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Many people are very kind to the quality of their own recreation, including the night. One of the factors that ensure a full sleep is the linen on which and under which we sleep. This is especially true of blankets, which are designed to provide warmth and comfort in the winter evenings, coolness in the hot summer nights. It will be a question of silk blankets which are popular not one ten years.

Advantages and disadvantages

Silk underwear has been valued at all times, and today it is especially relevant. The strange fabric, brought from the mysterious China many thousands of years ago, immediately gained popularity among connoisseurs. However, only those who could afford such an expensive pleasure. Silk has always been expensive.

Blankets made of silk fabric, with silk filler are very durable, and yet they are suitable for almost everyone - because of their hypoallergenicity. In the composition of such a product there are no toxic substances.These products are practical at any time of the year - in winter, they retain their heat very well, and in summer they do not “fry” under them, since silk fabric is well ventilated.

To pluses silk blankets applies the fact that they durable, perfectly washable (but only in manual mode), ensure healthy sleep.

As for the minuses - this is the cost. As already noted, silk products can not be called cheap. The second factor is a large number of fakes. Unscrupulous sellers often give for natural silk fabrics with impurities.

If you improperly care for the product, it loses the aesthetic appearance. Some buyers prefer wool blankets because silk seems “slippery” to them. However, a wool product is denser and heavier, less durable, under it you will not fall asleep in hot weather.


So, manufacturers offer silk blankets and options with silk filler. You simply choose a “cover” of silk fabric (a more expensive option) or a product filled with such material.

Remember that the filler is made from the threads of the cultivated silkworm.This material is not subjected to chemical processing, which guarantees the elasticity of the product, as well as environmental friendliness and the ability not to deform when used.

Choosing a blanket, decide for yourself what purpose it will serve.

The blanket should be bought not quilted, but smooth, since the stitch can damage the fibers of natural silk. Then, because of it, silk threads can “crawl out”.

All-season, winter and light, thin, silk blankets have different weights: summer ones weigh about a kilogram, winter ones - every two or three times heavier. These products are suitable for adults and children.

Regardless of the period for which the products are used, they retain heat perfectly, they are never ticks and parasites. The absence of various harmful microorganisms in silk products is ensured by the presence of sericin, a protein produced by silkworm caterpillars. Such blankets are not electrified, air circulates in them perfectly.

Silk blankets are highly recommended by doctors - this fabric is useful for people with arthritis and asthma.

It is claimed that silk stimulates the regeneration of the human body.That is why silk blankets are recommended to be used even for newborn children.


To feel comfort under a silk blanket, you need to make the right choice with its size. A too short blanket will not make your sleep complete.

If you often roll over in your sleep, a square blanket will suit you.

Usually the size is indicated on the product packaging. Many manufacturers, really caring for potential customers, indicate the Russian size in centimeters and its equivalent in European designation.

For a double bed Euro blankets are usually picked up, the size of which is 200 × 220 cm. However, lately manufacturers are producing another euro size for double furniture - 195 × 215 cm.

If you have a small bed, and you sleep alone, it is not necessary to spend extra money on expensive centimeters of a silk quilt. A one-and-a-half blanket, whose size is 160 × 190, will perfectly warm you in the winter and create comfort during the summer heat.

What is being done?

It should be noted that high-quality silk blankets are made only by hand, laying layers of silk on each other crosswise until there is enough material.Long-fiber silk from natural silkworm, evenly laid in this order, is a strong homogeneous mass. This is not artificial, and natural silk filler is smooth, does not contain lumps.

Then it is manually sewn to the silk satin case of the product. The case can be made of a mixture of cotton and silk, which is much cheaper.

Many manufacturers use for quality filler in some cases, the threads of the wild silkworm, and in others - domestic. Fiber varieties Mullbery (mulberry) are especially appreciated, for the production of which silkworms are grown in captivity according to a special technology: only a pair of silkworms is used (two larvae should be in its cocoon).

Such material is not processed at all by chemical means, due to which unbleached fiber is not deformed, it is elastic and retains its elasticity. Mullbery variety perfectly retains heat, the threads of such silk are shiny and white.

The threads of the wild silkworm must be treated with special solutions, therefore the price of such silk is much lower. Threads of such a silk varieties tussa (the threads obtained from the oak silkworm - and then bleached) have a yellowish color, resemble cotton wool. Products from them are more difficult.

The best option is to buy a blanket from a mixture of threads Mullbery and Tussa. They are durable and affordable.

The best option is to buy a blanket from a mixture of threads Mullbery and Tussa. They are durable and affordable.

How are silk blankets made in the next video.


To make a luxury gift to yourself or close people, you just need to buy a silk blanket. A wide range of such products today is offered by a variety of manufacturers.

Natural color silk silkworm - almost black or gray. It is unlikely that any of the buyers would have opted for underwear of this color. Therefore, chemicals are used to whiten the fibers and make them shine. In some cases, manufacturers use a variety of fats, sometimes even lard.

But the color of the material from the silkworm is white, it feels smooth and soft to the touch, and therefore costs more. However, the colors of silk blankets covers can be very different - this is good news for customers.

Of course, classic silk blanket - whitepleasing the eye with its nobility. The material trimmed with the golden edging is generally the highest class.

Champagne silk blanket adequately decorate the bedroom, decorated in a classic style. It will be appropriate as a gift to the newlyweds. In the case of jacquard sateen, it will warm anyone and will help to transfer the heat in the summer.

Now pastel shades of blankets are in fashion: pink, peach, beige. Such light blankets seem weightless - due to the natural silk filler. For greater nobility, they are trimmed with decorative edging. Sometimes they have buttons and loops to hold several blankets, differing in weight. This is useful in cases where you need to "insulate".

Manufacturers Rating

Today there are a large number of manufacturers of silk blankets, but superiority in production and quality - for China. This is the birthplace of silk.

For the first time, silk was mentioned more than 5,000 years ago. Today, China produces more than half of the total number of silk blankets in the world - 54%. The Chinese export budget and luxury products throughout the world. Silk blankets from China are high quality and beautiful.

Trademark "Alice"which has factories in China and Moscow has established itself as one of the best. She produces luxury and classic blankets. By production of products of this company only the highest grade of mulberry Mullbery is used, and production is built on classical traditions. At first silkworm cocoons are treated with steam, and then soaked in running water. Blanket covers from Alice are made from 100% cotton or satin.

In second place - manufacturers from India. They export around the world 14% of silk products. Although the Indians are better known as suppliers of raw materials for blankets - silk.

Not in the last place and manufacturers from Europe - Germany, Austria. Their silk blankets meet the most stringent requirements of international environmental standards.

Russian manufacturers are well acquainted with the rules for the production of quality blankets - and today they compete with well-known manufacturers.

Popular company OnSilk, which supplies blankets of Egyptian silk. Factories of this company are located in China. The filler is made from natural silk of the highest category, covers - from high-quality sateen.Products, as a rule, are not quilted, which allows silk to retain its qualities. Mullbery filler is processed using the latest Silk NanoPS technology.

Kingsilk - Russian blanket manufacturer, having the best factories in China. Blanket fillings - top grade, a mixture of varieties is also offered.

There are a lot of companies producing lightweight silk blankets. However, it is better to contact the time-tested and quality manufacturers.

How to select and determine authenticity?

To choose the "right" blanket, first decide on a budget. A more expensive and high-quality blanket will be made from Mullbery silk - this is an elite material that has maintained its high quality for decades.

Cheaper, of course, silk varieties Tussa. This material is processed by chemistry. The structure of this fiber is not the same as that of higher grade materials.

So, a few tips:

  • Take the product in hand. The heavier the blanket, the more expensive it is, but it will be better to warm such a product.
  • Quilted silk blankets are of lower quality.
  • Unzip the pouch and appreciate the color of the fiber. - at Mullbery the color should be with a tint, cream, not white. Fiber filaments are elastic and hard to break.Inserts are required - black and yellow. Their absence suggests a fake.
  • Ask the seller to set fire to silk thread - if you smell organic matter, protein, then you are on the right track.
  • Thread weave - also an important fact. The blanket should be fluffy, easy to whip. If the weave is too dense, it is not silk.

How to care?

Silk is a material that must be carefully looked after, but you are not afraid of parasites and ticks. If you want to wash such a cloth, use a special mode in your washing machine. If this is not the case - wash with your hands, or even better - take the product to dry cleaning.

Useful recommendations:

  • Dry in the shade.
  • Iron wet.
  • If you put a fat stain - wash only with your hands. On the cover there is a special zipper, turn the blanket inside out.
  • Use only special powder for silk.
  • Whisk the product periodically.
  • It is best to wear duvet covers on silk blankets.
  • Try not to put heavy things on the product - the fibers may be damaged.

Remember that with proper care, a blanket of silk can last up to 20 years, which means that only healthy sleep awaits you.Your body will "breathe" in a dream, you will not be allergic to tissue, you will be able to get rid of rheumatism, insomnia and depression.

Having correctly selected the quality, manufacturer and color of the blanket, you will not only make your interior beautiful, but also feel young and rested.

Beautiful interiors

Silk blankets can bring harmony and zest to the interior of the room - if you choose them correctly. If a silk blanket will also be a veil at the same time, then try to pick it to the wallpaper - because the beauty of the interior depends not only on the color of the wallpaper, but also on how the whole room is decorated.

Silk blankets fit perfectly into the classic interior - white, peach, beige, they can harmoniously highlight all the advantages of the room.

Silk looks good in the interior in the English style - especially if there are a lot of small pillows of different sizes on the bed.

If you really like the blanket, but it does not fit into the design of your bedroom, beat the silk, updating the design of the lampshade or something else.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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