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The choice of lamps for chandeliers should be approached consciously. Acquiring a similar element, few people think about the quality of lighting, service life, energy saving, and this is important. Osram lamps are a suitable option, combining many significant advantages.

Little about the brand

Osram lamps have been leading the market for many years, which is an excellent indicator and basis for making a purchase. The popularity of these products is due to the highest quality standards and years of experience of the famous German company Osram. The company continues to develop rapidly, to introduce modern trends and new technological moments, deservedly acquiring an increasing number of admirers of its products.

A wide range of lighting fixtures is systematically updated and improved.Currently, the company manufactures lamps for use in households, in industry and in automobiles, and the production of equipment for external as well as internal use, special control gears for lighting devices is also established.

The products of the company can be purchased by individuals and legal entities, wholesale and retail. On its official website, the company presents a variety of ideas on room design and examples of using Osram products.

The uniqueness of quality emphasizes the production of lamps for special purposes - for example, lighting of runways and for use in medical equipment.

The main technical characteristics of the lamps provided by Osram are not limited to generally accepted household standards. The range of length and diameter varies within different limits.

As a result, there are a number of advantages of the products of this company:

  • highest quality devices, including external characteristics, technical indicators and a long period of operation;
  • wide range of applications - thanks to a wide range.


Osram company produces lighting devices of all modern types. In addition to conventional filament lamps, consumers can buy LED, fluorescent, filament, halogen, as well as many other energy-saving models.

Each of these varieties can have several modifications - depending on the scope of application, which is reflected in the differences in the shape of the hulls. These can be items with a spherical or pear-shaped bulb shape, small embedded devices and massive searchlight complexes.

Modern control methods include built-in controllers that allow you to combine devices with intelligent home control systems. The category of automotive lighting devices includes signal and indicator lamps, starters, and optics.

The full range of Osram has more than 5 thousand types of models.

  • Osram incandescent bulbs - these products (in comparison with products of other manufacturers) have a much longer service life and better brightness. The popularity of this type of lamp has recently decreased,This is due to the production of alternative (more economical) options, but the company does not stop the production of such products.
  • Wide scope halogen bulbs due to their technical data, a longer service life than standard incandescent lamps. Most of the halogen products, represented by the Osram range, have the possibility of dimming - brightness control, has a large variety of flask shapes and sizes of socles.
  • Fluorescent energy saving lamp - this species is currently at the peak of popularity among consumers (due to its efficiency, which is perfectly combined with compactness). The advantage of such devices is high light output with low power consumption. Luminescent energy saving elements in the process of work almost do not heat up, therefore they can be used in luminaires with plastic shades.

This type of lamp has special requirements for disposal, as it contains mercury.

  • LED LED illuminators - this category has the widest range of products, as it is always in good demand.The ability to implement a variety of design ideas for the creation and design of various elements of decor and space in general makes it particularly popular among consumers. Osram diode lamps are presented in various modifications that can be selected for each lighting system.

On the technical side, LED systems occupy a significant place, as they have good resistance to various mechanical effects and consume the lowest amount of electricity among the entire range of the company.

  • Filament devices - this type of electric lighting lamp is externally indistinguishable from an incandescent lamp, but in these devices instead of the element of an incandescent LED thread is used. Such illuminators combine the positive sides of LED modules and incandescent bulbs.
  • Discharge lamps - one of the most compact light sources. This type is not used for domestic purposes, since such devices contain harmful substances and require the creation of certain conditions for disposal. They are quite economical, have a long service life, excellent color stability.

Therefore, Osram's gas-discharge lighting devices are mainly used for shop-windows in trading halls, as lighting for arenas and various stands, it is possible to use it in industrial and public buildings.

  • Special purpose devices - this Osram product category includes devices for bio and photographic laboratories, infrared lamps, large-sized street lighting devices, projection systems.

Osram Night Breaker Lamps are high-quality car light sources that give excellent test results.

Selection of lamps for the home

The variety of the range and the breadth of the technical characteristics of modern lamps require a thoughtful approach when choosing these products. It is not without reason that it is considered that properly organized lighting of a dwelling is a guarantee of the well-being of the residents, and taking into account certain technical parameters of the devices, it is also an opportunity to save the family budget. When choosing, it is important not to proceed only from the price category, because cheap products are fragile and have significant drawbacks.

An unmistakable choice is to maintain a reasonable ratio between price and technicalinstrument characteristics.

  • One of the most important technical parameters is instrument power for lighting (power consumption). In everyday life, the instruments used have power from 40 to 100 watts. Energy-saving fluorescent and LED lamps consume 5-10 watts.
  • The next important parameter is light stream quality, the unit of measurement of which is lumen, Lm (lm). The greater the ratio of Lm to one watt, the better the transmission of light.
  • Colour temperature - this characteristic directly affects the psyche and mood of a person, measured in Kelvin. The lower the score, the more yellowish the light has.
  • Life time - An important parameter that determines the reliability and economic benefits of the lighting device, is measured in hours.

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the design features and the size of the base.


Owners of any products of this company leave a lot of positive feedback on products - according to various criteria. Among them - durability, reliability, safety, many mention the originality of appearance. The most satisfied remain motoristswhich mark the excellent quality and durability of Osram light sources that do not lose their original properties during operation.

There are reviews in which buyers complain that some fluorescent lamps do not modify the guaranteed terms. But this is due to improper operating conditions: frequent on-off and voltage drops in the network.

The rather high cost is one of the few drawbacks of such lighting devices, but this flaw is justified by the general quality and good performance characteristics.

You will learn more about Osram lamps in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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