Heated blankets

Autumn. Outside, leaves rustle underfoot. The thermometer slowly but surely drops lower and lower. At work it is not hot, at home - someone has a bad drowning, and someone saves on heating.

More and more I want to feel the warmth of the bed or sofa. Sleeping in woolen socks to warm the legs is not to let the skin rest from the clothes. And the second half all the time grumbling, feeling the touch of cold feet. What to do? Consider buying an electric blanket!

What is it?

Back in 1912, an American scientist and inventor Sidney I. Russell proposed the first model of a thermal blanket, more precisely, a thermal mattress, because a person put this device under a sheet. And after 25 years, it was there that heated blankets appeared in the USA. Such a device works when connected to a power source.Insulated wires or heating elements are embedded in the fabric of the blanket.

Models released after 2001, for work enough voltage in 24 volts. They provide an emergency shutdown system to prevent overheating or fire. Electric blankets, released earlier, are deprived of such a mechanism, which makes them more dangerous.

With the help of the thermostat, you can control the set temperature, especially since it turns off automatically. There are models with a timer with which you can set the shutdown program at the right time.

Some modern models of electric blankets in their system use hydrocarbon fibers as wires. They are thinner and not so noticeable among the filler. Heated autoseats in cars by using the same carbon-plastic wires. The most advanced models of electric path blankets have also rheostats, which react to the temperature of the human body and, thus, change the temperature indicators of the blanket in order to limit the user's overheating.


Since thermal blanket is an electrical device, let's first get acquainted with its technical aspects. Electric blankets are used in everyday life, in medicine, in cosmetology.With the help of a professional medical model, you can warm a newborn baby in the maternity hospital or perform a physiotherapy procedure. In cosmetology, such electric paths and blankets wrap customers up when wrapped.

And for home use suitable blankets with the following characteristics:

  • Power - 40-150 watts.
  • The rate of heating to a temperature of 35 degrees is 10-30 minutes.
  • Electrical cord with a length of 180-450 cm.
  • The supply of children's models particularly sensitive ultra-precise sensor.
  • The presence of a wire with a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug will allow you to use such a rug in the car or next to it in nature, as well as professional drivers during a trip.
  • The function of partial heating will increase the temperature of the product only in a certain part of it (for example, in the legs).
  • Power consumption: when warming up - no more than 100 watts, with further work - no more than 30 watts. Particularly economical models consume from 10 to 15 watts.
  • Possibility to disconnect electrical components before washing.
  • Existence of 2-9 modes for more comfortable use. If you are offered an electric blanket only with the function of connecting to a 220 V network, refuse to purchase.The minimum requirement is a dual-mode blanket for the possibility of reducing the heating temperature without removing it.

Top layer and fillers

In the manufacture of thermal blankets for medical institutions and beauty salons, the top layer is made water-repellent for subsequent processing. This may be nylon or nylon, treated with a special composition. The top layer of household electric paths can be from natural or artificial fiber.

To natural include:

  • calico - breathable, does not electrify, forms pellets;
  • plush - soft, pleasant to the body; It is better to wash a new thing or at least vacuum it, since a lot of small threads remain on the fabric after sewing;
  • cotton - light, breathable, but very wrinkled;
  • wool - retains heat well, but it is slightly prickly and is not durable; may be an allergen.

Artificial fibers are:

  • acrylic - does not require ironing, soft, does not allow air, rolls down over time;
  • microfiber - soft, gentle, breathable, light and fluffy;
  • polyamide - does not hold water, dries quickly, does not wrinkle, quickly loses its color, but acquires static electricity;
  • polycotton - polyester blended fabric with cotton, as a synthetic material - durable and electrostatic, as natural - breathes and forms pellets;
  • fleece - light, breathable, hypoallergenic, retains heat well.

Fillers are also made from natural or synthetic fibers.

  • Artificial Polyurethane does not electrify, does not cause allergies, dust mites and fungal microorganisms do not live in it.
  • Wool batting - natural material for those who love a heavy blanket.
  • Wool with carbon fiber - blended fabric, which incorporates the characteristics of natural and artificial yarns.

Choose size

Since they produce a warm blanket in many countries, the size range may differ from that given by us. The main thing when choosing to remember: heating elements do not cover 100% of the product area. A few centimeters from each edge remain without electric heating elements. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to take a larger thermal blanket in order not to take it from each other at night.

The standard size of a single model is 130x180 cm. The most popular option for a lone-and-a-half is 195x150 cm. An electric blanket with a size of 200x200 cm is suitable for a double bed.

Restrictions on use

Such a beautiful blanket should not be used constantly even by healthy people. A body spoiled with constant heat will be lazy to use its own resources in defense against various viruses and infections. Do not so weaken your own immune system.

It is clear that when using the electric blanket the body temperature will increase. Excessively high temperature can provoke the growth of unhealthy cells of the body or accelerate the inflammatory process.

You should not risk with such a purchase for people with any infectious diseases, including diseases of the respiratory tract in severe form.

Despite the fact that diabetics often freeze, such a blanket is also not recommended because of the peculiarities of the circulatory system. People wearing pacemakers and other foreign objects in their bodies will also be warmed by other means, blankets and blankets. Electric blanket does not suit them.

How to choose an electric cover, contraindications, see more in the next video.

Those who have recently had surgery have a time limit.But as soon as your health improves, consult your doctor about purchasing an electric blanket.

How to make a choice?

If you enter a query into a search engine about manufacturers of electric blankets, you can easily find the answer.

Manufacturers really delight us with their suggestions:

  • Beurer (Germany) - about the products of this company you will find the most reviews. Beurer has developed its own system for guaranteeing the safe use of the BSS®: all electric paths have protection sensors that prevent the elements from overheating and turning off in time. The cost of different models in the prices of 2017 ranges from 6,700 to 8,000 rubles in online stores. But buyers agree to pay this money, as they are amazed at the capabilities of the Beurer electric blankets: removable mains cable, fast heating and independent disconnection after 3 hours, 6 temperature modes and the display lights (because of what you do not have to look for a remote at night). Users do not feel the heating elements in the blanket. It is very convenient to use in the country. Yes, and on the road is convenient to use, since it is very compact.
  • Electric blanket Medisana also offers the same name German company.The outer layer of breathable and sweat-absorbing microfiber. Four temperature conditions. Cost (2017) - 6600 rubles. Buyers say that they do not mind the money spent on the purchase, as the blanket fully met their expectations. It is safe, easy to wash, very soft, always remains dry. Has a 3 year warranty.
  • Imetec company (in different online stores different countries are hosted by the brand: China and Italy) offers electric trails with a cotton outer layer. In the season of discounts such a blanket can be bought for an amount less than 4,000 rubles. at the usual cost of about 7,000 rubles.
Medisana blanket
Imetec plaid
  • Russian company "Factory of heat" offers electric prestige "Prestige" at a price of 3450 - 5090 rubles. And it suits customers, because the feature of these products is the possibility of using not only as a blanket, but also as a sheet. Users write that the blanket is easy to dry clean. The fabric is not deformed and does not roll, the body does not sweat under it. The blanket is safe, it can be used in two modes. Full warm-up occurs in twenty to thirty minutes. In cold weather it saves a lot.
  • Electric blanket with infrared warm Blanket from Ecospiens produced by the Russian company of the same name from natural materials of domestic manufacturers. By using hydrocarbon fiber as a heating element? the blanket is considered absolutely safe. Auto-shutdown sensor mounted in the console. The price of this model is 3543 rubles. The manufacturer claims that if desired and necessary, the heating element of the plaid can be inserted into another cover (blanket), and then it will last for many more years.
"Heat Factory"
Blanket from EcoSapiens

How to use?

Read the enclosed instructions for safe use of the blanket.

Check out our general guidelines:

  • Store electric blankets at a temperature of 5-40 degrees.
  • Do not put heavy objects on it.
  • Keep away from animals, so as not to damage the wires.
  • Do not use a wet product.
  • Do not leave unattended when on.
  • Do not cover the sensors to prevent overheating.
  • Disconnect wires before washing.
  • Wash at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.
  • Do not allow more than 5 washes during use.
  • Do not stick metal objects (sewing needles) into the fabric.
  • Dry in straightened form without kinking on a rope or crossbar.
  • Ensure the safety of all electrical products.

And then your electric blanket will keep you warm in cold evenings and nights.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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