Lamp lamp for floor lamp

 Lamp lamp for floor lamp

The floor lamp at all times was associated with home warmth and comfort. This item, of course, fits into any room design, and a wide range of lampshades, their sizes, shades and materials does not leave anyone indifferent.

Floor lamp models

At the thought of a floor lamp, many people have before their eyes the image of a high floor lamp, the lampshade of which was framed by a fringe. Such items are already considered a relic, and they have been replaced by a variety of modern models.

Current models include the following.

  • Floor lamps - This is a classic version of appliances for residential premises. It consists of a base, stand and a lampshade. Floor lamps on the leg, in addition to the main purpose, can perfectly divide a room into zones: for example, such a lamp can be placed in a recreation area next to a coffee table, armchair or sofa.Outdoor lighting device does not require installation or any installation, and also it is absolutely mobile: at any time it can be moved or deployed to where there is an electrical outlet.

It should be noted that with a properly selected size, a floor lamp can visually increase the height of the room.

  • Board A large number of people often confuse lamps with table lamps, although there are significant differences between them. Floor lamps have lampshades, while lamps have only a reflector of light. The main difference is that due to the lampshade, the lamps give a gentle diffused light, which is safe for health. Unlike lamps, desktop devices are designed only to highlight a specific part of a room or object.
  • Wall mounted. Floor lamps that are attached to the wall are sometimes called "sconces". Such lamps do not have a stand and a tripod, and their parameters are two to three times smaller than outdoor ones. Most wall-mounted appliances have a unique lampshade and are divided into two types: turning and turning.
  • Decorative. This type of fixtures differs from the classic floor lamps in that it is most often used to decorate a room rather than for lighting.Modern appliances are made in unusual designs, which you can safely assign the name of an art object. Widespread devices in the form of leaves, flowers, trees and animals.

Types of lampshades

The whole decor of the room and its objects must be in harmony with each other, and this especially applies to lighting devices. Floor lampshades are the main parts of the lamp, and they are responsible for the technical characteristics, the degree of illumination and the dispersion of rays.

The image of the room as a whole depends on a properly selected lampshade. A floor lamp can seamlessly fit into the design of a room and not attract attention, and it can also become a center of general interest.

A cone is considered to be a traditional type of lampshade, but modern lighting devices have a large variety of shapes, colors and sizes that can conquer even the most demanding and strict buyer. Often on counters there are round, square, rectangular ceiling lamps that are ideally suited to various modern styles of the room.

If the room requires the main light from the floor lamp, then it is best to give preference to a lamp shade, where the flow of light will be directed upwards and sideways.On the contrary, diffusing ceiling lamps that will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort will be suitable for lighting certain zones or objects. You can also use floor lamps with top mount to create compositions and art decor.

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Black, brown and white shades of floor lamps are by far the most popular. We can safely say that these colors are becoming a classic in the modern world of lamps. Electrical appliances made in similar colors create warm, cozy lighting and are most often installed in living rooms or bedrooms.

There are more bold rich colors, which become the central subject in the interior of the room and attract attention. For example, a yellow lampshade not only creates warm lighting in the room, but also becomes a bright functional accent.

Red, blue and green lampshades look very unusual. Experts advise to select such floor lamps for indoor objects, made in the same shades. However, there may be exceptions.

For example, a red lamp is ideally combined with an interior that is created entirely in light or pastel colors.

Blue, peach and pink lampshades look delicate and lovely. Floor lamps with similar colors create a feeling of comfort and coziness in the room, and the lighting becomes unusually bright.

Purple and turquoise lampshade combined with the decoration of the room, which is made in white, purple and light shades.

Burgundy light gives the room a refined and sophisticated look. This will be especially noticeable if you decorate the lampshade with monograms and openwork patterns.

According to experts, burgundy lighting device is ideally combined with emerald furniture and interior items.


Due to this or that cover, you can achieve different results, because each of the materials differently passes and diffuses the light. Therefore, before purchasing a floor lamp, you must carefully consider the material from which the lampshade will be made.

Modern lampshades are made of various materials.

  • Fabrics Lampshades made from natural fabrics are suitable for Provence or classic style. On the ceiling of linen or cotton, you can add embroidery in the form of flowers, plants, animals or decorate them with various details in folk motifs.
  • Fiberglass and glass. Usually such items are considered expensive and require special care. Glass floor lamps are most often made stationary, rather large and heavy.
  • Beads. Most often beads are used at independent registration of the lamp shade. Fantasy in this case is unlimited. You can use absolutely any shape, color, pattern, variety of beads and create a unique creation.
  • Leather. Leather lamps have more decorative functions than the main ones. Very little light comes from them, but the shades of genuine leather look spectacular.
  • Paper (rice). To date, rice paper lampshades are considered among the safest and healthiest and environmentally friendly. Factory lampshades are treated with special compounds that do not allow to deform and ignite during the operation of the floor lamp.
  • Ceramics. High-quality and stylish ceramic lampshades have a wide range of different shapes, sizes and shades. That is why they fit into any room interior.
  • Metal. The metal or copper lamp shade is considered the strongest and durable.Forged ceiling with original patterns look unusual and rich.
  • Acrylic plastic. Such plastic does not crumble and does not collapse under the influence of heat. It is considered a durable material capable of excellent light transmission.

Many needlewomen create their own masterpieces of improvised means both for themselves and to order. For example, you can often find a knitted lampshade made of woolen threads or made using macrame technique and decoupage. There are also rare unique plafonds made of twine or plastic cups and bottles.


Both the material and the appearance of the lampshade should always correspond to the interior of the room where it is planned to put a floor lamp. Today there are certain recommendations of experts for a correct choice of the lighting or decorative device.

  • Minimalism. For such a style, it is necessary to select a simple laconic floor lamp without decorations and decor, for example, a high floor lamp with a tripod in the form of an arc. From materials it is best to give preference to metal and high-quality plastic.
  • Ecostyle. Floor lamps, completely made of natural materials, are ideal for ecostyle.Also pay special attention to the lampshade. For example, it can be wooden in the form of a crown or a shock of leaves.
  • Country Rustic style that uses natural materials. Lamp shade lamp can be picked up from flax or chintz without any impurities, and a tripod - from untreated wood. The overall appearance of the device should be classic, without any frills and additions.
  • Provence. Unlike country, in the direction of Provence, a large number of light and blue shades are permissible. Most popular are lampshades made of cotton with floral patterns or lace.
  • Neo-Baroque. Luxurious modern style, which implies bright and prominent floor lamps. The lampshade can be decorated with various decorations made of guipure, satin, velvet, metal, precious wood, and even crystal. The form of electrical engineering should be classic with a tripod on a long leg.
  • High tech. For this design, it is recommended to buy light and thin original lamps with a chrome-plated tripod and futuristic lamp shades.
  • Retro. Floor lamps with a standard or extravagant lampshade fit perfectly into a room with retro style,but such lamps must necessarily have clear and simple designs with a small number of ornaments or their complete absence. From materials it is best to prefer porcelain, wood, high-quality plastic or crystal.

Recently, floor lamps in the form of large table lamps, which consist of a fixed base and a rather powerful lampshade, have become a trend in the design world.

Such original forms are perfect for the modern style, as well as contemporary and eclectic.

How to transform your old lampshade, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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