Sizes of a double blanket

 Sizes of a double blanket

The sleep of a modern person should be as strong as possible, which is possible with a warm, high-quality blanket. In a wide range you can get confused, because the size range is quite extensive. To make a purchase for two as useful as possible, you should take a closer look at the size of a double blanket: they have a number of advantages, their own classification. Quality products provide a wonderful stay.

What is the size?

Double quilt sizes are a number of standard parameters set by different countries. This is not a single size, such an opinion is wrong.Each country has its own standards, which are tied to specific parameters of furniture (bed, sofa) or topper mattress (for floor-type futon beds).

Values ​​correspond to the parameters of the blanket in a free state, without tension. The length and width of the sides are subject to clear accepted standards. However, for the reason that the material used in production differs in different qualities, composition and properties, measurements can allow for a minimum error. Typically, its figure does not exceed the mark of 3% of the stated standards.

Inaccuracy of measurements can be associated not only with different thicknesses of blankets. It also depends on the texture, size of the product. For example, felted, thin woven blankets are more accurate in size. Quilted at the expense of a volume filler can allow an error of 1-2 cm. Blankets, blankets from knitwear or other elastic fabric is more difficult to measure, because they easily stretch.

The sizes of a double blanket are one categories of varieties of existing standards of blankets, they have a large variation of the size range. Since each trademark has its own principles for drawing up a dimensional table, some variants can be considered both double and one-and-a-half.This applies to products with a width of 140 cm (for example, 205 × 140 cm). Some brands are classified as double quilts products, whose width is 150 cm.

The parameters of standard measurements are subject to two systems of measure length and width. They are divided into European and English types. The first method is more understandable and represents the usual measurements in centimeters, which are written in ordinary numbers or by inserting the unit of measure indicator (cm) after each number.

The second system (it is used in America) is not so popular - it is even confusing, since the data indicates in feet and inches that it does not say anything to the average buyer. Such an approach is devoid of progressiveness, because in order to accurately represent the real dimensions it requires multiplying the values, and the result obtained does not always accurately explain the final dimensions.

The size is also affected by the design of the blanket, as well as the way it is used: it should cover the surface of the bed and have a reserve on all sides of the furniture - except for the side of the headboard (if there is one).

Conventionally, a group of double blankets is divided into two categories: the euro and standard.However, many manufacturers consider the first group as a separate species. And yet: both size groups are standard measurements for two users. These are so-called family blankets or models for married couples.


The size range of standard types of blankets includes various parameters - from compact to large enough to cover two people. The standards of these blankets are firmly established from the beginning of the two thousandth.

It is noteworthy that the size range is periodically updated: manufacturing companies have their own furniture standards, which manufacturers of bedding have to adapt to. That is why in the size range of blankets there are not only numbers ending in 0 or 5: dimensions may be more unusual (for example, 142 × 160).

The size range of standard double models looks like this: 160 × 200, 170 × 200, 170 × 210, 172 × 205, 175 × 205, 175 × 210, 175 × 215, 180 × 200, 180 × 220, 180 × 230, 180 × 250 cm

Some companies for the convenience of choosing blankets enclose the data in the table: it is easier to navigate the availability of the desired size of the model you like.


The appearance of the parameter "Euro-size" is obliged to furniture with the same name, which is more than ordinary double beds and sofas.It is by the name of the furniture that the size of the euro began to be called blankets, bedding and many accessories (covers, bedspreads, and so on).

Initially, these were two sizes of blankets (195 × 215, 200 × 220). As the trademarks created new dimensions of furniture for spacious homes, an improved Euro-size appeared, which was called King Size. These are euromax or maximum size of blankets, which today has two varieties: 220 × 240 and 240 × 260 cm.

These are very spacious blankets, sleeping under which is a pleasure: it is impossible to drag them, because there are enough products with a large margin for each user.


The number of sizes for blankets for two includes models of non-standard plan, focused on similar furniture. The shape is the same rectangular products, sometimes tending to square outlines, but their width and length are not included in the generally accepted table of standards. Sometimes their length can reach 3-5 m.

These parameters include various products: mass-produced on production equipment or analogues of "home-made".

The second species are often not oriented to a specific size, in most cases their dimensions are approximate.Usually these blankets are made in the form of a decorative element that does not need a duvet cover.

Compliance with the size is based only on the fact that the product covers the sleeping place and has the necessary allowance for the overhang on each open side (if the model is a blanket-blanket, blanket-blanket).

The advantages of the size range

Double blankets are universal. Due to their size, they are multi-functional items. These blankets eliminate unnatural poses users associated with a lack of sheltered area.

Such a product may be:

  • Cozy and spacious cocoon, enveloping the user during rest or sleep from all sides.
  • Comfortable warm blanket blanket, which can cover the surface of the bed (as a bedspread).
  • Excellent mattress to cover the surface of the mattress, making it smoother and softer.
  • The “correct” type of blanket, providing not only comfort, but also benefits with healing properties (models made of natural wool).

Double blankets have a lot of advantages.

They are not only distinguished by suitable sizes, but also:

  • They have a wide range of used raw materials of natural, synthetic or mixed origin. Raw materials are of high quality.
  • Noticeably stand out against the background of more compact counterparts, covering the surface of the furniture with a margin that looks spectacular and stylish.
  • Often they are not only functional bedding, but also bright accents in the bedroom.
  • They have a rich range, performed in open and closed types, with one or two working sides or in the form of double products - according to the principle “two in one”.
  • They are distinguished by a variety of colors, which allows the buyer to choose an option according to their own preferences.
  • Due to the variability of measurements, it is possible to buy a product in a store with a limited assortment, choosing the most suitable option.
  • Rescued by the owner of the house in case of arrival of guests, hiding two or even three users (parents with a small child).
  • Depending on the raw materials used in the production and size, they differ in different prices, which makes it possible to decide on a purchase, based on the budget and taste.

The disadvantages of large blankets

With many advantages, it is the size of the blankets that make it difficult to care. Because of its size, such products are difficult to fit in a washing machine. If, for example, a product with dimensions of 160 × 120 cm is easily washed, the double analogue 220 × 240 in washing is more burdensome, it is rinsed out badly.

It is quite difficult to wash a large product by hand, especially if the blanket is made on a fur base, from which it is difficult to remove the simplest spot. Therefore, such products require the most careful operation, when making a purchase, you must consider the color of the cover.

Drying often becomes a problem: large products should not be dried in an upright position. From this the blanket is deformed. Find a large vertical area for drying is very problematic, and, if possible, drying should be carried out in fresh air (naturally).

Heating devices cannot be used to speed up the process: in such conditions drying will lead to an unpleasant odor and a change in the structure of the material.

Tips on choosing

Choosing a spacious blanket, you can get confused, because the choice is varied, each brand is replete with a wide range. And yet the purchase is quite capable of everyone.To simplify it as much as possible, you should acquire information about the properties and features of the models. This will buy what you need.

Double blankets of different sizes are of several types:

  • in the form of a woven fabric;
  • thin, felted from compressed natural material;
  • similar to a fur plaid;
  • textile (with a volume internal filler);
  • knitted of yarn - with the addition of a fabric base;
  • unusual decorative (including "homemade", with pompon basis, model "Bonbon").

Among the most popular foundations are:

  • holofiber;
  • ecofiber;
  • natural sheep or camel wool;
  • cotton (cotton);
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • bamboo fiber;
  • down

The models differ in the amount of raw materials per square meter, the degree of heat depends on this, which is divided into 5 different levels and indicated on the label. This is evident in volume and is reflected in the weight of any blanket.

Each type of material has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, so taking into account the composition is one of the primary tasks when buying a spacious blanket for two. Quilted models - the most common models that are familiar classics.

Synthetics are lighter, better than cotton, but not always warm enough. Cotton blankets quickly gather into clumps, they are residually heavy and short-lived.

Wool models have “dry” heat, they differ in a number of healing properties, provide the optimal climate between the blanket and the body.

These blankets are presented in a wide range, they are one-sided, two-sided. Such a product can be used as a blanket, rug, stylish cape on any furniture. For these products do not always need a duvet cover.

One of the interesting varieties are double double blankets, consisting of two products of different thickness, interconnected by special buttons. Such models can be used together or separately, varying the degree of heat depending on the season.

What to look for when buying?

It is not necessary to purchase the product via the Internet: not always the declared size corresponds to the existing one. The purchase must be carried out personally, in a trusted store - with a good reputation, certificates of quality and compliance with hygiene standards, as well as a seller’s guarantee.Before buying it is necessary to carry out measurements of furniture, to give an allowance for complexion of people.

Going to the store, you need to consider:

  • Growth more of the users, you need to select a model with a good margin in length and width (space saving is inappropriate, otherwise the comfort blanket will not differ).
  • The level of desired heat and weight (selected in accordance with the individual need for heat during sleep, indicated in the form of numbers, waves, thermometer).
  • Optimum sleeping area (the maximum is the distance of an outstretched hand between partners, the minimum is equal to the sum of the required sizes for each, for example: 1-1.3 m for a man, 0.9-1.2 m for a woman).
  • Storage features. Do not store in vacuum bags. Models of wool deteriorate in the dark, they are unstable to the effects of moths and dust mites - sources of pruritus and allergies. Synthetic options can not be called capricious in storage, they can be located both in the closet and in the linen drawer of the sofa, armchair.
  • Care Requirements (the possibility of dry cleaning, washing, resistance to deformation during washing and twisting, the importance of periodic ventilation and drying in fresh air, the inadmissibility of constant whipping).

It is important to pay attention to the cost.In order not to overpay for advertising, laying out a lot of money for the newfangled name of the filler, it is worthwhile to study the information on the Internet in advance, because the usual names sometimes hide the usual synthetics.

If you choose an open model of wool, visual inspection is not enough: you need to probe the canvas on the subject of dead (coarse) hair and heterogeneous structure.

How to choose a duvet cover?

Buying a duvet cover is a topic that requires attention and some nuances. If you understand how wide the size range of double blankets are, the words seller "double", "fit" will not say anything. The choice is carried out with a small amount of material for shrinkage (after washing), you need to take into account the specific dimensions of the existing blanket (especially for length).

When buying it is important to pay attention to the composition of the material. It is good if it is natural textiles with a plain weave of threads: their shrinkage is more uniform.

It is worth remembering: the smaller the distance between the threads, the less shrinkage.

Twill weave - diagonal. With shrinkage of the blanket yarns, a web skew may occur.In other words - the chintz sits more, its structure is looser than that of sateen or calico. Coarse calico is denser, such a duvet cover is heavier, but stronger at the gap, therefore it has a significant service life.

Do not get involved in sliding fabrics (eg, silk). They look beautiful, but are subject to strong crushing, so the bed may look untidy. Not always sliding materials are a good “packing” for blankets, because often the product inside is gathered in a heap.

Synthetics is also undesirable: it has many positive qualities, but it can be allergenic, often poorly absorbs moisture and does not let the air through.


It is worth paying attention to the shade of the material: the effect of color on a person is a proven fact. The duvet cover can be with a picture or without it, but the main thing is that it should not cause negative emotions, therefore it is better to exclude too saturated colors (red, black, dark blue). The bedroom is a special room, so the atmosphere should be relaxing. This can be achieved with the help of soft, muted tones of pastel gamut (purple, pink, mint, heavenly, sunny, coral, golden, turquoise).

The color is chosen at will: some customers do not attach any importance to it, because during the day the duvet cover is covered with a beautiful bedspread. Other users prefer full compliance of bed linen with the general idea of ​​design, so they buy not only a duvet cover, but also pillowcases in a single set. A lot of attention is paid to the picture.

On what kind of blanket is better to choose, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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