Sizes of blankets

Nothing contributes to normal life as a sufficient amount of heat, and in any aspects: during sleep and rest, in home life and in human relationships. Blankets in this regard play an important role. A properly selected blanket will warm you up on a cold night or just on frosty days. It is useful at a picnic, at home get-togethers, at meetings with school friends.

No less important is the size of the blanket. In this article, you can learn about what blankets today are presented by Russian and foreign manufacturers, what is the size range of these models and what nuances should be taken into account during their selection and purchase.

What are the?

Surprisingly, even such a simple thing as a blanket is divided into a number of species and subspecies. They depend on many factors: manufacturer, size, functionality, material of manufacture, etc.To begin with, the buyer must decide on how many people the blanket should be calculated.

Those models, which will be discussed later, are the most common, and the rest are considered non-standard. Information will be provided for each of the species. It is worth noting that the models mentioned are not single quality standards. If you wish, you can find several excellent copies of blankets of the same type. The main thing is to rely on the parameters.


Standard blankets are divided into two types: single or single and double.

First you need to consider single or single beds. Similar copies are designed for one person. If a person lives alone or he wants each family member to have a separate blanket, he should pay attention to this option.

The most common one-and-a-half-sleeping blanket is a model with a size of 140x205 cm - a classic type of blanket that was adopted in everyday life in Soviet life. For small and narrow beds - just right, since such a blanket will not touch the floor.

It is recommended for adolescents serving in the army and other categories of users.

One of the most popular and best-selling options is the Ecocomfort model from Podushkino TM.

Double blanketsas the name implies, are intended for a couple of people.

They are divided into several types of sizes:

  • 200x220 cm - considered the most versatile and comfortable option. One of the key criteria is that this blanket is convenient for choosing bedding; An excellent model presented in this size is a cashmere blanket from TechStyle.
  • 200x200 cm - a blanket in the shape of a square. Alas, such instances are not so often found on Russian territory. As a rule, they can be purchased in Eastern European countries, such as Germany, France and Italy; however, there are domestic samples, which are produced by TM "IvSheyStandart", from the city of Ivanovo.
  • 195x215 cm - not the most comfortable sample, as a result of which it is not as widely popular in Europe as a square blanket, and it is not so easy to find it. A catalog of silk and cotton with similar parameters can be ordered in the Sofia de Marko catalog.
  • 172x205 cm - this type is perfectly familiar to a person who lived in Soviet times, for good reason this blanket was named “Soviet”; it was also distributed throughout the UKwhy this same blanket is called "English". Similar samples are made by Yaroslav Ivanovo from 100% cotton.
  • 150x220 cm - “family” blankets of such parameters are in some cases produced by La Pastel in the territory of the Russian Federation. The model ensures an optimal balance between temperature and humidity, which is important for health; It can be used for a whole year. The model is made of rayon.


Euro size beds are designed for adults. Blankets from this category are available in several versions:

  • 155x215 cm - The most common type of one-and-a-half quilt, referred to as “Euro-size”. One of its advantages is that it is very convenient for the selection of bed linen. The company "Agro-Don" produces such blankets under the name "Aphrodite" with the down of a gray Siberian goose.
  • 200x220 cm - This European standard is designed for two people to sleep. The couple should not worry about comfort and warmth: they will be enough blankets of appropriate sizes. You can purchase such copies in the above mentioned TM "IvSheyStandart".
  • 220x240 cm - if the buyer has a luxurious bed with a size of more than 180 cm in width, this copy is made for him (especially if this person himself has large dimensions).Such blankets are called royal (“king size) or euro maxi: these definitions fully characterize the price and hassle associated with this blanket, since the purchase of euro maxi requires a fairly large amount of money, and often there are problems with choosing the right bedding. The Chinese company Silk Place offers such blankets in a wide range.


  • 100x135 cm - the blanket is intended for children up to 3 years. It is recommended to pay attention to the Dream Time domestic production blanket - it is filled with synthetic fiber from swan's down. The risk of the appearance of insects in it is excluded, therefore it is also recommended for people suffering from allergies. The model is unusually light, pleasant to the touch and durable.
  • 100x140 cm - like the previous copy, it is intended for babies up to 3 years. The brightest representative of the size range - a sample of Russian production "OTC", combines cotton fiber and high quality merino wool. A blanket; perfectly absorbs moisture.
  • 90x90 cm - This option is ideal for a cradle and stroller. For these needs, a blanket is used for about six months.One of the exemplary models of this blanket is a Russian-made Makkaroni Kids blanket in gray colors, its material is natural cotton knitwear, ornaments are rhinestones and delicate lace.
  • 100x150 cm - It is recommended to buy a cotton blanket for children "Gentle Angel", produced by the Russian organization "Natureress", a filler made of organic cotton. The model is suitable for all seasons, the upper part consists of satin and jacquard weaving. Also suitable for allergies.
  • 110x140 cm - the most standard blanket designed for children. The bamboo blanket, produced by TM “Light Dreams” (factory “Agro-Don” from the Rostov region), is recommended for purchase; it is durable and anti-bacterial, from ecological fiber, 100% cotton and satin.
  • 120x140 cm - a sample with a square shape, suitable for newborns. A sample of sheep wool from the Lotus Constellation trademark is recommended for purchase.
  • 142x210 cm - the minimum option suitable for the size of a teenager. One of the brightest copies is the blanket of the Ukrainian garment factory Viva made of synthetic fiber - eco-fiber.
  • 145x210 cm - minimal options suitable for a teenager.We recommend products made of cashmere down Hungarian production, you can order them in the studio curtains and textiles Hellene loom.

However, a standard one and a half-sleeping blanket is also suitable for teenagers.


Non-standard blankets are not included in the specified categories of standards, for them there is a separate gradation:

  • 140x160 cm - for example, Giovanni Comforter blanket for preschoolers, suitable for beds with parameters 160x180. It is versatile and suitable for all seasons, made from 100% cotton, filled with hypoallergenic holofiber. Produced in the UK.
  • 160x220 cm - the Chinese manufacturer Asabella creates light quilted one and a half-sleeping blankets, the material of its cover is satin made of eucalyptus (tencel) - a strong fabric with a twisted thread in the form of a diagonal. This blanket is quite soft and pleasant to the skin, is easy to clean.
  • 150x210 cm - Tempur-Fit Light blanket with non-standard parameters is made in Denmark, it has an excellent thermoregulation function, its temperature adjusts to the temperature of a sleeping person, which ensures a comfortable and comfortable sleep even during the heat.

To make it easier for the buyer to navigate in the selection, below is a table of sizes for bed linen.

And it is worth noting that non-standard samples are not separated from other species, but are included in all of the above.

Type of blanket

Size, cm

Child (up to 3 years)

100x135, 100x140, 90x90

Children's, standard

80x180, 80x160, 100x140, 100x150, 110x140, 120x140, 120x160, 120x200, 140x160

Children's, for teenagers

142x210, 145x200, 145x210

One and a half sleeping

155x5215, 150x215, 150x220, 150x200, 140x205, 140x200


150x210, 150x220, 165x210, 165x200, 200x200, 200x220, 172x205, 160x220, 180x200, 195x215


120x170, 120x180,150x220


200x220, 220x240, 155x215

How to choose the right size?

A few simple tips:

  • Before you go to the store to buy a blanket, you first need to find out the size of the bed and duvet cover. It will be very annoying if, having spent time and money on a huge blanket, it will be too big for a cover. Of course, there can be no comfort whatsoever. A married couple should think about buying a family or euro set and matching duvet cover and pillowcase.
  • In the first years of this century, a special GOST was issued, which regulated the size of bed accessories. In particular, they were classified into European, children's, one-and-a-half, and other species that are described in the previous sections of this article.The buyer should take note that the dimensions indicated on the package are presented in two forms: European (marked in letters) and Russian (marked in centimeters).

When a customer chooses which blanket to buy, you should take care that it is not longer than the bed itself by more than 50 cm.

  • You should definitely pay attention to what exactly this or that blanket is filled with. The weight of the blanket depends on what its dimensions and how it is filled.
  • It does not matter what kind of packing a customer might like. It is much more important that the blanket maintains the temperature of the body of a sleeping person. Bamboo and eucalyptus fibers are versatile fillers that can warm in cold winters and cool in hot summers. But there are quite a few people who out of habit acquire two sets - for winter and summer.

Having knowledge of what size standards blankets have, it is easy to find the right bedding.

If you have doubts about the material from which the blanket is made, you should carefully examine the label. There, as a rule, everything that describes this model is described in detail: dimensions, composition, manufacturer, rules for care.

However, if the consumer is not sure how to properly wash this or that laundry, a paid dry cleaner is always ready to provide this service to him. Or it is worth buying a blanket made of synthetics, which can be washed very rarely, at least once a year (preferably in a gentle manner, so as not to accidentally damage the product).

It is recommended to buy a new synthetic model approximately once every five years.

It is worth mentioning the features of the choice of children's and family copies. When buying a model for a cot, it is recommended to take into account that babies have a habit of throwing off the blanket. It is worth taking a copy of "with a margin" for tucking a blanket under the mattress. Also fit samples with Velcro and laces.

And if the buyer acquires a one-and-a-half blanket, he can safely supplement it with “family kits”. They imply the presence of a pair of duvet covers and sheets of wide sizes.

How to choose a duvet cover?

Any blanket will not be complete if it does not have a duvet cover. A few basic guidelines for choosing:

  • When buying bedding, you should choose a duvet cover, which in all respects would be more than the blanket itself, about 5-10 cm.More difficult if the buyer is the owner of the bed of non-standard sizes. Bed linen, suitable in size to a bed in a regular store to buy will not work. We'll have to use the services of the studio or private masters who will customize the tailoring of bedding for any size.
  • The true width of the duvet cover may not correspond to what the manufacturer described it. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to independently measure the parameters of bedding directly in the store.
  • There are situations in which underwear can change over time, become smaller. Such cases are possible, for example, when a person washes a duvet cover in water with a temperature of 60 degrees, while the prescribed mode implies washing at 30 or 40 degrees. Therefore, the purchase of a spare kit will never be a waste of money. But in the case of buying high-quality linen, do not worry about it. Allowance for shrinkage is provided by the manufacturer.

In the case of selection of bed linen of good quality and competent adherence to the prescribed regime,it is possible to avoid settling and buying a spare product.

  • Quality duvet cover can prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt or the appearance of puffs. In addition to the practical function, this bedding can serve as a pleasant decoration for the bedroom. The appearance of the duvet covers can vary - it can serve as a bright accent or be made in sober, soothing colors, be monophonic or variegated - it all depends on the designer's imagination, the interior of the room and the taste of the owner.

You will learn more about the sizes of blankets in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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