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Vladi is one of the most successful manufacturers of wool blankets and blankets throughout Europe. Excellent quality and durability of products is the hallmark of all Vladi products. Vladi's company has gained great popularity in the global market. Products of the organization can be purchased at many well-known outlets in Russia, as well as ordered through the online store.


Initially, the company was called "Textile-fabric." It was founded in 1933 in the city of Kharkov. Only in the spring of 2003, the company registered under the name TM Vladi. With the development of production, the company increased and modernized. The company sought to European standards, Italian equipment was purchased, and experts from other countries were invited.

Thanks to this modernization, the volume of production increased by 60%.Also, the actions taken have affected the increase in the range and improvement of the quality of the manufactured goods. Today, Vladi is a successfully developing company, known throughout Europe.


The entire production of the company is aimed at creating blankets, bedspreads, mattresses and wool blankets. For this purpose, the wool of New Zealand and Ukrainian sheep and alpaca is used. In order to make the products more durable and wear-resistant, acrylic is added to the wool.

All products have high quality and a large range. Manufactured products are divided into three collections: luxury, classic and economy. It helps to orient in choosing the right product. You can also divide all products depending on the material for production.

Wool blankets

The peculiarity of this product is that it is made of natural wool. For the manufacture of blankets used wool New Zealand sheep. Such a product will permanently preserve the natural warmth of the body and protect against colds. It does not cause allergies, and also fits perfectly into the interior of the house. The entire collection is also divided into three types: elite, classic and economy.In addition, there is a separate collection for children. All of them differ from each other in their colors and patterns:

  • Classic collection. The peculiarity of the classic collection is that all products have a checkered pattern. They differ in their design and color, but the pattern remains the same. It is pleasant to take such a blanket for a picnic or to take shelter of them in cold winter weather.
  • Elite collection. The elite collection has the most various designs of drawings. They are distinguished by their style and color, but all are made of high quality material. Here you can find monophonic products: from bright to soothing tones and a blanket with a checkered pattern, and such unusual drawings as a maze.
  • Collection of economy class. The economy class collection consists of products that include acrylic. They are 50% made of natural wool and 50% acrylic. Due to this, products are more affordable and have the same good quality. Acrylic gives products durability and practicality.

One of the most famous models of woolen blankets is the Tetris blanket. It consists of high quality natural wool.This product retains its color for a long time, is distinguished by its softness and pleasant to the touch. The “Tetris” bedspread is characterized by the fact that it has a very unusual pattern that immediately attracts attention.

All Tetris blankets are made in bright colors. The drawing consists of geometric shapes, which will be perfectly combined with the design of the room, and make it even more interesting. Such a blanket will look great in the nursery, and will be pleasing to the eye and warm with its warmth.

Acrylic blankets

The blankets of this collection are 100% acrylic. They have great strength and durability. Such products are perfect for giving or outdoor recreation. Due to their composition, they have very rich colors. Products from acrylic include the following types of collections:

  • Classic collection characterized by its products with a checkered pattern. It has a large range of colors: from bright and saturated colors to pastel colors. These blankets are very warm and have good quality and reasonable price.
  • Children's collection - it is bright and colorful products from acrylic. They will protect the child from the cold and will delight their colors.


Quilts are made of sheep wool. They are of high quality and are well suited for very cold winters. One of the features of this product is its ability to absorb moisture. Thanks to this property, it becomes even more comfortable. Quilts are made from environmentally friendly materials.


Vladi products can be found in many cities of Russia, as well as purchased through an online store. Buyers often leave their reviews, share their impressions of the purchased products. Most of Vladi’s product reviews are positive, the company tries to please its customers with high-quality products.

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