankets are able to perform the function of attractive bright accents. The main advantage of downy products is their softness. They are pleasant to the touch and do not cause irritation in contact with the skin.

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Quality blankets have excellent breathability. Thanks to this property, such bedding is more hygienic and durable. Many consumers opt for such specimens, as they are distinguished by excellent thermoregulation. Down models provide the most comfortable temperature, so under them it is never too hot or cold.

Soft and warm blankets filled with fluff are durable. The service life of these products may exceed 5 years. Over time, they do not lose their attractive appearance and remain fluffy. Such things are elastic. Even after several years of regular operation, they are not deformed and retain volume.

Duvets have their drawbacks.Many customers are saddened by the high cost of such products. In addition, cleaning of such blankets is recommended in dry cleaning. Of course, there are such varieties that can be washed at home, but after a certain time, the downy filler in these models loses its useful properties.

Down comforters may become damp over time. This can occur due to the exposure to natural moisture, which the human body releases.

Such a problem is particularly relevant if the user of the blanket has caught a cold and is suffering from a high temperature.

Few people know, but often dust mites start up in the filler of such blankets. Of course, more modern materials are pre-treated with anti-tick impregnation, but after a while their action ceases. For this reason, people with particularly sensitive skin or allergies are not recommended to purchase downy products.


Comfortable blankets with feather filling are different. Consider all existing varieties of such products. First of all, all duvets differ in manufacturing techniques.

  • Cassette. This technology is to create a product by stitching individual cells of the case with stitching lines. After that they are filled with fluff. Sections of such a blanket provide uniform and reliable distribution of the fluff over the entire length and width of the item, excluding its movement along the inside of the blanket.
  • Quilted. Quilted technology provides for the initial installation of downy filler in the case, and only after that it goes through the quilting procedure.
  • Karostep. The technology of making such blankets is a lot like quilted, but in this case the stitches are made in the form of a pattern along the entire length of the thing.

Modern manufacturers produce blankets with a different amount of filler. They are suitable for different seasons.

  • Lightweight and thin The product is ideal for use in the summer season. Under such a light blanket will not be hot.
  • For a colder season it is better to purchase a voluminous and dense winter blanket.
  • For the spring and autumn period ideal all-season (or demi-season) product.

Varieties of filler

Blanket fillers are made from the plumage of different types of birds.The most common are models with fluff eider, ducks and goose.

The elite class includes products with eider filler. These species of birds live in the north in harsh climatic conditions. The plumage of eider possesses excellent thermal characteristics, therefore such a blanket can be safely bought for the cold winter season.

Duck and goose options are more affordable and very common.

It is worth noting that the blankets with goose down filler are heavier than, for example, models with the plumage of eider.

There are three main standards for such an inexpensive filling:

  • Swiss - according to this standard, down has the largest volume;
  • the highest is the Euro-quality standard;
  • world - down in accordance with the world standard has a small volume and is most often used in the manufacture of cheap things.

Less frequently, duck down is used in the production of blankets. It has a harder axis, due to which the filler results in a rather heavy one. Over time, duck down can gather in well-tangible clumps. Also today in many stores you can meet high-quality voluminous blankets withfiller of goat fluff. This material is thinner, softer and softer than regular natural wool.

Blankets with goat down have an excellent ability to keep warm. In addition, it is believed that this material has healing properties. Such specimens are recommended for people suffering from radiculitis or polyarthritis.


Choosing a quality and warm blanket, you need to pay attention to its composition. As a rule, it is indicated on the label.

The most expensive are the specimens with 100% fluff content, so they often additionally add a feather. Because of this, the blankets become heavier, but less expensive.

The ratio of down-feather in a blanket is fixed in GOST. The following proportions are permissible:

  • 90% down, 10% feather;
  • 60% fluff, 40% feather;
  • 50% fluff, 50% feather;
  • 30% down, 70% feather.

Cover Fabrics

For duvets special types of covers are available that do not allow filling. The most common options are those made from such fabrics as tencel, tic, satin, jacquard, satin jacquard or batiste.

Attractive and airy look blankets with satin covers.This type of textile is distinguished by its high strength and excellent moisture-absorbing properties. With proper care, the atlas does not lose its original brilliance and does not become dull. In addition, this fabric is environmentally friendly and does not cause allergic reactions.

Light and pleasant to the touch are silk covers for duvets. They are very difficult to break. In such a material, dust mites do not start, as it does not attract dust to itself. But these products are expensive, as the process of their manufacture is laborious and time consuming.

For duvet cover suitable in the production of which used flax. Such options are durable, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and breathable.

But do not forget that such a cover can not be washed at high temperatures, since it can noticeably sit down.

You can choose not only a simple plain cover, but also a more original model with beautiful embroidery or multi-colored prints.


Duvets can have a variety of dimensions. You can choose a quality and convenient option for a bed of any size:

  • One of the most common are spacious double models with dimensions of 200x220, 200x200, 172x205, 160x200, 150x200, 140x205 cm.
  • Also in the shops you can find products of the following length and width: 155x215, 160x220, 195x215, 220x240 cm.

Top manufacturers

Beautiful and cozy cassette with down filler launches brand Billerbeck. In the quality products of this brand there is goose down and natural cotton covers. The Billerbeck assortment has products in different colors: from plain versions to models with delicate floral prints.

Warm quilts produced by Ukrainian manufacturer Iglen. The range of this company is represented by both large adult and more compact children's models in eco-friendly cotton covers. It is possible to pick up a wearproof and durable product for any season.

High-quality things with down of the Tibetan goose are made by a Chinese manufacturer La scala. Light and very warm things from this company are filled with 100% fluff.

With proper care, such blankets can last up to 20 years, without losing an attractive appearance and their beneficial properties.

Hungarian goose down is added to models from a Turkish company Penlope. Products of this brand are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards. The manufacturer claims that his blankets are ideal for use in a city apartment, even if we take into account the changeable weather of the Russian winter.

The down of the Hungarian goose is light and very warm, so blankets with this filling will be appropriate for use during the cold season.

White fluff Ukrainian production contained in blankets from the company "Ekopukh". Complete with branded products are elegant jacquard covers with interesting floral arrangements.

How to choose?

Before buying a blanket, you need to decide how you are going to use it. If you need a thing for warming in the winter season, it is recommended to choose more dense and voluminous options with a high content of fluff. They may be a little harder than the subtle options, but under them you will not freeze. For a warmer time of the year, lush blankets are not suitable, as under them it will be too hot. It is better to purchase a thin model.

Choosing a quality duvet, you need to pay attention to the tags and numbers.

  • For example, the indicator Fill Power indicates the degree of elasticity of the pen. The higher the designation, the better the blanket.
  • 95/5 are numbers that show the percentage of feather and down. The first number indicates the volume of the fluff, and the second indicates the feathers.
  • The designation Nomite indicates the compliance of the blanket with European quality standards. In the production of such hypoallergenic products used purified fluff.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the blanket. The maximum permissible figure should not exceed 800 g. If the label contains a more impressive number, this means that the composition of the filler contains a large percentage of the pen.
  • An important role is played by the warmth class of the duvet. Products are summer, demi-season or winter.

The important role played by the cover of the product. It is recommended to give preference to models with high-quality and environmentally friendly covers with good air permeability characteristics. They should also be as light, soft and pleasant to the touch.

It is recommended to purchase such things only from reliable manufacturers. An overly cheap model from an unknown firm may turn out to be of poor quality.

How to care at home?

If you want to extend the life of your favorite duvet, then he needs to provide competent care. It is worth considering the fact that each new wash can reduce the quality characteristics of the filling. For this reason, it is not recommended to send the blanket to the washing machine too often, even if the manufacturer allows home cleaning of the product.

  • Better for washing purchase special toolsdesigned for cleaning down items. Experts recommend stacking several tennis balls in the washing machine drum. They will not allow down in a blanket to clump together in the process of washing.
  • Dry such things stand on flat horizontal surfaces. It is advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight while they dry.
  • It is advisable to send down comforters once a year. in a special dry cleaning. It is necessary for additional antibacterial and tick-borne treatment.
  • It is quite difficult to eliminate unpleasant odor.coming from the duvet. Some housewives can get rid of this defect with the help of washing in a typewriter.To do this, it is recommended to choose soft modes and set the temperature to no higher than 30 degrees.

However, this does not always help, and too often such a product is not recommended to be sent for washing. You can send a warm blanket to dry cleaning.

  • Downy the filler absorbs moisture easily, but evaporates it for quite some time. If you want the blanket to retain its positive qualities for a long time, then before each use it is recommended to be thoroughly whipped and shaken. If the weather is dry in the courtyard, then the thing can be taken out for a couple of hours for airing.
  • Keep such a product is worth in a special case. Some people fold down duvets into thin cotton fabrics. Care must be taken to ensure that moisture does not get onto the surface of the stuffed-down thing. From time to time, the blanket needs to be taken out of a cover or fabric so that it lays for some time in the air.

For details on bedding with downy filler, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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