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Reliability, long service life, brightness - these Philips lamps have gained popularity among consumers. The brand offers a large selection of models for the home, public places and cars, guarantees high quality products. Due to the variety of lines it is possible to select products for all cases.

Little about the brand

history of the company Philips started over 100 years ago. In 1891 a small factory appeared in the Netherlands, where only 10 people worked, producing 100-200 electric lamps per day. A few years later, the brand became known throughout the country, and in 1916 the factory acquired royal status. The motto of the company was the phrase “Numbers are important, but people are more important”illustrating consumer attitudes. The founders of the brand, brothers Gerard and Anton Phillips, are guided directly by the needs and requirements of the real consumer.

about the second half of the twentieth century, the company has established itself as a manufacturer of household appliances.She released a compact cassette that became the standard, then, together with Sony, came up with a CD. The next page in the company's history was the creation of DVD players and mobile phones. The concern is represented in more than 60 countries of the world and is recognized as a leader in the number of patented inventions.

Today in the collections of the brand is widely represented lighting for the home and cars. The company regularly introduces new solutions into production and allocates about 8% of the profits for research and innovation. For the production of lamps used quartz glass, which is highly durable and resistant to temperature extremes, because the products will not explode when they hit the liquid or snow.

Unique lamps Philips completely blocks ultraviolet rays that have a harmful effect on the optics of the car. They also reduce the loss of luminous flux due to the high transparency of light bulbs, while consuming less electricity and ensuring an increase in luminous flux. In addition, the goods are compact, have a long service life.


The company offers several types of lamps, differing in the materials used and functional features. The brand pays attention to the most durable and durable models, confirming the status of a manufacturer of reliable lighting. What lamps can be found in the Philips lineup:

  • Incandescent bulbs. The oldest and most common power source. It is based on the action of two filaments that convert the action of electric current into light energy. They require frequent replacement and have a relatively small efficiency.
  • LED or LED lamps. They consist of many diodes and are wear-resistant conductors. Models consume less energy, and the light they emit is as close to daylight as possible, which prevents glare. Diode lamps are durable, have small dimensions, may have an unusual design.
  • Halogen. The prototype of all car lamps, modernized and improved to meet modern requirements. They are characterized by high productivity and work more efficiently than ordinary models with a spiral. Filled with halogen gas, which prevents the blackening of the base.Improved luxury lamps are also equipped with white light and extend peripheral vision while driving.
  • LED capsule lamps with cap. Analogue of halogen lamps with similar types of base, used in lamps with voltage of 160-220 V. They can have both warm and cool or neutral colors. Products do not heat up, are characterized by considerable service life, have small dimensions.
  • Xenon. HID lamps they are distinguished by high intensity rays and are actively used for installation in car headlights. The models are devoid of a helix, and the luminescence appears under the action of an inert gas in contact with a high-power electrical discharge. For installation of products requires specialized equipment and optics, they also have a relatively high price. Instead, the lamps serve steadily for several years.

Brand offers parking lightswhich are also called parking and they are intended for cars. Products are located on the sides and should ignite when driving in the evening and at night, as well as during stops on the roadway or curb.Models are used to attract the attention of other drivers, because they ensure the stability of the light flux.

Innovative development of Philips is the model Master LEDbuld Designer, which is a LED lamp with a replaceable canopy. The uniqueness of the product is the ability to choose any design in accordance with the personal preferences of a person and the interior of a particular room. In addition, the products allow you to adjust the intensity of lighting depending on the size of the room.

Another popular model is Ess LED buldwhich consumes 86% less energy, has a classic shape and contributes to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Products need to be changed much less frequently, which helps reduce waste.

Tips for choosing

From the proper selection of lamps depends on the efficiency of lighting. Too weak models will not be able to distribute the rays throughout the room or will cause an accident on the road, because the driver will not be able to view the section of the route in front of him. You should also take into account the features of the installation of products. Choosing them for car headlights, remember the make and model of the car.A set of lamps will save and avoid the need to go to the store with every breakage of lighting devices.

What to consider when buying?

When choosing the right model, it is recommended to pay attention to some factors.

Scope of use

The brand offers products for the home, cars, technical premises, and in each case will need models of different diameters, performance and installation method. In particular, for living rooms and large kitchens, powerful products will be needed, and when buying lamps for cars they take into account where they will be located. Models for rear and front headlamps will be different; they also point out directional, side, overall angles.

Lamp type

Emit LED, halogen and incandescent lamps, different lighting range. Conventional models are equipped with one or two threads, they are used less and less. For apartments, energy-saving products are often purchased because they have a long service life and need to be changed less frequently. There are also xenon products that guarantee an increased brightness and intensity of the rays.


It depends on how much light the device will produce, while the parameter is influenced by the glass used.Lamp power measured in lm / sq. m and in its selection repel from the area of ​​the room. For the corridor, a lamp of 50 lm / sq. m, the same amount will be required for a bathroom or bedroom. The office will require 250 lm per square meter, and it should be brighter than anything in the hall or living room: it is recommended to take a product with a capacity of at least 431 lm / sq. m

Colour temperature

The luminous flux can be of different colors: it can be both warm and cold. Temperature is responsible for this characteristic, the choice of which largely depends on a person’s personal preferences. However, there are general tips: for example, a soft light is suitable for the bedroom, and cold lamps can be used for a closet, bathroom or toilet. Products whose color temperature ranges from 1800 to 3400 K give a yellowish calm light that is suitable for dining or sitting areas.

3400-5000 K - a universal version, close to the natural tones, resulting in natural light. Suitable for any premises, used in floor lamps, ceiling lamps, minimizes possible distortion. Bluish light is obtained when using lamps with a temperature of 5000-6600 K.It is considered invigorating and is often used in public places.


Manufacturers offer two types of bases used in household lamps. The screw (E) is screwed into the usual cartridges, the most common models are E27 and E14. For point lighting, take pin (G) lamps, a feature of which is the fact that they are not twisted, but stuck. Models purchased for spotlights, known versions include GU 10 and GU 5.3.

If the lamps are intended for a car, the classification will be different. Manufacturers offer models with plastic and ceramic caps. The latter are considered the most durable and reliable, in addition, they can withstand greater heat. However, if the lighting devices have a small capacity, you can stop the choice on plastic plinths.

Radiation angle

The parameter is responsible for the ability of the model to distribute a beam of light. Characteristics taken into account when choosing LED lamps. Products are equipped with markings. VNSP and NSP, they mean that the model is able to illuminate only a small part of the space. The directional beam is created by lamps with SP marking; it turns out a stainsizeable with a small plate.

For illumination of closets and cramped spaces suitable products, the radiation angle of which is 34-50 degrees (FL). And for a medium-sized room, this figure will be 50-60 degrees (WFL). The most powerful are the lamps labeled VWFL: they create a stable wide beam of light and evenly distribute it in space.


Consumers say high quality products Philips. The higher price is due to the long service life and performance characteristics of the products. Brand lamps shine stronger than standard ones, thanks to which the headlights become brighter, the viewing distance on the road increases and the roadsides are better seen. Products are purchased for both domestic cars and for foreign cars. They are chosen by those who often have to travel in the dark and cross difficult sections of the route.

Motorists say that Philips lamps almost do not blind other road users, in addition, it is possible to adjust the power of products and minimize this drawback. Products guarantee a good overview even in wet weather, fog, and other adverse climatic conditions.The collections feature products with a soft light that is pleasing to the human eye.

Drivers warn that you can run into a fake - in this case, the products will poorly illuminate the road and fail relatively quickly.

The light of the lamps is not scattered in the course of work, the rays are directed strictly forward, they are white. Installation of products takes little time, just a few minutes, because after the start of work, you can almost immediately set off again. Even beginners will be able to change the lamps, as this does not require specialized tools. Stylish design is another advantage of the products, which is noted by the owners of cars. With lamps, the car’s appearance is transformed, cars are beginning to look more conceptual and attract attention.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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