The dimensions of the blanket "euro"

 Euro blanket sizes

On sale there is a diverse selection of blankets. Recently, in great demand blankets the size of the "euro". Their large size will be able to please many buyers. About these products and will be discussed in our article.


They say about a comfortable sleep that it is a guarantee of health. For a quiet and pleasant sleep, we will need a comfortable bed, a soft pillow, and, of course, a blanket, which you will take shelter from and make you feel comfortable and can fall asleep quickly. By choosing a product for a restful and sweet sleep, you need to approach with responsibility, since a good sleep affects the productivity of the working day. The choice of blankets in our time is very large. Here you need to choose the right size, material and filler.

Great benefits have European standard blankets. They consist in the fact that they can completely make the bed of a large size, and a person who has a tall height can easily take cover with it.


Euro standards blankets have different shapes. Mostly they are square or rectangular, this form is the most convenient.

Blankets are different in season.: winter, summer, off-season. In winter, winter thick blankets are mainly used. Off-season are of medium thickness, and summer - the thinnest.

But a big mistake will be considered that the thicker the product, the warmer it is. For example, a thin blanket of wool heats as well as a thick one of swan's down.

All season

Downy, woolen, cotton, bamboo, silk, synthetic and very very unusual - with exotic fillings, European standard blankets will definitely find a buyer.

If you choose a down product, it should be quilted with rhombus, in such a form the down will not slip, and it will serve you longer.

Such down products are ideal for the winter period. Their service life is about 20 years.

There are also blankets cassette type. Its filling is more evenly distributed over the cells, and the filler will never get stuck in the corners. It is very reliable and durable. Partitions are made between the fabric and, manually, a filler is filled into each bag-cartridge and the fabrics are sewn together. Thus, the down will not accumulate in one place and have voids in another.

There is also a blanket called karostep. This unusual thing is where the design is embroidered, and it is filled with filler.

People suffering from various allergies are not recommended to buy euro blankets with natural fillers, such as down, wool and others.

Although wool can create a massage effect and their life is approximately 15 years. Still, in order to avoid allergic reactions, allergy sufferers are recommended hypoallergenic fabrics and fillers. A good option in this case are natural bamboo or silk blankets. They will cost more, because they let the air in perfectly, retain heat and have a life of about 12 years. Remember that silk products require special attention.

You can take the euro blanket from cotton fabric,but his weight will be much greater than the above products. A cotton fabric item will last you longer. It can be used in summer or off-season. This material absorbs moisture well and passes air well. Sleep under it will be very comfortable.

A euro blanket with a synthetic filler (padding polyester) will be very easy. Its main advantage is that it is perfectly washed in a washing machine.

Scandalous people fit the European standard blankets with unusual fillers. Eucalyptus as a filler will promote good breathing. Seaweed, St. John's wort, oregano, nettle and other herbs will help improve your breathing and well-being.

Dimensions of European standards

Standard blankets are single, lorry and double. The size of the euro blankets will pleasantly surprise you. They are somewhat larger than the standard sizes we are used to:

  • The dimensions of the euro standard: 200h220sm, 212h225 cm; 200x240 cm; 240x260 cm. The dimensions of the product should be indicated on the package, as well as all other features: filler, rules of operation, care and so on. Since the single model and lorry have almost the same size, the buyers choose euro liter. This is more convenient, such a blanket is called a family;
  • The euro lorry has a size of 155x215 cm, there is still a slightly larger euro size, it is 160x215 cm or 160x220 cm;
  • Children's euro blankets size 160x205 cm;
  • Usually the sizes for a double bed are from 175x190 cm and 175x205 cm. Of the euro size blankets, the most demanded sizes are 200x220 cm. This size will fit most of the beds;
  • There are Euro products on a double bed of a non-standard size 195x215 cm, they are less often in demand;
  • But the most convenient euro in size will be euro maxi, its size is 200x240 cm or 220x240 cm, sometimes the royal size of a product is 240 centimeters wide and 260 centimeters long (240x260 cm).

You can decide on the required parameters of the blanket, using the European standards size table.


On sale there is a wide choice of blankets of the European standard from various materials. Materials are artificial and natural origin.


Each filler has its positive and negative sides.


Downy filler perfectly keeps the warmth of your body and promotes good air circulation. If you choose a downy euro blanket, it will be large, but very airy, light and pleasant to your body.

But there are downsides.The fact is that from these fluffy fillers allergies can occur, and if you have damp in the room, the fluff will dampen and fall down.


A wool blanket will have a positive effect on the human body.

If it is made of camel or sheep wool, it will be much harder than, for example, a cashmere or jacquard blanket. Wool products do not have a greenhouse effect, due to which air circulation is very good, which has a beneficial effect on your body.

The filler should be well and tightly packed. Products made of wool will serve you a considerable time.

The negative side is that they can cause allergies. Such a blanket requires frequent washing.


Euro standard cotton blanket is pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic. Dust will not accumulate in it, and even if it does appear, it can be easily washed in a typewriter. If your product consists of one cotton cloth, then it will be light and perfect for the summer period.

The price of such a blanket will not "beat" on your pocket.

He has practically no cons. Unless you have purchased an euro blanket with cotton cotton.Then the cotton wool in it can roll into clumps.


Bamboo blanket euro - just a storehouse of all useful! It does not cause irritability, allergies and well breaths. Importantly, the bamboo blanket is very light.

There are no negative sides. The main thing is to make sure that the product is filled with bamboo fiber, and not synthetic.


A natural silk blanket is suitable for all seasons. It absorbs quickly and perfectly evaporates unwanted moisture. If you crumple the filler, it will quickly restore its shape. Remember that in such a product you will never have parasites and dust mites that you do not need.

The negative side of silk euro blankets is the high cost. Behind him need a very attentive care.

It can not be stored in a room with a low temperature, it can lose its softness. You can not wash it in a washing machine at high temperature.


Synthetic blanket euro class perfectly retains its shape. Its volume will not change even after numerous washes. Synthetic filler is very warm and does not absorb unpleasant odors. Inside microorganisms do not start and fungi are also not terrible.

A negative fact is poor air circulation.


When buying a Euro standard duvet, you need to make sure that the cover is made of thick fabric so that feathers and down will not get out of it:

  • For a wool blanket, it is important that the cover is made of natural fabric. It is necessary to make sure that all the threads on the cover are in place, and the wool fibers do not stick out of the seams;
  • When buying a Euro-class bamboo blanket, you need to check the presence of the bei along the contour of the cover. It is desirable that the cover was carefully stitched, and the filler does not crawl out;
  • In the case for the European standard silk quilt there must necessarily be a clasp through which you can verify the authenticity of the silk fiber. Unpainted silk fiber will have a white or yellowish color. If inside the blanket you notice curly fibers, then this is artificial silk. You can also try to set fire to the fibers a little, they should not exude the smell of scorched wool;
  • The cover for the euro cotton blanket should be of high quality and dense;
  • A blanket made of synthetic fabrics is not always pleasant to your body. It is desirable that the cover was made of natural fabrics. Such a cover will have a beneficial effect on sleep.

How to choose?

When choosing a Euro-class blanket, in order for it to last longer, there is a lot to consider:

  • Determine what size of product you need;
  • Choose the color of the product that fits your bedroom;
  • The cost of the goods should not be very low. Absolutely low price should confuse you. Since this product may be a marriage or filler different from the proposed product;
  • Check your blanket! Familiarize yourself with the label, look at the pattern, look through all the seams and make sure there are no extra threads;
  • The cover must be durable and preferably without synthetics, so that static electricity does not occur;
  • Learn how to properly wash this product.

Also on the packaging of euro blankets there are special marker points, the maximum of five of them. They indicate the degree of heat of the product. Marker points are suitable only for euro products with one type of filler.

Recommended blankets, depending on temperature:

  • from + 6 ° - very warm (5 points);
  • From + 8.5 ° - warm (4 points);
  • From + 10 ° - out of season (3 points);
  • From + 15 ° - easy (2 points);
  • From + 19 ° - light summer (1 point).

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers use markers on the packaging of a blanket, so its warmth can be determined by the density of the filler used.For a winter blanket, there is a filler with a density of 420 g / m², for an all-season one with a density of 220-350 g / m², for a summer one with a density less than 200-220 g / m². Such criteria are relevant to all fillers, with the exception of synthetic and downy.

For more information on how to choose a blanket, you can find out by watching the following video:

How to use and store

Having bought a product of euro class that meets all requirements, you must use and store it properly.

  • Look after behind a wool blanket not so easy. Such a thing needs to be shaken out and ventilated often, and should not be washed, especially in warm water. You also can not use bleach to clean or rub it, it can deteriorate. If you still decide to wash such a thing, then there is a little trick. To make the wool product look better, you can add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 30 liters of water or replace the vinegar with several tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

It should not be dried in direct sunlight, but should be spread on a flat surface in the shade. Store in a dry place with a moth bag.

  • If necessary downy product can be washed in a washing machine by setting "delicate wash". When washing is going to be better, it will be better to throw a few balls, for example, tennis balls, so that the fluff is whipped during the wash. Do not forget to beat it at least once a week;
  • Courting behind a silk product euro class, in any case, do not erase it in a typewriter machine. If it becomes heavy, dry it, perhaps a lot of moisture is absorbed in it. Dry in a case in direct sunlight, occasionally whisking. Iron silk products need to be using steam;
  • Look after behind a bamboo blanket simpler, but when washing in a typewriter, also set “delicate mode”. Water temperature should not exceed 30 °. If your product consists of bamboo fibers, then use less detergent, in order to avoid large amounts of foam. Do not wash it often, once a year washing in a typewriter will be enough;
  • Synthetic thing can be washed in a washing machine, but you need to use very little powder. After washing it should be whipped to avoid lumps. Wash this product once or twice a year. But more often air and shake it.

Given all the above, you can easily choose from the huge number of European standard blankets for you. Before buying euro products, read the label on the operating rules, data on the material, filler and size. With the right blanket, your sleep will be sweet and sound.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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